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Copaxone side effects?
I accidentally posted this under a "Tip" and don't know how to change it, so posting it...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Is Mouth inflammation part of MS?
I have had this before (December) for 4 weeks and went from doctor to doctor. This was...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Is this a tremor?
Tonight just after a warm (not hot, not cold) shower as I was drying off my left arm got...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Started Copaxone -Hurt all Over
I just started Copaxone 8 days ago and I hurt all over! It seems with each injection it...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Reply: My hand keeps cramping....
Kim, Thank you for your reply. You have been a great help in calming my nerves and the...More
Posted by SusieT0114
My hand keeps cramping....
What do I do? My right hand keeps cramping. Is this normal? It is starting to scare me.
Posted by SusieT0114
Reply: Vision fading in and out......
Rory, I forgot to mention that I have told both my Opthmologist and the Neuro about...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Vision fading in and out......
My vision fades in and out off and on through out the day but thankfully has not gone...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Reply: lies...
I was told, "since you haven't lost your eye sight, you don't have MS". No, just...More
Posted by SusieT0114
Tingling on different body parts?
Now and then I will get a tingling feeling on different body parts. Ex....a part of a...More
Posted by SusieT0114