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underweight, underdeveoped and crying baby
I babysat for a neighbor yesterday for their 7 month old adorable little girl. her parents are lovely , happy and...More
Posted by jowi1
premies and platelet count
My grandson was born at 34 weeks, he has a low platelet count and does not seem to be producing platelets on...More
Posted by kimhedum

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size of my fetus
what does it mean when a dr tells you that your unborn baby is at six percent out of one hundred percent at...More
Posted by An_255030
Constant Shaking of hands
My little 8 month old grandson constantly shakes and jerks his hands. His mom and dad don't seem worried....More
Posted by 2013grandma
Bruised lips
My 4 week old seems to have 2 bruises, one on each side (each corner) of his lips (mouth). My sister said...More
Posted by jabaras_mom
Postpartum weight loss
Hello all. I haven't posted here, but I was on the pregnancy after infertility board. My DD is 7 weeks...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
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when to test new born for hearing
My brand new granddaughter is going on two months old. she might have a hearing issue. the Dr. says wait...More
Posted by An_254744
Cellulitis vs Dry Skin
How close does cellulitis look like dry skin? Are they close enough it could be misdiagnosed? Ok, full...More
Posted by winterjunkie
Sweating Preemie
My grandson is one week old (a twin). They were 5 weeks early, and this one weighed 4 lbs. 12 oz. He had no...More
Posted by grannypat
2 month old baby very sleepy after shots
My baby boy is usually very active during the day, but after getting his shots yesterday he seem to sleep a...More
Posted by daianarocio
First pregnancy
I am hoping that someone can help me... I am 23 and about 4 weeks ago I took the at home test and it was...More
Posted by jessicarn
2mo baby struggling to breath this am
My baby woke up this morning about 6:00 am as usual, as I was changing his diaper he started to struggle to...More
Posted by geababymum
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Repetitive Hand Movement- 8 month old
My son just turned 8 months and recently he's been making these repetitive hand movements (opening and...More
Posted by An_254574
bitting lower lip by 8 month old -
Please help me in this issue, My daughter (my sweetheart) 8 months old. Since 8 to 10 days she is biting...More
Posted by aarya123
baby winces at nothing
my son is almost 1 and seems to wince at nothing. he will do it four or five times in a row, sometimes when...More
Posted by lkerkow0522
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My 14 month old daughter has been suffering with an ear infection for the last month and half now. She has...More
Posted by An_254335
Teeth grinding
My 10 month old grinds his teeth together all the time. He started after his top ones were down for about 2...More
Posted by mwalker6655
3 days old boy not peeing in 24 hours
Posted by aden2013

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My three days old baby boy has not peed in the last 24 hours, is this normal? if not, What could be the reason?
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Clingy "Spoiled" Baby
My daughter is 7 months old and is in the process of learning object permanence. She is very clingy...More
Posted by preciouslittleone
Car Seat Chest Clip
Since LO was born I have been telling SO that the chest clip of her car seat has to be up level with...More
Posted by preciouslittleone
Long recovery from stomach flu for 7 month old?
My daughter caught a stomach bug at daycare and threw up 5 days ago. The extent was that she threw up once on...More
Posted by jeffro37
weight growth
my granddaughter was 7lbs 1oz at birth she is now 6 months old and has not been gaining weight . she has been...More
Posted by talkalot1
newborn with severe jaundice and cystic fibrosis
My niece is one week old and has severe jaundice, was under the lights at the hospital and IV. Now home and...More
Posted by An_254095
new here
Hi I am new here I have a three week old baby girl whose name is Kaylee. I have been having a hard time...More
Posted by An_254058
Baby not Urinating as often
Hi my daughter is 9 months old and i noticed she is not urinating as often she is being breastfed on demand...More
Posted by Kimmicake

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