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Has anyone heard of PlacentaBanking?
By the way, has anyone heard of PlacentaBanking? I hear Americord is coming out with a breakthrough in stem...More
Posted by An_204677
my birth story
Zachary Brian Jennings was born on July 27 weighing 9lbs 2oz. So I was due on July 22, but he evidently...More
Posted by deborahann139
No needle for me!
Hi ladies. 7 weeks here with #3. Other two are 3 and 4. I had an epidural(sp?) with my first and it was the...More
Posted by Maria0909
What the Heck!
So the other day i watched this video called, "The Business of Being Born", and it made me way more confident...More
Posted by MRSKuhns
Okay I'm only 13 weeks (well 13 weeks tomorrow) and I'm probably way ahead of myself but this is my first...More
Posted by michelleloehr
Hello ladies... new here!
I am 26 weeks with my first baby and want soooooo much to have him natural. I just feel there is a reason...More
Posted by byoung1979
Does anyone know good resources for VBACs? I am trying to assemble a list of questions for my 6 week post...More
Posted by GigiSage
Long Birthstory
Had contractions for most of the day Sunday which was a good thing, came to the hospital for my induction at...More
Posted by GigiSage
It's a..... (short birth story)
Girl! Elizabeth Cordelia Sage! 8 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. She was born at 10:18 pm Monday night. She is...More
Posted by GigiSage
I'm waiting to hear how things went for you! I'm still waiting myself to have this baby. She'll be a week...More
Posted by janessas1
VBAC petition, please sign This is a petition to the ACOG to lift some of...More
Posted by swinga
I'm pregnant with my second child and I am really looking into taking some hypnobirthing classes this time...More
Posted by Larissa_1985
41 weeks today!
Ok so tomorrow night is my induction (still praying I go on my own at some point today or tomorrow) and we are...More
Posted by GigiSage

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Another appointment today
So I came back in for my second appointment this week and I was offered an induction but originally turned it...More
Posted by GigiSage
Birth Plan
If anyone would like me to I can email you the birthplan that my doula emailed me. It's in Word and you can...More
Posted by GigiSage
birth story show- question
so i watched birth story yesterday and this lady had intentions of laboring naturally after she was brought in...More
Posted by hipk427
40 week appointment
So I am a fingertip dialated and got my membranes sort of stripped... it was uncomfortable and still having...More
Posted by GigiSage
Cloth Diapers
Not sure if anyone on this group is interested, but I just started a group about cloth diapering. It's in the...More
Posted by janessas1
Pain Management
So what are you excited to try for pain management during labor? If you are a second (or more!) time Mommy -...More
Posted by GigiSage
Do women that are going to get an Epidural not learn pain management for the time before they get it? Early...More
Posted by GigiSage
What's your story?
I admit, I'm a glutton for hearing people's stories. I'd love to know why people are here so we can kick...More
Posted by MtnPrincess
I created this exchange for those who are actively planning, has had or curious about having an unmedicated...More
Posted by GigiSage

Spotlight: Member Stories

Hi, I am due with my first child March 18th, 2010--it's a girl! I am 24 and my husband is 23. We have been married since July 2005. Originally,...More

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