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Reply: night time migraines
I would certainly not take it indefinitely, but since this is the beginning of spring...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: is something new being told to doctors regarding p...
Oral narcotics are generally not regarded as an appropriate treatment for migraine, given...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Headaches
That sounds more like trigeminal neuralgia than migraine, check with your doctor, but...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Migraines and exercise
First, realize that migraine is actually a relatively common condition, happening in about...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Monovision and migraines
Interesting connection, I had not thought about this. I don't have monovision contacts,...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Petadolex -Butterbur root extract
There are a number of nutrition stores that have it, but Amazon or are...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Can't tollerate this pain level
Have you talked with your doctor about Botox for migraine relief? You might be a candidate...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: migraines / post concussion syndrome
Actually, most migraineurs do not take narcotics anyway (except for the most severe...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: topamax
That's a pretty stiff starting dose (= 100 mg/day.) My neuro started me out at 25 mg a day...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: headaches- related?altitude
Altitude can definitely bring on migraines in people who are sensitive to it (myself...More
Posted by allie_bf

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