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Dan Brennan, MD

Joined: 11/07/2013
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Dr. Dan Brennan is a Board Certified Pediatrician and Certified Lactation Counselor. He is a graduate of UCLA, Albany Medical College and completed his pediatric training at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2001.

Dr. Brennan is a native of Santa Barbara, proud father of two boys, health care columnist, distance runner, AYSO soccer coach and board member, Dos Pueblos Little League manager and board member, contributor to several national health magazines and websites (including Parenting, Baby Talk, Pregnancy and American Baby) and a medical consultant for the USA television show Burn Notice.

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Reply: Issues w/ pregnancy, Baby with Heart Defect
Great Question. What a rough sounding pregnancy! So sorry. There is no link...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: thrush
Hi An: It never hurts to have your ped take a look at what's going on, rather than...More
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Reply: DS's md suggested over the counter cold meds.
Hi Tiffany A few years ago, the FDA asked that parents not use over the counter...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: When to give up on swaddling...
Hi MMM Generally we like to be done with swaddling around 6 months of age. I don't...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: switching formulas
Hi katheryn - it would be worth checking in with your pediatrician on the formula...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: The whites of the eyes are yellowish. Jaundice?
Hi Heather - The yellow in the eyes is very likely to be jaundice. Several types...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: Baby Stools
Hi SamHat I would suggest in this case that you consult with your regular...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: is it ok to mix soy based formula with milk based ...
Thank you so much for your post. My general rule of thumb is that if diarrhea is...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: natural eczema treatments
Hi So sorry to hear about the eczema. The good news is that if it is mild, there...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
Reply: Sleep problems
Hi Alisa - Has anything changed recently in your night routine? Has there been an...More
Posted by Dan Brennan, MD