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My PPMS Story (Videos)
Part 1: The Diagnosis Part 2: Answering "How are you doing?"...More
Posted by looneybiz
Erection issues
I was just diagnosed with MS. Can someone tell me will I be able to get a solid erection with treatments...More
Posted by grandpappy50
I was diagnosed with MS in March 2009. In July 2007 I couldn't walk across the street with having to sit down...More
Posted by gmapeewee
MS and how I,less affects it
My mom has had MS for a long time. Maybe 30 plus years. The meds stopped helping her. Her story is extensive...More
Posted by debtabora
Haven't been diagnosed but scared. Like REALLY REA...
I was wondering 6 years ago I started having spells of 3-5 second blindness where everything goes black. 3...More
Posted by mammamooo
Nerve endings sensations
Don't quite know how to describe what I'm feeling inside my body but I can try to explain it. I know after I...More
Posted by mrspogue
more numbness
Hi peeps.... So it has only been 1 other time i have had to have solumedral...i started getting real numb...More
Posted by Anon_152302
Surprisingly, have not had a major relapse in years. Suddenly my left hand an part of my arm have decided it...More
Posted by boston530
I was diagnosed in 2001, in hind sight I had symptoms in 1981. With me, it was muscle spasms and I...More
Posted by thefurryfour
JCV Positive and Severly running low on Options
Hello all, I am a 27 year old woman and I was diagnosed 1/2013 and have not had a flare-up since...More

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Early symptoms
Hi. I know to expect a wide variety of of responses to this, but I'm curious about what the most typical...More
Posted by justjackie
MS Cluster Rio Linda?
Recently I started looking for friends with MS that I could bounce things off of- I have found five that...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
MRI Results
Anyone know what this means? Everything I read online says this would be normal as you age but I just turned...More
Posted by blakey84
Research: No Link Between Vaccines, Risk for MS
"A new study finds no link between vaccines and increased risk of multiple sclerosis or similar nervous...More
Posted by atti_editor
Im not sure right now how much I can do with out wiping myself out the nurse keeps telling me to take I easy...More
Posted by aaronsmom1
I have extreme fatigue. I was wondering if anyone has tried Modafinil? What are your thoughts on it? I have...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
just dignosed
my ms started with numbness and tingling in my feet .thought it was a slip disk many tests and MRIs later...More
Posted by aaronsmom1
Dr. Lava-?MS
I have had a brain scan and my entire spine mri's with lesions everywhere. These were done because I had...More
Posted by An_258728
If Dr. Lava could comment on my question ?MS, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.
Posted by An_258728
The Wahl's Protocol
Is there anyone here that is familiar with Dr. Terry Wahl's who published a book about her MS diet that she...More
Posted by An_258728
I have had a brain scan and my entire spine mri's with lesions everywhere. These were done because I had...More
Posted by An_258728
Waiting on diagnosis
Help me! Lesions on my brain were found. Have had symptoms for over twenty years. Two "relapses". I guess...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
Information on MS medicine
Hi everyone, I just got diagnosed this pass week with MS. I am trying to learn as much as possiable about MS...More
Posted by kim1962
Muscle spasms/cramps
Hi, I'm new here, (well actually it's been several years since I've stopped by here). I'm an almost 55 yr...More
Posted by promyssnanna7
might have ms
Hi my name is Carol i think i might have MS because im getting crazy symtoms like i start to get a hot...More
Posted by shorty201456

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Neil S. Lava, MD, is the director of the multiple sclerosis clinic at Emory University in Atlanta. He has been treating multiple sclerosis patients si...More

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Has anyone ever included bee pollen with their diet? I also take niacin. Bee pollen seems to have help me with the fatigue factor along ... More
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