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Reply: Should you expose your 2 month old to a cold
If the child is healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. Today is only Monday. Chances are by...More
Posted by lenono97
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Reply: Bright Red Birthmark
My son had something similar on his leg after he was born. The pedi wasn't concerned about...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Helping a 2-3 month old stay asleep
Sorry you are going through this. Hopefully he will grow out of this phase and start...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Preventing hiccups after feeding
My son is now 3 months old. But when he was a newborn I noticed he got hiccups frequently...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: What else besides a pacifier can a newborn suck on...
Just curious, who told you you were overfeeding him? I ask because my son sometimes eats 4...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Help !!! My 2 month old HATES tummy time
From my experience, most kids hate tummy time. So I wouldn't stress about that too much...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Health insurance question! Help please!
That's only a question the insurance company can answer. Every policy is different. You...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: 11 months after baby--- painful intercourse
Do you use lube? A lot of good four-play and a good lube usually helps me More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: what do i do
I agree with the others. She is not feeding her child properly. Whole milk is NOT a...More
Posted by lenono97