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Reply: energy waves
It's interesting how you say you can produce these "waves" of energy. May I inquire, what...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Stuttering, shaking, and "spacing out"
Warfarin or blood thinners do not cause the symptoms you describe. Where was the clot?...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: MRI of Head and Brain Plain and Contrast
I'm sorry but I don't know how to read or interpret MRIs. Did you learn anything from the Dr?...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Lavender
It'd depend on the individual. Different people have different triggers... some people have...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Weakness in left arm, curling fingers.
Hi Eb, First, a blood test to check your thyroid is easy and inexpensive. Meds for low...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Freezing Pain in Temple
Hi Sima, You might want to investigate two possible causes for this pain. When any person...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Brain pain
fedjad, It's difficult to review a person's condition online because there is so much we...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: how the sensory information is routed from the rec...
Hi ! This is a group for people who have neurological symptoms or known neurological...More
Posted by lifes
Reply: How urgent to do surgery on a fairly large subacut...
The longer before surgery, the more damage that can occur from pressure on brain tissue....More
Posted by lifes
Reply: Total blackness...
Have you ever read about hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis, and hypnopompic or...More
Posted by lifes