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Things To Remember:
What other people think of you is none of your business. However good or bad a situation is, it...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
Cloth Diaper Cover Question
DD has been exclusively CD since she was about 6 months or so. Now she's getting too big for some her...More
Posted by sarahaguirre
Re: Deoderant/Antiperspirants Finding a good deodorant or...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
Ways you cut costs
I'm working out a plan to become a SAHM and I need ideas on ways to save money. I already have a few things...More
Posted by bethmac182
What other forums are you active on?
I was just wondering what other forums you mamas are on and what you like about them. Not that I NEED to join...More
Posted by KCAimee
I'm Going Shampoo-Free, too!
Man, my husband is going to wonder who I'm morphing into, LOL. But I found several websites that talk...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
Have you ever Detox-ed? (Body toxins)
I'm talking about your body, to get rid of the toxins? I'm just now looking into this and wondering...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
She's Pulling Off Her Diapers now!
(APO 18-24months board) Ugh, so frustrating! It's warmer weather now, so sometimes I'll let Neathery...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
It could be SO much worse!
:0 I say this totally honestly and with a smile on my face. Neathery's monthly daycare is...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
OT: Jamie
Had another boob question. OK so the clogged duct is clear. But today I feel what appears to be two...More
Posted by ukbluegirl02
The Natural Child - Book More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
"Natural" Family Planning
I used birth control pills the first year we were married. I suffered nausea and tummy aches, and my...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
Tell Me How You Live A Simpler Lifestyle...
or live more eco-friendly. I also posted this on my new blog: ...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
egg whites
I read in What to Expect the First Year that you shouldn't give your baby egg whites until she is a year...More
Posted by bethmac182
Wont eat (AGAIN)
For the last two days all i've been able to feed DS is breakfast. He refuses just about all other foods during...More
Posted by KatieS83
Conforming your child...vent.
So, I've been thinking a lot lately about all these different 'rules' you are supposed to follow as a parent....More
Posted by daisy729
Cool Sun Protection for our Kids! More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
How many children would you have...?
How many children would you have if you had no concerns at all? I would love to have three children but I...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Homemade Baby Lotion etc.
I found this blogpost on Webmd and thought it was pretty neat! I'm going to try to make some bubble...More
Posted by ariannasmommy1125
Cake Pops - Wow! More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
7th Generation Newsletter
I don't use alot of 7th Generation products but they are way more enviro friendly than most other companies. I...More
Posted by KCAimee
My New Blog
Daisy Head Mamas and Bell Bottomed Babies! I'm totally...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009
Donate your hair for the oil spill cleanup I came across this on another forum I go to. Pretty neat, huh?! My hair is ...More
Posted by jlcohen78
Bummi's Trainers
I found a CD store back home in Michigan last week. They had these trainers. We haven't used them yet,...More
Posted by mamatobe08
How do we save discussions?
Like we used to be able to do on the old format? Also, is there a way to pull up discussions we had saved...More
Posted by bella0715
Don't panic...
My mom sent me a picture of Dane. He fell off the patio and landed on his forehead. It's pretty scratched up...More
Posted by daisy729
moose and small baby!
So today we had an appointment about 40 minutes from my house and on the way I almost hit a MOOSE!! Crazy! I had...More
Posted by wxbuny
OT - top 5 CD's (music, not diapers..hehe)
So, I am playing around on Pandora and trying to find a 'station' to listen to. I guess I have to decide what...More
Posted by daisy729
Disposable products
I'm trying to cut back on the use of disposable products. For instance, instead of using a paper towel to...More
Posted by jlcohen78
Photos of your veggie garden, please!
So post a photo of your vegetable garden. I can't cuz I'm at work, but I can upload a photo tomorrow! ...More
Posted by MontanaMama2009

Spotlight: Member Stories

I'm 30 years old from Albany, NY. DF and I are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl, Isabella. She was born on St Patty's Day, 2009! S...More

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And They Slept Happily Ever After (By Johnson's)
I really liked this site. I forget sometimes that it would be SO relaxing to have a warm, soothing bath, then a calm, warming nighttime ... More
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