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Stress and MS
It has been a busy couple of weeks for me, and I've started to feel the effects of stress on my MS...More

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First visit to Neurologist
Hi, I'm new to this board. Right now I am one scared gal. I've had suspicious symptoms for years, even going...More
Posted by An_264486
Vitamin D and MS
Another large study has found that there is a relationship between low vitamin D levels and a...More
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Hello Does anyone know how to get a free or low cost MRI?
Posted by Msgolden1
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What does this code mean
how do I find out what the code 16016N on my paperwork?
Posted by christine2468
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I can't seem to find any info regarding where the lesions on my brain are located and if the symptoms I might...More
Posted by An_264134
I can't seem to find any info regarding where the lesions on my brain are located and if the symptoms I might...More
Posted by An_264134
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MS Stem Cell Replacement
Was curious to know if anyone has any information around stem cell replacement for MS people. I've been...More
Posted by lhansen821

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Would you ever consider stem cell replacement for MS?
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Wonder if I have MS
I hate to be one of those self-diagnosing idiots. But since I turned 58, I have noticed increasing symptoms...More
Posted by An_264024
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Negative MRI
Has anyone been diagnosed with MS that has had a normal brain MRI? My doc told me mine was normal, but I am...More
Posted by Anon_232216
Phase III Trial for Progressive MS Treatment
A 96 week phase III trial for Masitinib, a potential treatment for Progressive MS, has shown...More
25th Anniversary of the ADA
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which did a lot to...More
Parenting with MS
Many of us here have children, and frequently worry about the impact that MS will have on their...More
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I have been dealing with dizziness because of the MS. Now my Primary Care Physician put me on high blood...More
Posted by thefurryfour
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Worried about Symptoms
Hi was wondering if anyone could help me regarding the symptoms i am experiencing. i have just spent nearly...More
Posted by crazydazie
MRI T2 FLAIR Results.. Confusion and worry
Hi there, I am new to the board and I was hoping some of you could comment on my MRI results. About 8 months...More
Posted by mikkie2876
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long time with MS
this is my 40th year being diagnosed with MS. I am curios to find out what stage this puts me in? Right now I...More
Posted by An_263715
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Hello there! I have MS and my username name is Bu...
Posted by An_263702

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Constant Pain on Crown of Head
Can MS cause a constant pain on the crown of the head? Thank you.
Posted by phoenixx1
MS symptoms?
have been having terrible muscle spasms right above my right elbow on side of my arm closest to my body,...More
Posted by mercedesmommy
Migraines & MS
Do any of you have chronic migraines associated with MS? Is MS hereditary as I have 2 aunts with it. I have...More
Posted by nicole575
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MS hands
Good morning everyone, I'm new to this site, was diagnosed with MS last year. Dealing with the numbness,...More
Posted by gatorlee
Temperature Dilemma
The breathing temperature of the air is about 65 F but the temperature for body in 98, as the body core...More
Posted by davidmuresan
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Tripping and Falling
Hello everyone. I have had RRMS for almost 22 years since I was 21. I have nerve damage in my legs, feet,...More
Posted by yovanova
I'm currently working full-time and I am to the point I no longer can continue to do my job. Optic...More
Posted by whitefrazier

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I have been having ms symptoms for 6 and finally tried rebif which I failed on and now I'm on tesadrea....More
Posted by lordmakmeabird
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Ms and sinus infection
Hi I have a terrible sinus infection with a cough. I also have ms. I'm supposed to fly to NYC Saturday and...More
Posted by moomama67
Includes Expert Content
daily tiredness,taking caffiene for it?
Hi, I am new to the ms boards, I've had ms since I was about 22 and am now 32. I take the copaxone...More
Posted by butterflybliss

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Stephanie knows multiple sclerosis as a patient and as a nurse. Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed...More

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certified nursing assistant (CNA)
I am a care giver who have had vast experience with MS patient and i do travel with my client/s. If some one out there who is looking for a ... More
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