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Reply: Desert Storm Veteran asking of the probability exp...
Keith, Try low dose Benadryl 1 mg per 40 lbs ( or - 10) of body weight at meal and bed times and 1 or 2...More
Posted by david1951
Reply: keeping up appearances
I know a little about what you are saying, I have been having problems on and off for years and wouldn't let...More
Posted by catanlady
Newly Diagnosed I don't know where to begin...
I am due to go to Neurologist, I feel like I need to be prepared with questions... But I don't know what that...More
Posted by An_261594
MS Linked to Lower Levels of Key Nutrients in Wome...
"Women with multiple sclerosis (MS) have lower levels of important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Anyone tried RELIV?
You said: "Reliv has helped me and quite a few others with MS that I know.'" I don't believe you! It's...More
Posted by david1951

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I've hear Marijuana can cause lesions that look lie MS. Had you ever smoked it before being diagnosed? (I do not know if this is true)
  • Yes - lots
  • Yes - a little
  • No
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Opinion. Beginning my ninth year in Feb. 25 2015. Any comments welcome. Thank you.More
Posted by latnahc
Reply: Bayer/Betaseron is dropping Foundation Assistance ...
Hi mthurmertn, What reason did they give you for rejecting your application? KimMore
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: Could this be MS?
Thanks Kim, I really appreciate the feedback. I did see a rheumatologist yesterday and he confirmed it was...More
Posted by bambi2015
Could this be MS?
I have been battling whatever this is since April 2014, it came on within a week. I started having trouble...More
Posted by bambi2015
Reply: Tecfidera vs. Gilenya
Hi Michelle, I have been on Gilenya now going on my 5th yr I believe. I'm in a continued study of it to...More
Posted by murphbuzzy
Early Study: Stem Cells May Reverse MS Disability
"A therapy that uses patients' own primitive blood cells may be able to reverse some of the effects of...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Any suggestions on the latest find???
Hi Kim and thanks so much for your input and suggestions. Within a few weeks, I'll have everything squared...More
Posted by farside_fan
just woundering
has anybody had there legs measured before and why
Posted by shorty201456
Reply: Pain
Hi Debby D! Thanks for your info, it's much appreciated! My old Rheumy (in other state) diagnosed me...More
Posted by promyssnanna7
Reply: Pneumonia
there are a host of supplements that may be helpful. If you look at MS as a mitochondrial dysfunction and...More
Posted by david1951
NMO Antibody Test
Any one have this done
Posted by jeannie382
NMO Antibody Test
I recently took this test and it came back negative. I have MS but I am also loosing my vision and use of my...More
Posted by An_260868
Reply: ringing in ears
Hi Kim, I get the ringing in my ears from time to time. It has made me wonder what its all about since it...More
Posted by parrotmama
Opinion on Cytoxan
I am starting my ninth year of chemotherapy and neurologist recommends to not stop treatment.
Posted by latnahc
Reply: Fed Up
Hi jmissy, You didn't mention whether you've seen a doctor yet about your symptoms. Try not to diagnose...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: What do you think??? Realize they will only be opi...
Thank you! I will look at the list. I just hate not knowing! More
Posted by landsmama

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Should I go back before March?

It is making me post a poll...strange.
2015 and will begin treatment Feb.25. Disease has remained unchanged. Blood tests are fine. Happy and Healthy...More
Posted by latnahc
Bullying Employers, Courts & Society
Our society allows employers to bully and discriminate against people with MS! The courts allow ubethical...More
Posted by cdacteli

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What is the Judicial System's widest allowed corrupted activity it supports being forced upon people's lives sick with Multiple Sclerosis?
  • Bullying MS victims
  • Perjury
  • Corrupt Expert Witnesses
  • Bullying Pro Se litigants
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MS and Fibromyalgia
The woman that headed up my MS Support Group had Fibromyalgia and MS. She worked (dealt) with it. She had...More
Posted by thefurryfour
I'm sorry about your MS diagnosis. I started out on Avonex - liver problems. I went on Copaxone for over 3...More
Posted by thefurryfour
Reply: Information on MS medicine
Hi Kim, It seems I responded to your older post, when you first started Tecfidera, lol. I'm glad to hear...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: Hives as a symtom ?
I was diagnosed w/ MS last month. I am 40 yrs old & I currently break out in hives every single time I...More
Posted by juleeko
My PPMS Story (Videos)
Part 1: The Diagnosis Part 2: Answering "How are you doing?"...More
Posted by looneybiz
Reply: its to hot in the kitchen on thanksgiving
Hi Ireneliz, I can relate to your overheating issues, especially at night. I keep the thermostat down...More
Posted by hackwriter
Reply: The Wahl's Protocol
yes it will help you just have eat better than befor
Posted by ireneliz

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Neil S. Lava, MD, is the director of the multiple sclerosis clinic at Emory University in Atlanta. He has been treating multiple sclerosis patients si...More

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Wealth of vitamin D and MS information
There is a lot of information on vitamin D and MS at VitaminDWiki. Shortcut to the MS material is . You ... More
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