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Joined: 11/10/2011
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Hello, my name is Alison and I joined the Webmd communities after learning I was pregnant with our 1st child back in January of 2011. We had tried for 3 years with no success when we had resigned ourselves to never having children I found out that I was pregnant! We didn't care what the sex was and when the technician said it was a boy and very healthy we were even more excited. Well, the big day finally came(1 day before his due date) and little man had a bit of trouble being delivered and ended up staying in the NICU for 11 days, which was so hard. When he finally came home we were so happy to have our little man home. He's such a joy so happy and we love watching him learn and explore his world.

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So sorry your going through this, I haven't experienced this yet so I'm not sure what's...More
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I happened to look back at the pictures of our little man right after he was born and the...More
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I agree with the other ppl, it's not your fault kids and babies get sick. Stop beating...More
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Totally normal, their supposed to go away at 6 months, my little man's haven't yet (he just...More
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Reply: Raw skin under my baby's neck
My son has the same problem since he's got the rolls going on lol. We found that cleaning...More
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Reply: Where did you have your LO?
I had my LO in the hospital and never wanted a home birth since I couldn't have an epidural...More
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Reply: Where did your LO's name come from? (Name Debate)
We decided to honor my and my hubby's family heritage. Lochlan is Scottish (which is my...More
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Reply: unable to cure diaper rash in 2 1/5 week old
Have you tried butt paste? That stuff works wonders, used it on my little guy after he got...More
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Reply: Growing so fast
Well, at my DS two month check-up he was 14 lbs and 25' 8" long. He's almost 3 months now...More
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Reply: New here...
It's different for each woman and depends on if your breastfeeding. If your breastfeeding...More
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