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My Name is Aubrey, I just had my first child, Bradley James, on 11/13/2010. I am 21 years old, not married, but I've been with Bradleys father for about 2 years now. Being a new mommy is so amazing!! Bradley is 6 weeks and 2 days old today (12/29/2010)! He was born a month early (4 weeks), my original due date was 12/12/2010, so he is considered a 'pre-mature' baby, but there were no complications and nothing wrong with Bradley at birth, also he was naturally delivered. He is a VERY good baby. He very rarely cries unless he is hungry or needs a change, and usually he just fusses rather than crying. He eats 4oz of formula (give or take an oz) every 4 hours (give or take an hour). He sleeps most of the day, but I have noticed that he has been awake more hours of the day reciently, So his daddy and I have been reading him rhyming books, singing to him, doing tummy time & putting him in his new swing! He is a really good baby in my opinion, really mellow and calm..(Both dad and I are extremely calm, laid back people), Please give me tips, I am always willing to get some feedback from other moms!

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