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Odd bump under back right side of my tongue (pics ...
I've had a small bump (a bit smaller than a pea) under the right side of my tongue for about a week now. I...More
Posted by hittinboost
Will Whitening Work for My Teeth With This?
I have been reading about whiteners but have not seen my question addressed. My front teeth show to be...More
Posted by sabine48
I got a tooth pulled out exactly 13 days ago and I notice about 3 days ago that i dont have much sensitivity...More
Posted by An_263581
Sharp pain in tongue.
For the past two days I've been having this very sharp pain in the back right portion of my tongue when I...More
Posted by An_248138
Reline Dentures
I had my dentures relined about 2 months ago. Since then I have been back to the dentist about 6 times to get...More
Posted by betty1952
Jaw Problem
The left side of my jaw used to crack whenever I opened it. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable, it was...More
Posted by evyeniarocks
crown tooth pain
I had pain in my teeth (upper last one) when eating something hot and went to the dentist. He checked for...More
Posted by jeanedenbo

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My question is, should I have pain now in my ear, gland under chin and in my cheekbone? Could there be a deeper crack that was not found causing this pain? Could a root canal be necessary?
  • Why do I have pain in my ear and cheekbone?
  • need root canal?
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What is on my upper lip frenelum?
I have a white bump on my upper lip frenelum. Anyone know how to get rid of this? And yes, I know. I...More
Posted by sanjmaru
What is on my upper lip frenelum?
I have a white bump on my upper lip frenelum. Anyone know how to get rid of this? And yes, I know. I...More
Posted by sanjmaru
TMJ and headaches?
I am a 25 year old woman, and I have been struggling with severe tension headaches and migraines for the last...More
Posted by alexjaco
Receeding gum line
I noticed that my gums are pulling back overtime, creating gaps between my front teeth. I've learned that...More
Posted by An_263254
White line on the roof of my mouth
I have a white line going down the roof of my mouth entending all the way to the uvula. Does sting when eating...More
Posted by mia8483
shark teeth
Hello I am 22 years old. I been having problems with my teeth for a while now. I have a shark teeth in the...More
Posted by An_263135
strange pressure in tooth after half done root can...
So last Thursday (21/May/15) I started the second stage of a root canal, about 40 minutes in my dentist informed...More
Posted by h0zzie
Bumps on Tongue and white/yellow colour
I have recently had these bumps appear on the back of my tongue and at first they really hurt when having hot...More
Posted by scania144
lump in my mouth
I have had a dime size lump on my bottom jaw in my mouth for several weeks. What could it be and should...More
Posted by samrussell2688
busted blood vessel in my tongue
Over the last few days I have been having pain in my mouth head and neck. I thought I just had a sinus...More
Posted by samrussell2688
swollen lip
my wife's upper lip has been swollen for going on 4 years now, we have been to dermatologist (a few) who do...More
Posted by rburgess24
Crowns in a 2 year old's teeth?
My 2 year old grandson's dentist wants to put crowns in teeth after a cavity treatment. How is the crown going...More
Posted by papi44
Canker sore that has lasted a week and little bump...
Hello. So for the past week I've had this canker sore, it has slowly been getting better. But it has like a...More
Posted by sav221
4 red bumps on the back of tongue
Two days ago i found 4 raised bumps on the back of my tongue. I'm not sure what they are, but looking...More
Posted by anonymoususer1
My post surgery tongue problem
Thank you for your submission. You can also print this page for your records. COMMENT: I had surgery...More
Posted by prettylady1003
10 yr old needs baby root canal should she get it ...
Hi my daughter and I was told that she needs a baby root canal should she get it or just extract it beings...More
Posted by shawnalynn82
Failed Root Canal
I have had root canal on the lower right and left sides of my mouth last year. Afterwards, the dentist put...More
Posted by echolegacy
White tongue/bumps on back of tongue
Four days ago I looked at my tongue and realized it had a whitish/yellowish tint along with bumps on the back of...More
Posted by eb456
Green tongue for almost a year
I am in desperate need of some input. I've been having an issue with my tongue turning green for almost a...More
Posted by An_262830
Sharp protrusion from my lower gum
A couple of days something appeared just below my lower left molar in the very back. It's extremely sharp and...More
Posted by roxiedea

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mouth blisters could be...
related to"valley fever" or a form of bacteria like mold spores can cause mouth blisters/sores in the roof of your mouth. Check out ... More
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