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Bayer/Betaseron is dropping Foundation Assistance ...
Anybody else on the Betaseron Patient Assistance Program been dropped like me after 22 years. No new lesions...More
Posted by mthurmertn
Could this be MS?
I have been battling whatever this is since April 2014, it came on within a week. I started having trouble...More
Posted by bambi2015
Could this be MS?
I have been battling whatever this is since April 2014, it came on within a week. I started having trouble...More
Posted by bambi2015
Any suggestions on the latest find???
It's been a LONG time since I've posted anything here (hello everyone!) Hopefully, some of you will...More
Posted by farside_fan
just woundering
has anybody had there legs measured before and why
Posted by shorty201456
Hi All, Fairly new, it's been awhile since I posted. I've been wondering about something & would...More
Posted by promyssnanna7
My husband was dx in 1996 with MS. Since then things have been pretty steady and OK. Not great, but OK. I...More
Posted by nebraskawendy
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NMO Antibody Test
Any one have this done
Posted by jeannie382
NMO Antibody Test
I recently took this test and it came back negative. I have MS but I am also loosing my vision and use of my...More
Posted by An_260868
Opinion on Cytoxan
I am starting my ninth year of chemotherapy and neurologist recommends to not stop treatment.
Posted by latnahc
ringing in ears
I have had ringing in ears since june and now it seems to be more in my head. lol sounds crazy I know. Anyone...More
Posted by kim1962
What do you think??? Realize they will only be opi...
I had an MRI to find the reason for ongoing facial pain (pain radiating from behind my jaw up and down the...More
Posted by landsmama

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Should I go back before March?

It is making me post a poll...strange.
2015 and will begin treatment Feb.25. Disease has remained unchanged. Blood tests are fine. Happy and Healthy...More
Posted by latnahc
Bullying Employers, Courts & Society
Our society allows employers to bully and discriminate against people with MS! The courts allow ubethical...More
Posted by cdacteli

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What is the Judicial System's widest allowed corrupted activity it supports being forced upon people's lives sick with Multiple Sclerosis?
  • Bullying MS victims
  • Perjury
  • Corrupt Expert Witnesses
  • Bullying Pro Se litigants
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MS and Fibromyalgia
The woman that headed up my MS Support Group had Fibromyalgia and MS. She worked (dealt) with it. She had...More
Posted by thefurryfour
Fed Up
For the past few months I have watch myself go from being an active woman to someone that has no energy to...More
Posted by mrsklawrence
I'm sorry about your MS diagnosis. I started out on Avonex - liver problems. I went on Copaxone for over 3...More
Posted by thefurryfour
My PPMS Story (Videos)
Part 1: The Diagnosis Part 2: Answering "How are you doing?"...More
Posted by looneybiz
Erection issues
I was just diagnosed with MS. Can someone tell me will I be able to get a solid erection with treatments...More
Posted by grandpappy50
I was diagnosed with MS in March 2009. In July 2007 I couldn't walk across the street with having to sit down...More
Posted by gmapeewee
MS and how I,less affects it
My mom has had MS for a long time. Maybe 30 plus years. The meds stopped helping her. Her story is extensive...More
Posted by debtabora
Haven't been diagnosed but scared. Like REALLY REA...
I was wondering 6 years ago I started having spells of 3-5 second blindness where everything goes black. 3...More
Posted by mammamooo
Nerve endings sensations
Don't quite know how to describe what I'm feeling inside my body but I can try to explain it. I know after I...More
Posted by mrspogue
more numbness
Hi peeps.... So it has only been 1 other time i have had to have solumedral...i started getting real numb...More
Posted by Anon_152302
Surprisingly, have not had a major relapse in years. Suddenly my left hand an part of my arm have decided it...More
Posted by boston530
I was diagnosed in 2001, in hind sight I had symptoms in 1981. With me, it was muscle spasms and I...More
Posted by thefurryfour
JCV Positive and Severly running low on Options
Hello all, I am a 27 year old woman and I was diagnosed 1/2013 and have not had a flare-up since...More

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I am currently taking:
  • An Injectable
  • Tysabri
  • Gilenya
  • Tecfidera
  • No Drug therapy
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Early symptoms
Hi. I know to expect a wide variety of of responses to this, but I'm curious about what the most typical...More
Posted by justjackie
MS Cluster Rio Linda?
Recently I started looking for friends with MS that I could bounce things off of- I have found five that...More
Posted by imnotcrazy
MRI Results
Anyone know what this means? Everything I read online says this would be normal as you age but I just turned...More
Posted by blakey84

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Stephanie knows multiple sclerosis as a patient and as a nurse. Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed...More

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Hi whitefrazier - I live in OH, it took me over 2 years and 3 tries. The last try I obtained an Attorney. My age was 40-42. There is a ... More
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