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Gadgets and Apps: Bluetooth for Your Teeth


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Bad breath after wisdom tooth removal
So my dentist took away my impacted wisdom tooth last week, and now my jaw still hurts and I am having a bad...More
Posted by stampy84
Feeling loud noises through my teeth?
Over the past couple of weeks, I have started to feel loud noises through my teeth. I first noticed it at a...More
Posted by badlybent01
Stiff neck and swollen tongue?
My Dad has had a stiff neck for over a week and now his tongue is swollen ...both on the right side??
Posted by tawnmm

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is this serious? or common? stiff neck and tongue swelling?
  • stiff neck and tongue swollen
  • stiff neck that last for over a week
  • tongue swelling
  • stiff neck and tongue swelling on right side
  • is it normal or common to have a stiff neck and swollen tongue?
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Decrease in lip volume
I just noticed that my lips have almost disappeared, making them look like a straight line without any...More
Posted by warren2
Red filled bubble under tongue
I have a reddish pink filled bubble under my tongue, it starts to grow each time it pops. What could it be?...More
Posted by mary_jane
I am maxed out, tapped out, stressed out! Numbness...
So I am currently paying down a $9,475.00 DDS bill. Long story, no insurance etc...I love my DDS but I...More
Posted by yanksfan4life
question about fillings
I recently had an old amalgam filling redone with composite filling. When I got home and looked at my tooth I...More
Posted by An_259629
I was just diagnosed with mmp with eye involvement . It's taking me so long to start some kind of treatment ...More
Posted by kmkat
Yellow/White coated tongue
Hello, I went in to see the doctor today because my tongue has a yellow/white coating that can be scraped...More
Posted by An_259564
Red bumps on tongue
I was brushing my teeth and I noticed a few red bumps on my tongue that has never been their before. My...More
Posted by michaelxy2009
health dangers with continued use of nicotine gum?
I quit smoking years ago by chewing nicotine gum. It worked great when I used it as directed. Then, a few...More
Posted by An_240593
charcoal and gum disease
Hi, Have you heard of using charcoal to help with gum disease. Please share any comments you have about this...More
Posted by An_259467
Rough Cheek side surfaces of back teeth (after a f...
I had a filling replaced (amalgam type) that had been diagnosed as deteriorating. Afterwards I felt that the...More
Posted by An_259452
exhaustion after tooth extraction
I had a molar removed two days ago, My pain is manageable, but I am just exhausted. I'm 60. Is this typical?
Posted by paschof00
Need Wisdom teeth extractied at 65
Anyone here have their wisdom teeth pulled after 65? They have never bothered me until now, one has a...More
Posted by wholet
Red spot on the gums
I have a red spot right under one of my front teeth at the bottom. It bleeds heavily when disturbed. I always...More
Posted by An_259312
Full mouth extraction
My husband had all of his teeth pulled a day ago. The bleeding has not slowed down. Is this normal? How long...More
Posted by luetta
Numbness on inside of bottom lip
Starting yesterday I feel a sort of numbness and tingleness originating close to the left side of my bottom...More
Posted by An_259129
Teeth spots/ Irritated frenulum
Hi, I have a couple of questions about what's going on in my mouth. First of all, I'm getting a few dark...More
Posted by An_259080

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Are these symptoms cause for concern?
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  • See a doctor to be certain
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Teeth spots
Hi, I have a couple of questions about what's going on in my mouth. First of all, I'm getting a few dark...More
Posted by An_259080

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Are these symptoms cause for concern?
Swollen lips
I had an endoscopy yesterday and before I left the hospital my upper lip start to swell up I was told it was...More
Posted by kaka44
Bacteria/Puss - Root Canal Prevention
Really painful tooth - root canal procedure.... Dentist found a lot of bacteria/puss - filthy canals....More
Posted by vegan2
Another alternative: periodontic endoscopy
I just thought I would share that there is a noninvasive alternative to RPE -- periodontic endoscopy. It's...More
Posted by amarynth
Just had a baby. Now my lips are swollen??? HELP!!...
A few days before my due date (Aug 21st) I noticed my lips were slightly puffy. I delivered my daughter on Aug...More
Posted by kiarasb1
Did my mom ruin my teeth?
When I was 17, my mom took me to a dentist about getting braces. She seemed to find the most unethical...More
Posted by An_258913
temporary teeth turning green
I was given some temporary molars in preparation for a crown. In a day, my teeth turned a light green. I have...More
Posted by An_258892
Inflamed taste buds under the tongue?
I noticed three days ago a pain under my tongue and i looked under and it was very red. I have had really...More
Posted by brookehintz
Every once in awhile the frenulum under my tongue swells and it makes it hard to swallow, but no...More
oral thrush
I have had oral thrush for 11 months. It has not responded properly to 2x 2week courses of fluconazole, i see a...More
Posted by cazza74

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