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We answer all types of Neurology/Neurological questions about the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Include your age, sex, current meds, and known diagnoses, upcoming/completed appointments, tests, or procedures. We are not physicians. We help explain medical terminology and give support.


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MRI Found Something On My Pineal Gland
Hi: I recently went for an MRI and MRA scan (without contrast) and it came back that I had a lesion on my...More
Posted by An_263980
ulnar nerve transposition surgery for diabetic neu...
My mother , 67 yrs age , is diabetic and an OCD patient. Recently she was diagonzed with axonal and...More
Posted by kamalramesh
I'm going to lose it!
I can;t figure out whats wrong Doctors are stumped and running some test but there slow at it and I'm to the...More
Posted by xxmomoxx
Arachnoid cyst
I was deployed to Iraq in 2007, I had a mortar explode very close to me while I was there. I do not really...More
Posted by dcracker82
Second Opinion due to mistakes
Saw a neurologist due to dizziness/nausea and fuzzyheadedness, numbness/weakness in hands/legs, and muscle...More
Posted by An_263437
Bell's palsy and chronic fatigue
Hello! I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy last July after my face drooped on the left and a stroke was ruled...More
Posted by An_263186
Bell's palsy and chronic fatigue
Hello! I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy last July after my face drooped on the left and a stroke was ruled...More
Posted by An_263186
Left side headache during sex
M/50, I am feeling pain during sex, starts from the bottom part of left ear and immediately goes to the left...More
Posted by khimada

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What is going on?
I had a head MRI a couple of days ago to check for acoustic neuroma as my left ear is going deaf. They called...More
Posted by An_263171
Jerks in deep sleep
Hi doctors - My father is visiting me in the US and I noticed yesterday that he had a few "jerks" while...More
Posted by hellothere88
Nerve Pain around neck while talking
Hi, My sister gets severe nerve pull around the neck if she talks for some time.. This has been...More
Posted by krishnams2006
Crawling feeling on left side of spine
Hi, Lately, I've been experiencing a crawling feeling on a portion of my mid-back area right next to my spine....More
Posted by ebl233
Seizures with odd mixed symptoms
Hello Everyone, A friend of mine recently started developing an odd cocktail of symptoms that are quite...More
Posted by An_262686
Seizure after Spinal decompression
I recently had a grand maul seizure about two hours after spinal decompression. Could that have been the...More
Posted by georgiabbliss
Leg Spasms & Spinal Cord Injury
I have written to this forum previously in reference to leg spasms and mild cerebral palsy. I was referred...More
Posted by helen44923
What is wrong with me??
So it's been a while now and I can't really say how many doctors I've been to, but no luck whatsoever....More
Posted by vardaelentari
Safe to compete??
I was found to have Cavum septum pellucidum ; and changes to the white it safe to fight in the...More
Posted by An_261798
Weakness in left arm, curling fingers.
Hi, I got back from the E.R. last night with a diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy, and orders to follow up with...More
Posted by ebl233
Is it true that the sent of Lavender in bath and lotion products can cause a person with Epilepsy have a...More
Posted by An_261745
MRI of Head and Brain Plain and Contrast
Findings: Both orbits and retroorbital spaces are within the normal limits. A tiny focal T2 and FLAIR hyper...More
Posted by An_261453
Stuttering, shaking, and "spacing out"
My dad has had "episodes or events" for the past 5 years. We have been to several neurologists with different...More
Posted by An_261347
energy waves
Some energy waves starting from the back of my head and going all the way down to my feet , i say 'energy...More
Posted by bryankcmo
Freezing Pain in Temple
Hello. I am a 50 year old female and For several years now, whenever i get really angry, i get this kind of...More
Posted by sima122
I have an indentation along one of the seams in my...
I noticed this a couple of months ago. I've done research and found the seam in question is the metopic...More
Posted by miki4531557
Chronic Lightheadedness, pressure and sharp pain l...
I am a 26 y/o female with a history of a CVA at 10 months old which left me with right-sided...More
Posted by strokesurvivor77
Brain pain
Okay I have episodes where to start with I get really grumpy you mean, just a different person followed by...More
Posted by fedjad2015
Pineal cyst 9mm
Hello, I am 23 years old and I was diagnosed with pineal cyst 9mm. The reason to go to MRI was that I was...More
Posted by belwolf
how the sensory information is routed from the rec...
how the sensory information is routed from the receptor to the cerebral cortex? By what means can the cortex...More
Posted by An_260083

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I'm a PA student, graduating in December (I hope). I have a long history as a patient including six unrelated surgeries, and a couple of other hos...More

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Preparing for Your Neurology Appointment - Exam Part 1
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