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Reply: does a fx nose have anything to do with migraines
The car accident that led to the fracture could definitely have a lot to do with the...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: 7 year old boy with migranes
Even though his headaches were happening before the video games, it's still worth making...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: 7 Year old dealing with head migraines and abdomin...
I've found that the best migraine preventative for abdominal migraine is verapamil, but I...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: headaches
Headaches after a head injury can go on for weeks to months to years; unfortunately,...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Desperate for help
Whew, where to start? A couple of points. First, for all your detailed description of...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Unsatisfied with neurologist
Definitely keep the appointments for both the pain management doctor and the EMG...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Air in I.V line, Migraine
Just a coincidence, or probably related to your anxiety over the episode. Small volumes of...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Partial Blindness leading to migraine headache.
I agree with AJH1987. I have a similar aura, except that it only involves one eye. Check...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Migraine Medication
I had quick success with beta blockers. Unfortunately, they also lowered my heart rate to...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Is my wife Epileptic or is just Migraine?
There is a lot of overlap in the use of drugs for seizures and migraines. Unless your wife...More
Posted by allie_bf

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