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Reply: Can Triptans make you...happy?
Feeling very happy is rare, but can happen even without a triptan. Oliver sacks...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: constant headache for a while now
You need to have a battery of blood tests and an MRI scan to establish the cause before...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Dr. is limiting my rizatriptan
A small minority of my patients need to take triptans (sumatriptan, rizatriptan, etc)...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Trying to determine what kind of migraine
The official diagnosis is migraine without aura (aura is a visual disturbance that...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Trigeminal Neuralga
There are many effective medications for trigeminal neuralgia, such as Trileptal,...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Partial Blindness and Large Head ache after exerci...
This is not an eye problem. You are suffering from classical migraines with aura....More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Chronic headaches
In addition to sinus headaches you may have migraines. Try seeing a neurologist. Until...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Passing out from headache
You need to see a doctor to check your blood pressure, to make sure it is not too low...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: 5 year old has persistent vomiting and headache wh...
I would ask her doctor about magnesium and CoQ10 supplements. Migralex docMore
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Natural headach relief
I would also add magnesium since half of migraine sufferers are deficient. Boswellia and...More
Posted by nyheadache

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