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Joined: 02/05/2010
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Michigan-based writer and MS patient advocate/consultant. Diagnosed with RRMS in 2005. Therapies: Copaxone 4.5 years, Rebif four months, Tysabri one year, took no DMDs for two years, then started Tecfidera in Sep. 2013. No MS in family history.

See my list of essays about living with MS at:

For an earlier set of essays, see my personal blog titled "Doc, It Hurts When I Do This" at:

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You are at a very tough crossroads, and one that I can relate to on some level. I did a...More
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Hi Jules, Cervical refers to the neck only. Thoracic refers to the middle portion of...More
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Hi Patti, High blood pressure is on the list of Betaseron side effects, so your neuro...More
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Reply: Need some BTDT advice, symptoms increasing past MR...
Jules, Have you had a spine MRI? Diagnostic testing for MS should always include the...More
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Reply: Repeated multiple sclerosis
Hi hecy, I'm sorry about your friend's troubles. We do take methylprednisolone therapy...More
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Reply: Feet numbness
You should contact your neurologist about this new symptom. It could be the start of a...More
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Reply: multiple sclerosis
Hi Janet, There is no blood test for MS, perhaps your blood was tested for another...More
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Reply: Help in morning getting ready for work?
Hi, John, Your concern for your fiancee is very touching, how fortunate she is to have...More
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Reply: Optic neuritis symptoms
kitatkat, That's a good question to ask the doctor that diagnosed your ON the first...More
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Amanda, Becoming ill with viruses or bacterial infections won't necessarily bring on a...More
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