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Gadgets and Apps: Bluetooth for Your Teeth


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I had a root canal performed on my front tooth about 5 years ago. Since then it has been fairly sensitive and...More
Posted by An_258558
Wierd painful growth thingy under tongue
so a girl I know posted a pic on facebook of some very painful growth under her tongue she has no idea what...More
Posted by An_258537
Permanent teeth missing in preteen
My 12 year old nephew has only 11 teeth. When he visited the dentist last, his mother was told that there were...More
Posted by amaigo79
My teeth are are breaking off in pieces?
Why is this happening? Could it be from Chemo, MS, Diabetes or the large doses of Morphine daily, that I have...More
Posted by corina63
Denture help
My dad (90 years old) had new dentures made in boca raton florida. The new set was just not comfortable and...More
Posted by heartship
Tongue pain and sores
I have been experiencing severe tongue discomfort for over a month and the pain and symptoms are getting...More
Posted by alicat71265
ear pain
When I chew , I feel pain in my left ear canal ?
Posted by vjhaveri
need new chompers
Due to other health issues, I've found out that I need a full extraction, and upper and lower dentures,...More
Posted by warrior1967
inflamed tongue after wisdom teeth extraction and ...
It has been exactly a week since I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted and had a bone graft. The swelling has...More
Posted by mbt123
Is Socket Grafting necessary after tooth extractio...
My dentist is recommending Socket Grafting after the extraction of wisdom tooth in lower left jaw. Is this...More
Posted by An_258409
My tonsils are extremely swollen I can hardly swallow, and now I'm noticing bumps on the back of my tongue .....More
Posted by An_258369
I want to smile again
I have had so much dental work i have been to a bad dentist he broke a root canal file off in my gum and...More
Posted by iwant2smile
Wisdom teeth question
Hi. I'm new here. First post I haven't had my wisdom teeth (any 4 of them) removed yet. First consultation...More
Posted by An_258314
Citrus like taste
I have had this weird citrus like taste on my tongue off & on the past week or so....any thoughts?
Posted by nudnik1953
please help
I just met someone new and we kissed and after I got a white sore with red around it on my bottom lip it...More
Posted by lovelymandy654
possible TMD/TMJ
about 2 weeks ago I woke up and could't touch my teeth together on either side in the back. obviously there...More
Posted by An_257564
I had the worst buck teeth, diastema..whatever you want to call it. I never had braces. I had that little fleshy...More
Posted by klk73
I havent kissed any one in about 2 months, but i started to get little red dots on the inside part of my...More
Posted by An_258071

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Under what circumstances is traditional osseous surgery with bone grafting better than LANAP in the treatment...More
Posted by An_258065
Painless white bump on inside of lower lip
Hello, I am 19 years old and a college student. For about a month now I have had this small white bump on the...More
Posted by trinity36
Adderall and tooth decay
Is there a direct connection of tooth decay to adderall? Both of my daughters 27 and 28 have taken adderall...More
Posted by gnfishen
Adderall and tooth decay
Is there a direct connection of tooth decay to adderall? Both of my daughters 27 and 28 have taken adderall...More
Posted by gnfishen
Throat Issues, Please someone help me find relief.
So I have had a sore throat for a little over a week now. I usually would not be worried, but I had a...More
Posted by paintsplatter
red bruises on lips
Hi, I recently have been suffering from red bruises of some sort. I have been looking into the matter and...More
Posted by jovden93
Burning mouth and tongue pain, extreme redness ins...
Hi, for the past couple days my throat has been rather sore. I wasn't sure if it was from alergeries or...More
Posted by An_257933
Expert Available???
This board indicates that there is an expert for this community, but I do not see an expert response to any...More
Posted by An_257903
White bump on tounge
Hello, I have had this white bump on the tip of my tongue for quite some time now. It kind of relates...More
Posted by oilfield_worker
LANAP Procedure Questions
I had the LANAP procedure 2 weeks ago. I have been very careful not to fiddle with or pick at the new gum...More
Posted by mercygive
I have some tiny bumps on my lips. What could they...
I have a picture of them here . They come and go and don't seem to completely...More
Posted by rockete
Tooth infection that won't go away.
2 dental implants placed on 3/5/14. Amoxycillin 2 days prior to surgery and 5 days after. Due to pain under...More
Posted by cookiejay

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Rash on lips
I just noticed a bunch of tiny white bumps on my top lip. They are white, not clear, about the size of a pin point, and don't seem like ... More
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