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Ms and sinus infection
Hi I have a terrible sinus infection with a cough. I also have ms. I'm supposed to fly to NYC Saturday and...More
Posted by moomama67
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daily tiredness,taking caffiene for it?
Hi, I am new to the ms boards, I've had ms since I was about 22 and am now 32. I take the copaxone...More
Posted by butterflybliss
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MS and Humidity
One of (my many) symptoms is the MS Hug, and it seems to get much worse when it rains (raised the humidity),...More
Posted by arneys2k2
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MS and Night Sweats?
I am a 45 year old female and was diagnosed with MS back at Christmas of 2007. I have relapsing/remitting...More
Posted by sgsmith617
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Daughter of a now deceased MS military patient
Hi everyone I know this says for those who have MS to get info and stuff but my Dad was a Army man for 20...More
Posted by MagnusTesla
change email
I use to be kmurff my email was I had to change everything because everything went to...More
Posted by mskathy2015
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Nerve tingling
Does anyone ever get nerve tingling like goose bumps or electrical type feels on different part of their...More
Posted by An_262511
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Is facial twitching or eyelid twitching considered a symptom of MS? I was Dx with MS ten years ago and have...More
Posted by owlshouse
Why would they rule out MS? Should I get another o...
Several years ago I had a swollen optic nerve found due to blurred/double vision and a new type of...More
Posted by recumbentbaby45
Who do you tell you have ms?
has anyone told their employer they have ms? or have you had it put on your personnel file with hr? How did...More
Posted by An_262511
Stress Management
I just recently lost my Dad (74) and I can relate. I have two half brothers and two half sisters, that...More
Posted by thefurryfour
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Stress Management
Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with MS in 2000, and with the death of my mother's mother, and father's...More
Posted by dmerritt623
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Hand cramping
I am doing 10 key and hand has started to cramp. Any suggestions?
Posted by gobott
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MS or Temporal Lobe Seizures
Does anyone know if these symptoms are similar? My neurologist diagnosed me with MS years ago, now last...More
Posted by An_262321
Participants Needed for Online Research Study on t...
[b]The Marginalization, Mental Health, and Empowerment Team at Teachers College, Columbia University is...More
Posted by An_262234
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Please help
Hello there! I'm seeking some help. For about 2 years now, I've had a large painful black spot on my...More
Posted by mommytothree87
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Thank You!
Thank you all for your responses. It helps me so much to hear everyones journey with MS. I am bound by...More
Posted by melzander2008
Includes Expert Content
Hi I was diagnosed with MS in March 2014, sometimes I think I am still in shock. I am on Baclofen for my...More
Posted by jomart62
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MS without therapy
Hi. I am an MS patient diagnosed in 1998. I have use every therapy except. Avonex and Rebif. Used Tysabri...More
Posted by catygil13
Dental implants-help please
My teeth has always been a problem to me. I don't have any missing teeth, but the molars are a minefield...More
Posted by danielethorpe
Includes Expert Content
desperate at this point!!!!!!
hello! I have been diagnosed with epilepsy within the last 2 years. I am on keppra and am relatively...More
Posted by ohhsbubs
Includes Expert Content
Input on medication
Hi everyone, I am new to this board and need some information/inout/advice anything. I was diagnosed...More
Posted by melzander2008
Includes Expert Content
Some questions for Stephanie
Are you aware that MS is a mitochondrial disease? ...More
Posted by david1951
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Primary Progressive MS parient bahaving like a 4 y...
Hi there. My sister was diagnosed with PPMS 8 years ago. Before this dreadful illness she used to be...More
Posted by confusedsister01
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Please Welcome Your MS Community Expert!
Hello Everyone, Please join me in welcoming Stephanie Butler, RN, to the Multiple Sclerosis Community!...More
Posted by atti_editor
Older folks with MS
I started a discussion over a year ago on this subject in this space and got a few responses. My name was...More
Posted by delany

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Stephanie knows multiple sclerosis as a patient and as a nurse. Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed...More

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Vitamin D
I've had MS since 2001 and had flare ups usually twice a year. Although I have mild MS with tingling and with flare up moderate pain I've ... More
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