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There are a lot of issues in this thread to discuss. Optic neuritis can...More
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Unfortunately, I am not able to decipher what part of the brain might...More
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The future of medicine (MS and otherwise) is personalized medicine....More
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I am not able to offer advice on your case specifically. The symptoms...More
Reply: Optic Neuritis question (and also one about spinal...
Yes, optic neuritis could consist of just pain without vision changes,...More
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Weight gain is not a typical side effect of Rebif, Copaxone, and the...More
Reply: Uncommon symptoms?
Multiple sclerosis can cause basically any symptom that can be...More
Reply: Possible MS..your opinions Please!
Without a full evaluation, it is impossible to comment on a specific...More
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There is no one answer to this question which fits all patients. There...More