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6 month old has cough
My 6 month old baby has been coughing for about 4 weeks I took her to Dr 2 weeks ago and she said it was...More
Posted by bearden87
Baby Feeding Cutlery
We are planning to start feeding our twin babies with rice based cereal soon. Which brand of cutlery is safe...More
Posted by AmitKapur
3wk baby has not pooh for 3days after changing for...
My 3wk old baby has not pooped for 3days now after we switched her formula. Is there a baby stool softener?...More
Posted by An_256323
When should I introduce allergenic foods to my bab...
I am wondering what the latest guidelines on indroducing allergenic foods to an infant are. I have a 10...More
Posted by meredithdk
Does anyone else's baby squeak?
My DD is 7 weeks old. Ever since she was born, she squeaks. Not really in any particular situation or for...More
Posted by flutefemme
VERY sleepy newborn
My son is almost 2 works old and has been extremely sleepy since birth. He does not wake for feelings and...More
Posted by An_256030
Runny nose
Daughter has runny nose due to either teething or allergies. Tried different children's allergy medicine but...More
Posted by An_255969
Cow milk / bovine protein allergy in exclusively b...
Hi[br> I have a 2 years old daughter that was diagnosed with a bovine protein reaction (colitis, including...More
Posted by An_255788
4 month old with acid reflux
My 4 month old has had reflux since birth. We are starting to give her food and I was wondering if it would...More
Posted by An_255791
reflux or virus
two weeks ago my two month old had what the doctor said was a stomach virus. No fever, acts perfectly fine,...More
Posted by susulitt
Posted by dlorson
rash on a 6 month old
a friend of mine has a 6 month old and he has a rash all over him. it started as a little blister under his...More
Posted by jena_kirk
I took 1 500 naproxen and I nurse my 14 month old should I be worried that it will harm her I was told it's...More
Posted by chavala1084
inattentive ADHD
hi, so I have inattentive ADHD and if I have a baby will my baby get it?
Posted by mrspaulus1996
fetal alcohol effects
hi, so I have fetal alcohol effects and I was wondering if I had a baby will my baby have fetal alcohol...More
Posted by mrspaulus1996
Stinky behind ears and neck
Hello I am just curious what I can do besides cleaning that I can put on to help with the redness?
Hadlee's Memere
Posted by maddie1115
Large breast infant?
Hi. My baby girl is only 17 days old. We were at the pediatrician today and we were told that her breast tissue...More
Posted by eva122

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so worried!
I am a busy working mother of a 2 year old and a 7 month old. My 7 month old recently became very carnky,...More
Posted by workingmomof2
At my wits end
I have a 9 month old son whom I dropped by accident on Friday night because he is so squirmy and strong,...More
Posted by newandlostmom
Is it safe to use Nexplanon while breast feeding
Concerned for the safety of my 7 week old grandson. He is being breastfed and I would like to get feedback...More
Posted by supgrandma
underweight, underdeveoped and crying baby
I babysat for a neighbor yesterday for their 7 month old adorable little girl. her parents are lovely , happy and...More
Posted by jowi1
premies and platelet count
My grandson was born at 34 weeks, he has a low platelet count and does not seem to be producing platelets on...More
Posted by kimhedum

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size of my fetus
what does it mean when a dr tells you that your unborn baby is at six percent out of one hundred percent at...More
Posted by An_255030
Constant Shaking of hands
My little 8 month old grandson constantly shakes and jerks his hands. His mom and dad don't seem worried....More
Posted by 2013grandma
Bruised lips
My 4 week old seems to have 2 bruises, one on each side (each corner) of his lips (mouth). My sister said...More
Posted by jabaras_mom

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caro syrup
caro syrup and warm water help with constipation More
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