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We answer all types of Neurology/Neurological questions about the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Include your age, sex, current meds, and known diagnoses, upcoming/completed appointments, tests, or procedures. We are not physicians. We help explain medical terminology and give support.


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Is it true that the sent of Lavender in bath and lotion products can cause a person with Epilepsy have a...More
Posted by An_261745
MRI of Head and Brain Plain and Contrast
Findings: Both orbits and retroorbital spaces are within the normal limits. A tiny focal T2 and FLAIR hyper...More
Posted by An_261453
Stuttering, shaking, and "spacing out"
My dad has had "episodes or events" for the past 5 years. We have been to several neurologists with different...More
Posted by An_261347
energy waves
Some energy waves starting from the back of my head and going all the way down to my feet , i say 'energy...More
Posted by bryankcmo
Freezing Pain in Temple
Hello. I am a 50 year old female and For several years now, whenever i get really angry, i get this kind of...More
Posted by sima122
I have an indentation along one of the seams in my...
I noticed this a couple of months ago. I've done research and found the seam in question is the metopic...More
Posted by miki4531557
Chronic Lightheadedness, pressure and sharp pain l...
I am a 26 y/o female with a history of a CVA at 10 months old which left me with right-sided...More
Posted by strokesurvivor77
Brain pain
Okay I have episodes where to start with I get really grumpy you mean, just a different person followed by...More
Posted by fedjad2015
Pineal cyst 9mm
Hello, I am 23 years old and I was diagnosed with pineal cyst 9mm. The reason to go to MRI was that I was...More
Posted by belwolf
how the sensory information is routed from the rec...
how the sensory information is routed from the receptor to the cerebral cortex? By what means can the cortex...More
Posted by An_260083
How urgent to do surgery on a fairly large subacut...
I was shocked to learn that my father 67 year old showed these results on his CT scan: Fairly large subacute...More
Posted by tatang67
Total blackness...
Hello, Okay my optician has referred me to a neurologist due to my constant migraines but also because my...More
Posted by monaunicorn
Deja vu and short black outs
I'm 15 and having been having these funny symptoms. I don't really know where to really post this but...More
Posted by thereselittle
TBI and Brain Crying
My son suffered non accidental brain trauma when he was shaken. He now had what some medical staff have...More
Posted by mbartle002
MRI Brain scan results
Here are my brain MRI results.. looks like my optic nerve is acting up and there seems to be pressure due to...More
Posted by ricky1981
Recurring headaches behind left eye
Hello, [br>[br>I have had a recurring headache behind my left eye for the last month, and it has been...More
Posted by guest93
Is a seizure ever classified as choking
Last month, my now 4 month old daughter had what appeared to be a seizure. We took her to the ER, and after a...More
Posted by mama_27
Neuro or psych?
My son has recently started displaying some behavior that is out of the ordinary. He will have outburst of...More
Posted by An_259227
Hi there. i please need someone to please explain to me what my eeg results mean as i cant make sense of...More
Posted by hayleigh2904
"Definite punctate areas of white matter disease bilaterally in both parietal and junctional levels." What...More
Posted by An_259082
odd sensations in leg and occasionally elsewhere
Hello. I am a 36 year old white American male. 5'7", 187 lb. only pre-existent health problem is sleep...More
Posted by charlie_wong
brain damage with no sign of it
Hi, I am looking for answers, answers my doctors can't give us. Long story short my grandfather went in for...More
Posted by berenicee09
Spinal Cord & Dantroline
I am a 72 y.o. woman. Since about 1999 I would sporadically get stiffness in my legs. In 2008 the Mayo...More
Posted by helen44923
To SusieM
Hi Susie, I'm pretty sick so I very much appreciate you helping with questions. I hope I'll be better soon, but I...More
Posted by lifes
non diabetic peripheral neuopathy
does anyone know of a forum to discuss pn? What are the side affects of steroids for neuopathy? Talk about a...More
Posted by 07richard
Air bubble in the brain of a 9 year old child with...
My son has a shunt which has failed twice. The shunt has been relocated to another side of his brain, but he...More
Posted by An_258789
Slurred speech no stroke
I have Slurred speech, protein in urine, weight loss and equilibrium is off (when I walk with a glass of water I...More
Posted by satwiz
My now 22 year old daughter whom had a car accident at the age of four lost brain matter and lost her usage...More
Posted by nyrican59
Anti-Epileptic Drugs and Long Term Side Effects
Hello, Can the use of anti-epileptic drugs have long term side effects, specifically, in the area of the...More
Posted by mkmomto2

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I am a 59 yr oldd caucasian male who was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1990.Diabetes and it's manifestations have led to being in a nursing ho...More

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It hurts! It jerks! My body's doing something...strange...
Every person with a neurological condition or disorder started out with a symptom that hurt, jerked (tremor or worse), or that just was ... More
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