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Reply: Watch for triggers
Sugar in general can be a trigger. It is not as much spices as artificial flavors and...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Rebound Headache and Neck Pain
I agree with Rose - magnesium and CoQ10 can help, but butterbur, even the Petadolex...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Chronic Migraines
Botox is the only FDA-approved treatment for chronic migraines. It is not new - I've...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Ice Pick Headaches?
If these recur, a visit to the doctor is a good idea. If frequent, ice pick headaches...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: everyday nonstop headaches
You are definitely having chronic migraine headaches. the alternative therapies...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Please help me. Bizarre headaches!
When the headache is localized to a small spot, it is called numular headache. Headaches...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: headaches only when breathe through right nostril
The remaining monthly headache could respond to my over-the-counter drug, Migralex,...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Please help me understand this weird symptom list ...
Seeing a doctor ASAP is a good idea. Sinus infection is a likely cause, but magnesium...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Headaches
I am obviously biased since I developed this medicine, but Migralex in fact is the one I...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Headches every day
Your headaches are called chronic migraines with medication overuse headaches (due to...More
Posted by nyheadache

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