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Reply: insect bites on babys skin
Maybe a cream like Cortaid? We use that on our little one for her ecezma, so I know...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Sippy cup suggestion
I think 5 months might be a little too early. My DD couldn't even hold a bottle by...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Sippy cup suggestion
I know this is often a popular typic on these boards when our little ones reach the...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: sippy cups
Try a different cup. My 10 month old was doing the same thing until last week I...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Teething and sleep
DD is 7 months and has been a pretty good sleeper for a while now. However, lately if...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Baby nasal issues
DD had sounded like she had issues breathing too and it turns out she has acid reflux....More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Sleeping Thru the Night
DD was sleeping through the night (7pm-6:30am) for about a month until we went on...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: 3 month old babys ear drums
What did you end up doing? We went to a dance concert with the kids yesterday and two...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Monday Check In 4/23
I'm here. I check almost every day for new posts and sometimes even start one myself....More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: I have a SCREAMER =O
My DD is about 6 months and there are times when she's upset that she cries/screams so...More
Posted by earleyml1012