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Reply: Tysabri JC virus
Hey guys, lovesweinerdogs here. Can someone explain JC Virus and PML to me? I'm not...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
Reply: MS burn out
Hi, An 204959 and welcome! I'm just back from a summer off (I work for a school)...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
Reply: No balance!
Kim, thanks for responding...that's a good question. When I turn my head or body,...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
Reply: What's Up Wednesday - The HEAT!!!!!!!
1) Yes 2) 99-108 3) If I absolutely have to go out in the heat, I wear a large hat...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
No balance!
Hy everybody! Hope everyone out there is holding up well. My question is: in the...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
Reply: "Selfish, Egotistal" See how this can help you be ...
Wow, what timing! We were talking about this today! I'm considering filing for...More
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Reply: Best climates for MS
Years ago, I worked at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico. If I could find a full-time...More
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Reply: What's Up Wednesday - What is your favorite summer...
Oh, for me it would have to be bright red tomatoes, smoked chicken and cantelope!...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
Reply: Recently diagnosed with MS?
I know what you mean! To add to the confusion and frustration, when doctors learn...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs
Does stress trigger symptom?
Hi all! If any of you are watching the news, you are probably aware that central...More
Posted by lovesweinerdogs