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Reply: Saving for baby
We're in Alberta, Canada. We opened a RESP for our daughter at 17 weeks old. The...More
Posted by happymoe
Reply: breastfed baby always hungry.
Don't stop BF if you don't have to. I noticed my baby would reflux more if I ate certain...More
Posted by happymoe
Bedtime Routine
I've been procrastinating changing our bedtime routine. I've been breastfeeding our little...More
Posted by happymoe
Gasps after meltdown?
Last night mt 12w5d old girl had the worst meltdown I've seen so far. She went from happy...More
Posted by happymoe
Reply: Early teething????
Our little girl has been drooling like mad and chewing on her hands since 6 weeks or so....More
Posted by happymoe
Reply: Noisy sleeper
My LO sleeps in a crib in our room and keeps me awake a lot with her grunts and growls....More
Posted by happymoe
Bottomless Pit?
My baby girl Rachel Emma is 8w2d today. She was a full 2 weeks overdue and I had her by...More
Posted by happymoe
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Reply: hello new second time mum here
Good to see you on here. My little girl is 8w2d, Rachel Emma. I can't believe it's been 8...More
Posted by happymoe
Rolled over!
My little girl is 6w6d today. We were doing tummy time on a piece of cardboard, sliding...More
Posted by happymoe
Reply: Umbili. cord?
It looked funny to me too. It was pink around the edges and then had a firm white pokey...More
Posted by happymoe