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We answer all types of Neurology/Neurological questions about the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Include your age, sex, current meds, and known diagnoses, upcoming/completed appointments, tests, or procedures. We are not physicians. We help explain medical terminology and give support.

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Need advice?
Ok I'm writing this after having a weird experience (not right after but a good bit) so sorry if it's a lil...More
Posted by xxmomoxx
Need advice?
Ok I'm writing this after having a weird experience (not right after but a good bit) so sorry if it's a lil...More
Posted by xxmomoxx
Used to Self-Abuse by Bashing Head, Brain Damage?
TL;DR I'm a self-abuser who bashes his head, yesterday 8/11/15 slammed my head into a wall and saw...More
Posted by Throwaway2005
Reply: ulnar nerve transposition surgery for diabetic neu...
Thanks for reply. I am skeptical about it as well. I talked to the doctor again (over the phone) and he is...More
Posted by kamalramesh
MRI Found Something On My Pineal Gland
Hi: I recently went for an MRI and MRA scan (without contrast) and it came back that I had a lesion on my...More
Posted by An_263980
Reply: I'm going to lose it!
Thanks for the reply lifes I from what I read its a experimental mood stabilizer when others fail (though I...More
Posted by xxmomoxx
Reply: Arachnoid cyst
Hi DC, According to this, most Arachnoid cysts are...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Second Opinion due to mistakes
Hi, We are not doctors on this forum, so we'd only be guessing. While I understand how to read and interpret...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: What is going on?
It's pretty bad, I've been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type II. I don't have anything else to say, I...More
Posted by An_263171
Reply: Left side headache during sex
Actually, none of the options given. It's very common to have "sex headaches" or "orgasm headaches". They are...More
Posted by lifes

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Reply: Bell's palsy and chronic fatigue
Hi Sue, You've really been through the works! Here is the NIH bulletin on Bell's Palsy. ...More
Posted by lifes
Bell's palsy and chronic fatigue
Hello! I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy last July after my face drooped on the left and a stroke was ruled...More
Posted by An_263186
Reply: Jerks in deep sleep
Hi Lifes -- can't thank you enough for taking the time to explain in detail and provide guidance. I'm...More
Posted by hellothere88
Nerve Pain around neck while talking
Hi, My sister gets severe nerve pull around the neck if she talks for some time.. This has been...More
Posted by krishnams2006
Reply: Seizure after Spinal decompression
I don't know enough on this topic to answer you. Sorry. LifesMore
Posted by lifes
Reply: Crawling feeling on left side of spine
Doctors don't quickly pick up on neuropathy type "pains". Drs rarely think of it, except in diabetics. ...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Seizures with odd mixed symptoms
Hi Kirk, Not everything the body 'does' necessarily means it's one thing, nor does it mean all symptoms mean...More
Posted by lifes
Leg Spasms & Spinal Cord Injury
I have written to this forum previously in reference to leg spasms and mild cerebral palsy. I was referred...More
Posted by helen44923
Reply: What is wrong with me??
oops spotted an error... I meant "without cold or flu symptoms"
Posted by lifes
Reply: Lavender
I am glad it turned out well for your daughter bless your heart you must of been terrified. I know things...More
Posted by 22893missu
Reply: Safe to compete??
This is my 4th MRI over the last few yrs and the 1St time this has showed up. I get severe headaches. Thank u...More
Posted by fightu35
Reply: energy waves
No it doesnt involve any mental power (i guess) , i breathe in normaly while these waves are in proces ,...More
Posted by bryankcmo
Reply: I have an indentation along one of the seams in my...
I posted a long answer to you before...but I see it never posted. In my posting, I described how we're all born...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Stuttering, shaking, and "spacing out"
Warfarin or blood thinners do not cause the symptoms you describe. Where was the clot? (thrombosis) If in the...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: MRI of Head and Brain Plain and Contrast
I'm sorry but I don't know how to read or interpret MRIs. Did you learn anything from the Dr? LifesMore
Posted by lifes
Reply: Weakness in left arm, curling fingers.
Hi Eb, First, a blood test to check your thyroid is easy and inexpensive. Meds for low thyroid are fairly cheap...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Freezing Pain in Temple
Hello, I just wanted to thank you very much with all of my heart for your reply. I will most definitely let you...More
Posted by sima122
Reply: Deja vu and short black outs
OMG!! Wait!! It IS definetly the psychic seizure thing... i just reread your post... those are like word for...More
Posted by sima122
Reply: Pineal cyst 9mm
request pain management. surgery should be your last option. your experiencing problems and for someone to...More
Posted by nj_jeremy
Reply: Chronic Lightheadedness, pressure and sharp pain l...
staying away from liquor is a major point in your explanation it can really be bad for you. to me it sounds...More
Posted by nj_jeremy

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I'm a PA student, graduating in December (I hope). I have a long history as a patient including six unrelated surgeries, and a couple of other hos...More

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Preparing for Your Neurology Appointment - Exam Part 1
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