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H-Pylori in stool sample
I tested positive recently for h-pylori through a blood test. I pushed my children's peds to test their stool...More
Posted by nic14120
Son is 1yo and eyes stick together
My son is one years old and his eyes stick together in the morning.. What is the cause of this and how can...More
Posted by MikeEasley
Limbs jerking while asleep.
My babygirl, just 1 month old, jerks her arm and leg on the left side repeatedly only while sleeping. Why???...More
Posted by An_251422
My 12 week old cousin
My 12 week old cousin is a very unhappy baby. He constantly digs at his ears and eyes and rubs his...More
Posted by lebelleartiste14
nearly 2 month old baby keeping left arm stiff and...
when my son was a month old, he suddenly started keeping his left arm stiff and moving it less than his...More
Posted by archana379
My baby was bottlefed in the hospital because I had c-section. I've tried to breastfeed her, but she's not...More
Posted by An_248820
Can anyone tell me the average size of a teething baby's mouth from gum to uvula?
Posted by JaneJetson
19 month and still drinking milk every 2 hours
Hi, my baby stopped accepting the breast milk since he was 6 month. Since then the hell broke loose and he...More
Posted by Dudusha
Exclusive Cloth in Aliexpress, 25% Discount off, O...
For deigning updated, 15 days 25% discount off was launched link: ...More
Posted by An_252638
period pain...
have periods like pain from 4 days and i didnt bleed yet iam late by one day... i had sex with my husband...More
Posted by An_252549
Help early teather
I have a daughter who is 12 weeks old. She has her first tooth. I do not know what to do. She is cleaning only...More
Posted by Soccer
Clingy 1 Year Old
My 1 year old has become very attached to me...I cant even go to the bathroom without her pulling on my...More
Posted by crystallynn123
7th month old possible food allergy????
My 7th month old son was fed some kind of fish yesterday by his grandmother, now all day today he has been...More
Posted by nikkibaby
Blue eyes
Hi..... I'm basicially an Indian and my husband is also an indian we are married about 2 months ago and we...More
Posted by An_252549
Daughter won't sleep in crib at night
My soon-to-be 6 week-old daughter doesn't seem to like to sleep in her crib at night. I would rock her to...More
Posted by Isieni75
Sinusitis Infection
My daughter 1 year and 10 month old baby girl suffering from sinusitis infection. its started with fever,...More
Posted by Papparil
Fever up and down
3 mos & 1 wk old baby girl with up & down fever, cold hands /feet, she takes formula and breast feeding...More
Posted by Sanrio
5 Month Old Baby Coughing & Sneezing since Birth
5 Month old baby coughing & sneezing since birth. Coughs almost everyday for a few seconds (approx. 2-3...More
Posted by GramMaMa
I do not know how to help my daughter. She is 2 1/2 months old, and already teething. I am into all natural...More
Posted by Soccer
1 month
My boy is 5 weeks old and he started gruntting while he sleep when he was about 2 weeks old. He did not sleep...More
Posted by Megdo
Couch Fall
My 3mon old fell off the couch, now what? Anybody have similar situation?
Posted by Springmama13
Should I feed yet
4 month + one week old baby at 18 pounds, He eats an average of 35 ounces of formula a day. He likes to...More
Posted by Anon_48209
Milk issues
Ok so we have a baby coming soon. I cannot breast feed. I am milk sensitive. My moms family has everything...More
Posted by Anon_48209
4 months old head control delay & hazey eyes and ...
I took my son to his 4 month check up & he wasn't able to hold his neck up. My husband & I started...More
Posted by Jen0714
Water In Newborn's ear
My grandson was born 29 May and my son was just told that he has water in his ear. I've never heard of this...More
Posted by An_252151
10mth old bowlegged
My son is going on 11mths soon and his left leg when he walks goes all the way in. I was bowlegged and had...More
Posted by tresamores
Help with sleeping and feeding!
My daughter is 5 weeks old and I can not get her to go 3 hours in between her feedings. I feel like I have...More
Posted by kypurdy11
My daughter is 5 weeks old and I cannot get her to go 3 hours inbetween feedings consitantly. Everynow and...More
Posted by kypurdy11
breast pump
does personal choice insurance cover the cost of breast pump, and if so what are the stipulations
Posted by An_251981
Baby girl wiith lumps under her nipples
My 2 week old daughter is breast feeding and has developed small but noticable lumps under her nipples. There...More
Posted by Jcam78

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