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Joined: 04/05/2010
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Hi! I'm Beth (25). I have an 8 month old daughter named Olivia and I came to this board to learn more about living a healthier greener lifestyle. I'm a new mommy, still figuring out the whole parenting thing, but I love every minute of it!!

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Ways you cut costs
I'm working out a plan to become a SAHM and I need ideas on ways to save money. I...More
Posted by bethmac182
Reply: Ways you cut costs
Thanks! Sorry I just noticed the other post, but I got a lot of ideas from it.
Posted by bethmac182
egg whites
I read in What to Expect the First Year that you shouldn't give your baby egg whites...More
Posted by bethmac182
Reply: egg whites
Thanks Ladies, i think i'll skip the eggs for now until she's a liitle older. Just 2 and...More
Posted by bethmac182
Question for cosleeping mamas
This morning DD rolled off the bed. I feel terrible about it. Shes not hurt or anything,...More
Posted by bethmac182
how do you do it?
My DD turns 9 months old next week, and I'm still having trouble adjusting to...More
Posted by bethmac182
Reply: how do you do it?
Jlcohen- thankd for the advice. I actually tried some of flylady's advice, and it...More
Posted by bethmac182
Reply: Why as mothers...
I'm proud that I decided to breastfeed my DD, because it was what I always wanted to do....More
Posted by bethmac182
Reply: funny poopy story!
It was the day we brought DD home from the hospital. We had had a ton of visitors and...More
Posted by bethmac182
Reply: Extended Breastfeeding Article from Yahoo
I don't see anything wrong with extended bf-ing at all. My mom breastfeed me and all my...More
Posted by bethmac182