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It has been a while, so if some have replyed or inqured I needed some down time. I also got annoyed with not...More
Posted by cactibabe1
Please help
I got diagnosed 3.5 years ago but my neurologist said I probably had it for 20 years ago when a doctor was...More
Posted by An_255729
New diagnosis
Hi everyone I am new to this but my fiancee has been diagnosed RRMS and I am trying to find out as much as I...More
Posted by ajhelper
Extreme neck pain
I need some input I was diagnosed in 2011 my symptoms at the time was loss of sight in right eye extreme neck...More
Posted by An_255702
Bee Pollen Benefits
Hi Friends, I read many articles about the potential benefits of Bee Pollen to Multiple Sclerosis. I created...More
Posted by ihabs91
muscle spasms and leg and knee problems with bendi...
I've always had severe muscle spasms in my legs, back, and moderate nerve damage in both legs and one arm but...More
Posted by loriinmo
Hoping someone can give some insight. About 15 yrs ago i started having some health issues. Was told it...More
Posted by tlr1968
Need advice
I have SPMS stage 5.5 and I have a bleed in the lower pons of my brainstem. I've been told that they cant...More
Posted by ronnie1968
Symptom of MS?
Recently, when I have an orgasm, there is little to no semen produced out. When I urinated afterward my urine...More
Posted by levip
daily shots
I am taking daily shots with the autoshot. I havd notice that I always bleed alittle when I do my shot in mt...More
Posted by An_255431
Question about cgnitive problems with Multiple Scl...
My mom has had Multiple Sclerosis for almost 40 years. She has been legally blind since the beginning...More
Posted by joannearreola22
24 hour rule
I have a question about the 24 hour rule. My eyelid has been twitching since yesterday A.M. Continued...More
Posted by gertiesue303
Caring for someone with MS...
Hello Community, My name is Danyelle and one of my best friends has MS. I have decided to dedicate my life to...More
Posted by danyc503
lap-band and MS
I've heard that people with MS should not have lap-band surgery. If so , why? Is there any other weight loss...More
Posted by An_255369
M.S. Help
My boyfriends mother is very ill. She has had M.S. for years and her youngest son who is now 24 has given...More
Posted by eliztwright
M. S. and Agent Orange
I served twenty months in Viet Nam and received an honorable discharge in 1972. In 1976 I went blind in my...More
Posted by An_255050
Others with R.M.M.S.
Intrested in anyone on the new therapy, Tecfidera. Is it helping you? what side effects are you having?...More
Posted by hopen4help
Att. Expert
I am a 43 year old female with M.S. failed Avonex have been on Tecfidera for 3 months. I am having severe...More
Posted by hopen4help
I am a 52 yr old male with what my doctor calls malignant MS which I guess means primary progressive in...More
Posted by texasmad
I am a 29 year old woman with some concerns over my health. Over the last 6 years I have a number of...More
Posted by justanonlooker

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Is it time for a transition? Too What??
Basics are, spouse was diagnosed in early 90's and went through all the stages (Relapsing/Remitting, etc) now...More
Posted by An_254857
Hi all! Hope everyone is doing okay? I just have a question, but before I ask ,my doc are pretty sure I have MS...More
Posted by otensia
ms injury questions
can ms be started from a tbi i received over 20 yrs ago? i seem to be experiencing symptoms more now than...More
Posted by rabbit1742
what's wrong with me
I have been sick since January 2013 symptoms galore but after a positive lyme and co infection test I...More
Posted by medmistry
Hi, I am 50 years old and was diagnosed in 1993. Disease progressed rapidly as I went from relapse remitting...More
Posted by latnahc
Hi, I am 50 years old and was diagnosed in 1993. Disease progressed rapidly as I went from relapse remitting...More
Posted by latnahc
MEAN doctor!!!
My first dear MS doctor died several years ago and I didn't feel the need to find another one until the oral...More
Posted by gardenms24

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How many times have I heard this? I lost count! Just like I've lost count the number of times I've fallen,...More
Posted by lostalaskan

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Neil S. Lava, MD, is the director of the multiple sclerosis clinic at Emory University in Atlanta. He has been treating multiple sclerosis patients si...More

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the walking drug, ampyra
was diagnosedwith MS in 2000. my walking has been getting harder to do but i was still able to work. i recently had an exacerbation of my ... More
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