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Posted by An_262557
Diarrhea & Feeding
So my almost 1yr. old son got a little fever with diarrhea following the next day. The fever was gone...More
Posted by veronicacs
Clammy and hive baby
Hi baby community, My 11 1/2 just got his first fever yesterday of 101. The fever went down today Sunday...More
Posted by bobbinegron
Umbilical Hernia
my 6 months old have Umbilical hernia,he is always fussy, unhappy,crying for hours ....his hernia gets very...More
Posted by An_256942
Ovol Drops for Newborns
Hi, Is it safe to give a week old baby Ovol Drops or Gripe water?
Posted by coopsonly
Sleeping on his own
I made a mistake by letting our 11 months old sleep in my bed. Now i cannot get him to go to sleep on his own...More
Posted by An_262095
baby throwing up
I have a one month old and for the past four days, and has been throwing up. It's white chunky but it...More
Posted by firsttimemom2315
vaccination guidence
hi there can some one help me in scheduling vaccinations for my 2 months old baby. my doctor is advising...More
Posted by vijayaganesh
head circumfrance, growing to fast?? a inch and a ...
my 4 month old little girl has her check up today. her doctor was concerned about the size of her head...More
Posted by worriedmommy29
head circumference well below 5th percentile
I am doing an assignment for class and was wondering if it was realistic for a hypothetical 3 month baby girl...More
Posted by An_261626
11 month old dry heaving
My baby is 11 months old an he was playing an happy all day but at 7 this evening he woke from a nap an...More
Posted by judyortiz84
Baby constipation
How much Caro syrup should you add to a 6 oz bottle for constipation? Baby is 4 months old.
Posted by An_261400
Dry Heaving
We have a 5 month old baby that has stomach surgeries for pyloric stenosis. She is now dry heaving...More
Posted by cindykaykolkmeyer
baby has pain passing gas
have a 5 month old granddaughter, who every time she passes gas she seems to be in an extreme amount of...More
Posted by An_261271
grandma just got my grand babies and have question...
My 1 year old grand baby just came to us and had not been use to sleeping alone or through the night. He was...More
Posted by An_261266
First Word
When can I expect to hear my baby say her first word?
Posted by An_261171
Hemotomin on toward top of back head
My nephew was born with a large bump on the top back of his head its only on one side. I was wondering if it...More
Posted by An_261150
baby penis
concern about babys penis as he is 3 years and there does not seem to be any growth. his younger brother...More
Posted by An_260869
Ring worm treatment for a 12 month old baby
What over the counter medication is good for ring worm on a 12 mo. old baby's skin?
Posted by An_260806
Baby Vicks
Hello, My little one is 5 months old now and she too recently had a cold. What really helped her was that at...More
Posted by An_260800
Help with diagnosis. Neck/Knee pain, ED, Stool cha...
I've been feeling weird for some time now. I'm a 25m/ 6'4 / 340 pounds / no medications Symptoms: - For...More
Posted by bloodkind25

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