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Nutrition for 4.5 month old baby undergoing chemot...
Hi all, My 4.5 months nephew has been diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma and is currently...More
Posted by syedawardataqdees
Excessive sweating
My son is 91/2 months old and whe he sleeps there is a wet spot on the bed from his head. His body is cool...More
Posted by An_260108
facial twitches
Hi doctor when my baby was 5 months old he fell down from the sofa , a drop of blood came from right nostril and...More
Posted by nauas
newborn heart surgery
need information on surgery for newborn. Apparently at the last minute one more check was done on my...More
Posted by lmarie123
4 wk old w hemroid?
4 wk old grand daughter has problems w bms and discomfort her mom thinks she might have a hemroid what kind...More
Posted by An_260056
need advice on how my baby is passing urine
Hello, I need advice and wondering if anyone else has encountered this. My baby boy will be soon 7 months, he...More
Posted by liliab
New baby & germs
I am a first time mom of a healthy 5 week old. This weekend we have family coming to visit from Dallas (where...More
Posted by An_259698
Premie/Newborn Chokes when laying flat
.2:0.0.0">.2:">.2:">.2:">.2:$end:0:$0:0">Can I pick...More
Posted by grandmavice
14 Month Old
My daughter is 14 months old and in the process of transitioning to Solid table foods and I'm having a hard...More
Posted by An_259556
When should my baby go off Prevacid for acid reflux?
Posted by An_259492
Baby is underweight
Hi! just wanted to get out there on advise on improving baby's under-weight issues. Current issue maybe lack...More
Posted by dad1sttime
Baby Breastfeeding
Baby's 5 weeks' old. However baby's weight has not improved since its 1st day. 1st day weight was 3.25 kilos...More
Posted by An_259463
Vitamin D supplement makes my baby throw up. Alte...
I realize that my exclusively breast fed almost 4 month old baby needs a vitamin D supplement. However, the...More
Posted by kitt3nkat
2 week old daughter has a lot of phlem & mucus...i...
My LO has a lot mucus & phlegm. We saw it in her mouth & also can hear it. Especially when she is on...More
Posted by bcstephens
lump on baby forearm
baby born 6 weeks early has a mass or lump on forearm up close to where lower arm joins upper. First thought...More
Posted by An_259210
Is my 6 day old baby over eating
Today she has been eating 60 to 80 Ml every 2 hours. Is this a problem, she hasn't been spitting up.
Posted by bigtony41
Is my baby eating to much
My 6 day old baby is eating 60 to 80 ml ever 2 hours. She's not spitting up. Is this a problem
Posted by bigtony41
4 month old baby with chickenpox
He's almost 5 months old and these red bumps are popping up. Just on arms face and hands. Not feeling feverish...More
Posted by hypoa32
Acid reflux and infant cereal with formula
I have heard that in infants with acid reflux it may help mixing cereal with the babies formula will help them...More
Posted by phornady
2.5 months infant having trouble
My daughter is almost 3 months old and for the last month or so has been having trouble passing gas. She is...More
Posted by An_258815
5 months and stuffy
My daughter is sneezing, and coughing a lot. I believe the coughing is due to drainage from her...More
Posted by arryannas_mommy
Our newborn was holding his head up the day he was born, and was able to roll over on his back within the...More
Posted by lisanicole84
The concern should be with regard to
Many of the previous posters are thinking it all boils down to if the vigorous burping causes pain; or if it...More
Posted by grapenut
My 9 day old infant is having issues with his bowe...
I tried the qtip trick and it worked, he did go to the bathroom yesterday but its really yellow (I...More
Posted by megancremonese00
19 months old babay not sleeping through the night
My 19-month daughter hasn't been a good sleeper but it is getting worse. She wakes up average twice a night. She...More
Posted by mayu3
WebMD's 2014 Health Heroes
Who should win the People's Choice Award this year? Cast your vote here from a list of celebrities who...More
Posted by atti_editor

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