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Mother In-law won't let us raise baby our way!
My mother in-law means well but she is 63 and thinks she knows it all. Which im not saying she doesn't know...More
Posted by JR_Daddy88
Baby wakes up and get himself back to sleep
My grandson is 8 months old and wakes himself up every hour or so by rolling around in his crib. He hits his...More
Posted by rambul
Sleep disorder/constipation?
My 8 month old grandson has trouble with a hard stool. He has to push really hard but can average a stool...More
Posted by lhamby123
camomile for infants
I would like to give my 1 month old Camomile tea for his upset stomach and slight constipation. I would like...More
Posted by An_253813
camomile for infants
I would like to give my 1 month old Camomile tea for his upset stomach and slight constipation. I would like...More
Posted by An_253813
3 Month Old w/ blotchy red skin/goopy eyes
My 3 month old daughter was diagnosed with blocked tear ducts at her 1 month well check-up. She still has...More
Posted by AshleyE07
Smelly gas
My 4 1/2 month old has really smelly gas. What could be the cause of it?
Posted by An_253735
First time dad :) tips and advice are welcomed.
Hi everyone, well I am first time dad i am 25 years old. I have come to find out it can be hard at times. I...More
Posted by PMPEREZ
Missed Miscarriage...misdiagnosed?
So, I was on clomped when I conceived and multiples hare hereditary in my family and so when I went in for my...More
Posted by An_253536
Where does your baby sleep?
Posted by acbernard

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Where does your baby sleep?
  • crib/bassinet in own room
  • crib/bassinet in my room
  • swing/bouncer
  • in my bed
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Transitioning baby from swing to bassinet/crib
I have a 9 1/2 week old and she didn't like sleeping in her bassinet, located in mine and my husbands room,...More
Posted by acbernard
9 month old scratching till she bleeds.
My 9month old has had the habit of scratching her face and ears for a few months now. At first we thought...More
Posted by Forever5ft
rosy red cheeks
My son is eight months old. He is teething, the past two days his cheeks begin to turn bright red. Last night...More
Posted by dontaya
stomach was closed
I would like to know what operation was done on me as a newborn because my stomach was closed.
Posted by bgoodbb
Acid Reflux
My daughter was born 3 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. She was on neosure for preemies when...More
Posted by blue_eyes23
six-month old baby growling?
my daughter (six and half months old )just started growling couple days ago? what's going on? is this normal?...More
Posted by An_253191

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my daughter (six and half months old )just started growling couple days ago? what's going on? is this normal? thanks for feedback
  • it's normal
  • be concerned
  • call doctor
  • most all babies do this
  • no clue
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Head hit
My 4month old hit his head hes started rolling just now and i didnt expect it. He fell off his changeing...More
Posted by An_253150

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Should he be taken to a doctor?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Wait till the morning.
  • Call a nurse.
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My baby gets a diaper rash that does not go away with any of the creams the pediatrician prescribed. I'm...More
Posted by An_253063
My preemie baby has a belly ache that I cant get r...
My newborn baby, Raylin, was born four weeks premature, at 5lbs 2oz and while we was still in the...More
Posted by jasonsgirlcrissi
my 3 year old daughter is very serious
when she was a baby she never cried for her bottle... at one time she missed two feedings and did not mind she...More
Posted by maciie
Sick or lacking something
My son just turned 11 months and is just now getting teeth coming in which I'm uset to since I have two older...More
Posted by An_252879
H-Pylori in stool sample
I tested positive recently for h-pylori through a blood test. I pushed my children's peds to test their stool...More
Posted by nic14120
Son is 1yo and eyes stick together
My son is one years old and his eyes stick together in the morning.. What is the cause of this and how can...More
Posted by MikeEasley
Limbs jerking while asleep.
My babygirl, just 1 month old, jerks her arm and leg on the left side repeatedly only while sleeping. Why???...More
Posted by An_251422
My 12 week old cousin
My 12 week old cousin is a very unhappy baby. He constantly digs at his ears and eyes and rubs his...More
Posted by lebelleartiste14
nearly 2 month old baby keeping left arm stiff and...
when my son was a month old, he suddenly started keeping his left arm stiff and moving it less than his...More
Posted by archana379
My baby was bottlefed in the hospital because I had c-section. I've tried to breastfeed her, but she's not...More
Posted by An_248820
Can anyone tell me the average size of a teething baby's mouth from gum to uvula?
Posted by JaneJetson
19 month and still drinking milk every 2 hours
Hi, my baby stopped accepting the breast milk since he was 6 month. Since then the hell broke loose and he...More
Posted by Dudusha
Exclusive Cloth in Aliexpress, 25% Discount off, O...
For deigning updated, 15 days 25% discount off was launched link: ...More
Posted by An_252638

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anemia scare
my 16 month old daughter just got some blood work done and the results came back and showed she was anemic. We are very concerned, scared, ... More
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