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for headaches and migraines
I find it helpful to lay down in a dark room when i feel a migraine coming on. More
Posted by brandy1203
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Watch for triggers
It takes a few times of eating certain foods to figure out what will cause a headache. For me it was some...More
Posted by An_262555
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Posted by charlie95916
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To avoid headaches, try to avoid as much MSG as possible.
Posted by meltser
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I am a nurse working with stressful providers, patients and coworkers. I have chronic migraines/ha's. I've...More
Posted by yaggievonne
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When i feel a migraine coming on, i lay down in a dark room with light off
Posted by An_261974
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Working for me
Just wanted to drop by and comment - I've had similar migraines - continuous for the last 2 months horrible in...More
Posted by mqu11
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Ice Pack for Migraines and Headaches
Hi - I've had migraines and headaches since childhood. My mom always used to make a bag of ice for me and...More
Posted by headachehat
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migraines & headaches
I find that if I have a migraine if possible go to bed turn all lights off so it will be as dark as I can...More
Posted by brandy1203
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Glucose levels and fruit
If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic always eat some protein such as nuts or cheese when eating fruit. The...More
Posted by gavin04079
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Reducing Tension Headaches
Neck stretches and resistance exercises strengthens the neck muscles and reduces muscle tension headaches.
Posted by An_260339
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alleve works
Posted by An_260243
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helping a migraine
soemtimes when i eat dark chocolate when i feel a migraine coming on it helps.
Posted by brandy1203
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sinus headache
I find that good hot shower helps open up the sinuses and gives some relief from this type headache.
Posted by brandy1203
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laying down in a dark room always helps me.
Posted by Quick93859
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A good read for overall migraine conditions More
Posted by mrsbio
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Headache Tip
I've had chronic migraines for about 3-5 years now. Prescription drugs do help sometimes, but they mainly...More
Posted by An_259586
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Can your weight affect the amount or intensity of migraines?
Posted by Paula79673
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I have found that taking 2 excedrine migrane and two benedryl helps with most of mine better that perscription...More
Posted by SarahT78
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Headache Remedy
I struggled with headaches for years without knowing the cause and how to alleviate the pain. I started massage...More
Posted by Jess428
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ice pick headache triggers
I've had Ice Pick headaches for 5-6 years now and initially discovered that two drugs were the trigger --...More
Posted by smichaelb
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Headache relief
I get headaches on a regular basis and they are due to my neck and upper back being tight and sore. I was...More
Posted by An_257833
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How to deal with headaches without the use of pain...
Treat headaches effective solutions in the treatment of headaches Read more... More
Posted by surveywords
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Prevent the feeling of your "brain" bouncing insid...
I have had the experience of having my brain bounce in my head. I agree with some of what people have said here...More
Posted by xacobi
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blood pressure med for migraine
I had several migraines and ended up going to the emergency room and having morphine and anti-vomiting meds....More
Posted by An_257042
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Yoga Helps
Yoga is a good tool to reducing stress and the headaches that come with it.
Posted by Trader2014
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Allergy headache, Allegra, sleepover
If headaches are worse after it rains, allergies is still a good possibility as a cause of your headaches....More
Posted by nyheadache
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There are many causes of daily headaches and many ...
Your husband needs to see a doctor to at least have a battery of blood tests, including tests for thyroid,...More
Posted by nyheadache
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Helpful Tips

Supplements for headachesExpert
A lot of my patients ask about herbal supplements for headaches. There are very few studies of supplements for headaches, but there are ... More
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