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Son is pulling himself up to standing positin
My son is pulling himself up at 7 1/2 months old. Is this normal.
Posted by An_264103
Halloween Costume Poll 2
What is everyone dressing their LO in for Halloween? Maddy is going to be a monkey!! ...More
Posted by yovalove
wheezing infant
hello, my child is 3 weeks old he does quit a bit of wheezing and grunting at night during his deep...More
Posted by mason14patton
first time mama needing help
im a fist time mother and im 29 weeks preg.... I recently went to the dr and they jhave me cncerned for my...More
Posted by avasmama15
concerned gramma
I was visiting my daughter. She has a 1 month old baby. There was several people visiting so, we were about...More
Posted by An_263867
When should my baby start rolling over?
My son is only 2 months old and is starting to move around a lot more. When should he start rolling over?
Posted by An_262113
lab sat on 6 month olds lower body
The grandparents were watching our 6 month old and the our lab(dog) sat on my daughters lower body stomach...More
Posted by An_263645
getting baby to sleep all night
bottle at 730AM, bottle at 1130AM,bottle at 330PM, and cereal and a bottle at 730PM. Keep this routine for 3...More
Posted by JakeC17966
sons mouth bleeding
My son has white patches and bleeding on the inside of his cheeks and lips. I have a picture I can send....More
Posted by An_263518
Newborn baby - acne!!
Do baby have a acne on face, head, cheast and back since birth? How long it take to get complete cure? Doctor...More
Posted by An_263492
urgent please help!!!!
have a 10 months old baby boy ...... i have been syringe feeding him now i want to switch back to spoon...More
Posted by shahzainsmommy
Is my baby dehydrated?
Hi, I'm afraid that my baby might be dehydrated. He is 2 months and a week old. He has an ear infection on both...More
Posted by tvylor
would leave baby cry in his own room leave emotional scar in the future?
Posted by mommy2014
Hearing loss cause
I am the great grandmother of a 5 month old who I take care of for several days at a time so his mom can work...More
Posted by yellep
When you need help
Call you doctor
Posted by An_262557
Diarrhea & Feeding
So my almost 1yr. old son got a little fever with diarrhea following the next day. The fever was gone...More
Posted by veronicacs
Clammy and hive baby
Hi baby community, My 11 1/2 just got his first fever yesterday of 101. The fever went down today Sunday...More
Posted by bobbinegron
Umbilical Hernia
my 6 months old have Umbilical hernia,he is always fussy, unhappy,crying for hours ....his hernia gets very...More
Posted by An_256942
Ovol Drops for Newborns
Hi, Is it safe to give a week old baby Ovol Drops or Gripe water?
Posted by coopsonly
Sleeping on his own
I made a mistake by letting our 11 months old sleep in my bed. Now i cannot get him to go to sleep on his own...More
Posted by An_262095
baby throwing up
I have a one month old and for the past four days, and has been throwing up. It's white chunky but it...More
Posted by firsttimemom2315

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