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Reply: RELIV
I too was a skeptic, and said no first time. I was suffering with auditory nerve damage, and pretty much...More
Posted by Relivingmika
Reply: Tecfidera vs. Gilenya
Kathy, can I as what your eye and heart condition were? My neuro wants me to switch from Avonex (15 years) to...More
Posted by Patientce
Reply: Electric Feeling
I'm having that feeling right now. It's nerve pain. I describe it as sticking my finger in an...More
Ocrelizumab Shows Promise for Progressive MS
Ocrelizumab may soon be the first treatment for primary progressive MS! The results of the OPERA...More
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Reply: Wonder if I have MS
Thank you for sharing. Healthcare providers must ensure that they are caring for the entire...More
Reply: First visit to Neurologist
You are absolutely right, there are much more treatment options today then there were in the past....More
Reply: The question was can you take rebirth and have a g...
Thank you for sharing your story! It sounds like you have a significant tremor that is interfering...More
Virtual MS Center Free and Available to All
The Virtual MS Center provides a resource for people to ask MS experts questions, free of charge!...More
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Quit Smoking to Slow MS Progression
Several studies have shown that smoking worsens MS, and that quitting can have a positive impact...More
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Melatonin and Relapses
A recent study may have found an association between melatonin and MS relapses. Melatonin is a...More
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Webinar Thurs. Sept 17th @ 8pm: "Besides my MS med...
Dr. Deb Bates of the Tisch MS Reserach Center in New York City and Marc Stecker, the author of The...More
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Stress and MS
It has been a busy couple of weeks for me, and I've started to feel the effects of stress on my MS...More

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Tips for Getting Through Cold & Flu Season
The weather is finally cooling down which brings most of us great relief, however flu season is...More
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Vitamin D and MS
Another large study has found that there is a relationship between low vitamin D levels and a...More
Reply: MRI
I just ran across this too- the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America has an MRI access fund...More
Reply: Vision fading in and out......
Hello SusieT, visual disturbances can be caused by a lot of conditions other than MS. Your vision...More
Reply: WebMD Living Well With MS Event Tomorrow 8/19 @ 12...
If you were unable to attend the event, you can read the transcript of the event here: ...More
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Reply: What does this code mean
it was on paperwork for a mri to be done. I thought it might be a dx
Posted by christine2468
Reply: Mri
Don't let the insensitive Dr get you all upset. Your diagnosis has a 50% chance of being incorrect. Like you...More
Posted by msdymock
Can Do MS Library
I just spent the weekend at a Can Do MS event and it was incredibly informative! If you aren't...More
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Reply: Mri
Hello and welcome to the community! It is very scary to be newly diagnosed with MS, but we are all...More
Reply: MS Stem Cell Replacement
Best of luck with everything, I hope you will keep us updated on how you are doing!

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Reply: Negative MRI
If you have done a bunch of tests, but they haven't given you any answers I would definitely ask...More
Reply: burning/painfull feet
Is the burning new for you? I get the same thing, and my neurologist started me on a medication...More
Phase III Trial for Progressive MS Treatment
A 96 week phase III trial for Masitinib, a potential treatment for Progressive MS, has shown...More
25th Anniversary of the ADA
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which did a lot to...More
Reply: MS and Humidity
The humidity on the East Coast has been brutal this year too! Maybe we should all head for...More
Traveling with MS
It's the time of year when a lot of people travel, whether it's a day trip or an extended vacation...More
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Parenting with MS
Many of us here have children, and frequently worry about the impact that MS will have on their...More
Reply: Generic Copaxone
I'm still waiting to hear what the cost is going to be, but initial reports are saying that it is...More

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Stephanie knows multiple sclerosis as a patient and as a nurse. Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed...More

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Tip for hives
My daughter suffers with hives, they have never found out what causes her hives either. We thought since I was recently diagnosed that ... More
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