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We answer all types of Neurology/Neurological questions about the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Include your age, sex, current meds, and known diagnoses, upcoming/completed appointments, tests, or procedures. We are not physicians. We help explain medical terminology and give support.

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Reply: misidentifying colors
The brain is certainly a mystery sometimes! Have you ever seen the email with a paragraph using colored text on...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: is this serious
Hi, The scalp is highly vascular, meaning, it has many small blood vessels throughout the scalp. This is why...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Neurological Effects of THC (help)
First, this board is not run by physicians. However, I and a couple others on this forum have a professional...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: -- TO LIFES --
hi again, lifes -- i'm so glad to hear from you! i do plan to check in now and again to see if there...More
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
Posted by susiemargaret
Reply: Concussion..need some help?
A head injury always needs evaluated, even without symptoms. It needs evaluated even more if you're having...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: lightheaded/numbness in head
Hi, You might want to read this: ...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Water bubble in brain
First, I'm very sorry to hear about your niece's condition. The brain is paradoxically a powerful organ of self...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: REALLY scared right now...
Dear TheLight, Some symptoms are referred to as "constitutional", meaning they can arise for many very different...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Tbi
Dear Lifes, Thank you so much for your reply!! It helps tremendously. He was very pleasant at the rehabs and...More
Posted by madog12
Extremely forceful yawning
I'm asking this question for my dad. Both me and my dad has this problem. However, I've managed to somewhat...More
Posted by An_255550
Reply: Fish oil for kids
Hi Alexneils3, First, all moms want the best for their kids. Often, our hearts and love drive our efforts to...More
Posted by lifes
Pain upon light touch
If you have pain upon touching your arms or legs lightly, think about seeing a neurologist.
Posted by editor1943
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severe neuropathy
I had been falling easily for more than 10 years, sometimes falling hard enough to go to the ER. I cannot...More
Posted by editor1943

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Diffuse hickening of the dura mater
Can anyone clarify for me what it means on an MRI that states, "diffuse thickening and enhancement of the...More
Posted by An_255251
Reply: No Long Term Memory = Lack of Human Connection
Please reply to me. I know exactly what you are going through. Mary (mkc1955)More
Posted by mkc1955
Reply: tingling shoulders
Jackolope58, Yes, indeed, an injury can cause "TOS", or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. However, both the cervical...More
Posted by lifes

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bothers me whenever i when from work, i lifted something heavy once, i think that's where i got it. i have got a tingling on my shoulder and a numbness too. now, i am learning i ought to have seen a doctor, at least five month after it happened. it's been a year and
Reply: numbness in left tricep to last two fingers
'supernumerary ribs' 'supernumerary'=more, extra Supernumerary or accessory ribs (SNR), either lumbar (LR) or...More
Posted by lifes
Hi Katiemae, First, no physicians or surgeons monitor this board. We have board members familiar with anatomy,...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Unilateral facial swelling and numbness
There's a lot to your post, so I'm afraid I'll forget to address something. I apologize if I do. No physicians...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: MRI - White Matter Hyperintensities
There are no physicians who monitor this forum. That said, I once had a brain MRI done... my new 2nd year...More
Posted by lifes
Muscle "itch"?
I have had this annoying symptom increasingly regularly. It is very hard to describe. The best I can is a deep...More
Posted by JDDowell
Reply: Postherpetic neuralgia ,Herpes zoster shingles,
Clee, There's actually very little to do for shingles. Most "treatment" is steroids at the outset and...More
Posted by lifes
Fasciculations in lip from herpes?
I went to my pcp after experiencing major lip twitching in my lower lip. Started in May, didn't notice it was...More
Posted by An_253659
Reply: Burning feet in soles of my feet
Hi Lifes, Doctors ruled out Diabetes and i got my B12 results just now. They are 234 pg/ML where normal...More
Posted by Jamescaroon4
Reply: Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) and Diabetes
Hi, The items described are tests related to aspects of neuropathy; they are not treatments. The only true...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Numbness, tingling feet
have the similar symptoms, and i was referred b my MD to do Sensory Testing. im scheduled for next month...More
Posted by blablagirl
Reply: Male, 22 - NEVER had an orgasm or experienced sexu...
Hi DuskX, Before I answer this, I want to state I have neuropathy-- a pain condition that can cause anything...More
Posted by lifes
Most incredible orgasm-Amazing
I am a healthy 45 years old and I am a very experienced lover who has been in numerous relationships...More
Posted by Jefffromlakeville
Reply: Odd tingling in tongue
Anti-inflammatory medications have drying effects for mucous membranes. This effect would be worsened in dry heat...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Neurologist Appointment - Wait for Botox?
Call the neuro's office and ask their advice-- does he want to see you as you are normally, or after Botox. LifesMore
Posted by lifes

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I am a 59 yr oldd caucasian male who was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1990.Diabetes and it's manifestations have led to being in a nursing ho...More

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It hurts! It jerks! My body's doing something...strange...
Every person with a neurological condition or disorder started out with a symptom that hurt, jerked (tremor or worse), or that just was ... More
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