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Gadgets and Apps: Bluetooth for Your Teeth

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Adult front tooth missing
A friend who is incarcerated has a missing front tooth (on top). The dental care provider has declined to...More
Posted by An_262137
Reply: Pinhole gum procedure as alternative to gum grafti...
I had this procedure done this morning. I had three teeth done, on the side of my top teeth. Took about an...More
Posted by swarner
Reply: Jaw Pain 3wks After Root Canal
I'm having exact same thing after inlay done. Excruciating pain. My dentist said it is probably just...More
Posted by homerduke
Severe pain to mouth, jaw, and face after dental w...
I was having pain on my lower back molar when I ate something. I thought I had a cavity so went to the...More
Posted by homerduke
Reply: burst blood vessel on tongue
I think that the best thing to do would be to have this bump examined by your doctor or dentist. He/She...More
Posted by atti_editor
Teeth rapidly turning gray, yellow, and brown?
Hi, I am wondering if anyone is aware of what type of Periodontal disease could cause teeth to change...More
Posted by clovergirlerin
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Angular Cheilitis (cracks on both corners of mouth...
I am not a doctor but I had this angular cheilitis for 3 months and found out It was a staph infection and the...More
Posted by hail78
Root Canal
Hi, I just had a root canal yesterday at 3:00p I woke up this morning and every time I put pressure on this...More
Posted by angelic0329
still got pain 3 months after root canal treatment
Hi, I'v ereceived a root canal treatment on a molar un december because it was abcessed. To drill my tooth...More
Posted by bucephale
Reply: Pain in upper teeth. Numbness starting at upper fr...
I just now googled the feeling because I never found anyone that had ever felt what I described to them....More
Posted by jomarkdave
Difficulty with Oral Thrush
I've developed a fungus on my tongue that I am sure is a result of using a Symbicort inhaler twice a day. I...More
Posted by haverty
Abnormal tongue
I am suffering with raised taste buds and tissue to my corners and bottom of my tongue.since 4 months.I have...More
Posted by An_261855

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Growth on Gum
I have a growth on my gums on the left side, I don't think is related to my tooth, I have no sensitive teeth,...More
Posted by alimika
Severe pain after wisdom tooth removal
Okay, so... I got my wisdom teeth removed in November. (It's not March, so it's been four months) I had all...More
Posted by An_261828
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy
I have many deep pockets and severe gum infection with bone loss. My friend told me about RPE. Your case seems...More
Posted by fnym09
I got my wisdom teeth out about 3 weeks ago. Everything has been normal, but last night, my mouth got a hard...More
Posted by cambamham
Removing Tonsils
I am certainly not a doctor but if anyone needs empirical evidence of the positive effect of having tonsils...More
Posted by An_261717
Reply: Need Help ! Tooth fell out , & there's a hole !
I think that the best thing to do would be to give your dentist a call if you haven't already. He/She may...More
Posted by atti_editor
Phantom tooth/mouth pain
For the last four days, I've had intermittent but slowly increasing pain intensity under my right upper and...More
Posted by An_261633
Tooth about to fall out- but root canal scheduled ...
I have a front tooth barely hanging on- swings like a loose baby tooth- cavity in the back of tooth snuck up...More
Posted by jjthomson
Mouth issue
I had a tooth extracted nearly 1 year ago. It was a difficult and painful extraction requiring several shots of...More
Posted by fox930
Includes Expert Content
Reply: No enamel on teeth
Hi kally79 did your second child have this condition? I have this and i am currently ttc and am...More
Posted by emmalouise2510
Furry cracked tongue
Hey guys, so I have this issue that I am struggling for years now. I went through countless doctors,...More
Posted by mccloud94
Panic attack at the Dentist
So I came to the dentist because I felt pain in my wisdom tooth are. The dentist ruled that it was only a...More
Posted by An_261550
sore on toungue
Hi all, my toungue is sore but not swollen, just a bit red at the tip. I am so worried about oral cancer as I...More
Posted by cathy1809
Reply: Brown spots under each tooth on gums. What is this...
have no idea how to upload the picture. it just says image url... none are working More
Posted by artemislove
Reply: no taste on my tongue
What kinds of taste bud problems have you been having? You might consider seeing an ENT (Ear, Nose, and...More
Posted by atti_editor
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Lanap (laser gum surgery)
Your Web Dr article on the LANAP protocol was writer five years ago. Do you still personally prefer the more...More
Posted by jsulli1000
Reply: Strange irritated tastebuds for more than six mont...
Hey ashler! Its been over 2 years now i hope you found an answer, and whatever that is i hope your body...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Dental Implants
Your dentist or oral surgeon would be the best person to speak with about this as he/she knows your...More
Posted by atti_editor

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How I was cured.
How I Was Cured. By: MeWritten on April 6th, 2013 I NEVER...had a history of geographical tongue. Then suddenly, I had strange symptoms ... More
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