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torn frenulum tongue
My tongue frenulum was torn last night. There's a big dark triangle where it was connected. What should I...More
Posted by nessarenae16
Wisdom teeth extraction: laceration of surrounding...
I'm in my mid 40's and had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted 4 days ago. While extracting one of the upper...More
Posted by scooter68
Chapped, Dry, Swollen Lips for MONTHS
Hi - I have had severe dry, cracked, swollen, chapped lips for quite a few months now. Just when I think they...More
Posted by An_262594
oral surgery with strep
I am scheduled for oral surgery to have tooth removed and I get put out but I came down with strep throat 2 days...More
Posted by merige
I have a fairly large gap between my two front teeth, it's always existed and I no longer wish to have it....More
Posted by An_262472
Swollen white taste bud and feeling sick?
I get a lot of swollen taste buds on the tip of my tongue that usually go away within a couple of days. A...More
Posted by samhopexo
Just got dentures
I just had seven teeth removed along with two bridges and now have upper dentures. It has been harder than I...More
Posted by jcbkkrr
i bit my lip
I bit my lip really bad. Its so deep of a bite it is bruised on the outside. What do you suggest I do
Posted by amanda4901
anxiety about oral cancer (erythroplakia?)
hello! I have what looks like erythroplakia and it scares me very much im only 19 years old, male, never...More
Posted by bullydoggy
Do the taste buds get longer on the back of your tongue? I noticed that some of my taste buds are longer near...More
Posted by coralene
growth under tongue
I just noticed last night that i have some sort of growth under my tongue. It does not hurt it just feels...More
Posted by ryano420
Need Root Canal
I have a molar that has a metal crown on it that needs a root canal.[br>The endodontist assures me that she...More
Posted by wtangel
doc note
doctors note says "return to work UNTIL 4/6/15" do i return ON the 6th or AFTER the 6th?
Posted by An_262287
Dry lips and sticky mouth, frequent thirst
I have been having this wired thirst since my 20s, which have now graduated to disturbing dry lib and sticky...More
Posted by health741
White, Painless Bump on Tongue
For the past few weeks, I've had this whitish/flesh colored bump on the base of my tongue. It doesn't hurt...More
Posted by althekiller
Dental pain
I had a root canal done on tooth number 18, the bottom back molar , about 6 years ago. 3 or times since then...More
Posted by An_262212
Lip Compression
For the last several months I have come to notice that during the day and also at night I have started to...More
Posted by An_262189
Adult front tooth missing
A friend who is incarcerated has a missing front tooth (on top). The dental care provider has declined to...More
Posted by An_262137
Severe pain to mouth, jaw, and face after dental w...
I was having pain on my lower back molar when I ate something. I thought I had a cavity so went to the...More
Posted by homerduke
burst blood vessel on tongue
I am well acquainted with biting the side of my tongue which I have done in the past. This time it was much...More
Posted by 12flh
Teeth rapidly turning gray, yellow, and brown?
Hi, I am wondering if anyone is aware of what type of Periodontal disease could cause teeth to change...More
Posted by clovergirlerin
Jaw Pain 3wks After Root Canal
I had a root canal done 3 weeks ago on my bottom left back moler. I have been in pain ever since the root...More
Posted by hlk31890
Root Canal
Hi, I just had a root canal yesterday at 3:00p I woke up this morning and every time I put pressure on this...More
Posted by angelic0329
still got pain 3 months after root canal treatment
Hi, I'v ereceived a root canal treatment on a molar un december because it was abcessed. To drill my tooth...More
Posted by bucephale
Difficulty with Oral Thrush
I've developed a fungus on my tongue that I am sure is a result of using a Symbicort inhaler twice a day. I...More
Posted by haverty
Abnormal tongue
I am suffering with raised taste buds and tissue to my corners and bottom of my tongue.since 4 months.I have...More
Posted by An_261855

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Growth on Gum
I have a growth on my gums on the left side, I don't think is related to my tooth, I have no sensitive teeth,...More
Posted by alimika

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Bone loss in gums
If you are experiencing bone loss in the gums and their is no pathology, What can be done to stop bone loss. More
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