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Reply: Dry, Cracked, Swollen Lips
I also used to have the same problem and I thought that I was getting a cold sore once, so I got a...More
Posted by jazzpollard
Reply: Swollen lips
Hi kaka44, How are you doing now? I hope that your swelling went down soon after returning home More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Teeth spots/ Irritated frenulum
Hello, Your dentist would be the best person to speak with about the dark spots on your teeth and what...More
Posted by atti_editor

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Numbness on inside of bottom lip
Starting yesterday I feel a sort of numbness and tingleness originating close to the left side of my bottom...More
Posted by An_259129
Reply: Strange irritated tastebuds for more than six mont...
I am 40 female and I got them 4 days ago. Same partner over 5 years and absolutely no reason for this....More
Posted by catchtheislands
Reply: temporary teeth turning green
Thanks so much for the information. It was very informative. I talked to my dentist and he's positive that...More
Posted by banerjee448
Teeth spots
Hi, I have a couple of questions about what's going on in my mouth. First of all, I'm getting a few dark...More
Posted by An_259080

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Are these symptoms cause for concern?
Reply: Just had a baby. Now my lips are swollen??? HELP!!...
Hi kiarasb1, Were you able to determine what was causing this swelling? I hope that it has gone away by...More
Posted by atti_editor
Includes Expert Content
Reply: please discuss the effectiveness of sandblasting f...
I had a teeth cleaning done a few years ago and it felt like a sand blaster was used. My teeth felt fury and...More
Posted by cjb513
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy
I'm only 29 years old. Periodontal disease runs in my family. I'll admit that the care I've taken of my mouth...More
Posted by newbeee
Bacteria/Puss - Root Canal Prevention
Really painful tooth - root canal procedure.... Dentist found a lot of bacteria/puss - filthy canals....More
Posted by vegan2
Another alternative: periodontic endoscopy
I just thought I would share that there is a noninvasive alternative to RPE -- periodontic endoscopy. It's...More
Posted by amarynth
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Lanap (laser gum surgery)
I'm going to try to respond to you again. I don't believe my last response went through successfully....More
Posted by notconvinced
Reply: Swollen taste buds
The most common cause of swollen taste buds is something that you have eaten like hot spicy foods that...More
Posted by steffanymohan
Did my mom ruin my teeth?
When I was 17, my mom took me to a dentist about getting braces. She seemed to find the most unethical...More
Posted by An_258913
Reply: i am having some bumps on the back of my tounge .
It could be that you are experiencing enlarged taste buds. I would suggest seeing an ENT (ear, nose, and...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Wierd painful growth thingy under tongue
Hello, There are a number of things that could explain a sore, bumpy tongue. This article has some...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Inflamed taste buds under the tongue?
The most common cause of swollen taste buds is irritation. It mostly happens from something we ate like...More
Posted by steffanymohan
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Strange Thing on the Bottom of My Tongue
It sounds like I have exactly the same thing. Did you receive any new information/explanation or a treatment for...More
Posted by corvas
Every once in awhile the frenulum under my tongue swells and it makes it hard to swallow, but no...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Stringy White Growth on Tongue
You can use a prescribed mouth ringe containing chlorhexidie or other oral atiseptic. In some cases, the...More
Posted by steffanymohan
Reply: oral thrush
My dentist has ruled out linchen planus or any dental problems. I have no fillings, my gums are very inflammed...More
Posted by cazza74
Swollen throat that won't go away
For 6+ years now I have had an enlarged tonsil mainly on the one side but slightly on the other. It never...More
Posted by worrywart96
If the pain still persists even after your root canal treatment, this indicates that the treatment has...More
Posted by steffanymohan
Reply: Oral health
Talk to your dental care professional including your dentist and dental hygienist about your specific...More
Posted by steffanymohan
Reply: My teeth are are breaking off in pieces?
My mother had beautiful healthy teeth until she had Chemo. While the treatment saved her life, it ruined her...More
Posted by amaigo79
Permanent teeth missing in preteen
My 12 year old nephew has only 11 teeth. When he visited the dentist last, his mother was told that there were...More
Posted by amaigo79
Reply: Tongue pain and sores
Hi alicat71265, I'm sorry that you are experiencing this severe discomfort.You certainly shouldn't jump...More
Posted by atti_editor
Denture help
My dad (90 years old) had new dentures made in boca raton florida. The new set was just not comfortable and...More
Posted by heartship
ear pain
When I chew , I feel pain in my left ear canal ?
Posted by vjhaveri

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sinus trouble in my teeth
need info on sinus that have gotten into my teeth i went to the dentist this week and my dentist told me about this and i have never heard ... More
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