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I can not seem to find anything on my "symptoms". Thought I would discuss it here and see if it sounds...More
Posted by iamTexan
Cancer of the lips
Hi all - For past 8mos noticed my lower & upper lips blue, but lower lip flaky patches of skin that...More
Posted by Anniehallic
oral cancer
I think I have oral cancer, what type of doctor or dentist do I need to contact to have this checked?
Posted by Anon_227575
Oral cancer on the right cheek
I would appreciate any information on what I can expect after my husband has a large tumor removed from the right...More
Posted by worn1
Hi, My name is Kelly and I need help from someone that has or had Oral Cancer. My Mom had Tonsel Cancer, but...More
Posted by katerrell
possible oral cancer?
I have been chewing tobacco for about 5 years now. Recently i started growing small lumps in my throat. I...More
Posted by anthony45100
TwoCal HN side effect??
My husband just got through with chemo & radiation for head & Neck cancer. He gor severe burns on his...More
Posted by NanaGina
Swollen Lymph node?
What do swollen lymph nodes feel like when they are being examined? I had thyroid cancer a few years ago and...More
Posted by An_224532
Squamous cell carcinoma
Hello- Im new to this community-Im visiting from over atthe fibro site & have a question regarding...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Metastatic Neck Cancer, radiation, chemotherapy, s...
I am trying to find out some information. 4 years ago my brother was diagnosed with Neck Cancer and was...More
Posted by LYNNY47
HPV transmitted through oral sex and it's possible...
I have been reading about HPV possibly transmitted via oral sex and it's possible link to oral and throat...More
Posted by MarkD1234
DPD-deficiency to 5-FU chemotherapy
My boyfriend just passed away from an allergic reaction to the 5-FU chemotherapy. he passed through his...More
Posted by dan58pau
Sore throat and tongue on the right side only
I've been experiencing the same pain for just over three weeks. The pain will start to go away and after a...More
Posted by mossymarine
Radiation iodine treatment
I am recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer,papillary,and will have my thyroid removed on the 11th to be...More
Posted by weechu
Thyroid Cluster
Hello, I need some advice. I have a mass growing on my thyroid, and 1 week ago a biopsy was done. When I...More
Posted by Nesie59
scared as hell
has any body out ther had 2 do a dnr for a loved one
Posted by bandit2010
Is this luekoplakia?
I used to be a daily user of chewing tobacco, and when I noticed that I had a receding gum line i quit, and...More
Posted by An_224535
does this look like mouth cancer?
its a pointy/boney bump on the floor of my mouth, its only on 1 side i googled it and found it might just...More
Posted by An_224534
MuGard for Oral Mucositis??
I have been looking into different rinses and methods to relieve the pain and discomfort from oral mucositis due...More
Posted by OCCARE
Blister on my tonsils
I have a blister on my left tonsil that has been there for a few weeks now. It hurts so much just to drink...More
Posted by hamannc1988
I have black and white reoccuring scabby things in...
This can be seen in my profile pic. I guess u could call me a hypochondriac but I would like to know what...More
Posted by bobby9302
Throat Cancer
Can any one help me with any information about throat cancer. Has anyone had it or are you a caregiver...More
Posted by Bonnieshusband
Need Help-pain on my left side of my neck up.
It all started with a knot in my left shoulder on Thursday. Now the front left side of my throat is sore,...More
Posted by froste71

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Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 5/2010 Underwent a left radical neck dissection to remove 37 cancerous/qeustionable lymph nodes and a thyroidectomy...More

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am 45 yrs old and have had my entire large intestine and rectum removed in 96.this resulted from a hereditary trait i recieved from my mom ... More
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