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Painless white bump on inside of lower lip
Hello, I am 19 years old and a college student. For about a month now I have had this small white bump on the...More
Posted by trinity36
Adderall and tooth decay
Is there a direct connection of tooth decay to adderall? Both of my daughters 27 and 28 have taken adderall...More
Posted by gnfishen
Adderall and tooth decay
Is there a direct connection of tooth decay to adderall? Both of my daughters 27 and 28 have taken adderall...More
Posted by gnfishen
Throat Issues, Please someone help me find relief.
So I have had a sore throat for a little over a week now. I usually would not be worried, but I had a...More
Posted by paintsplatter
red bruises on lips
Hi, I recently have been suffering from red bruises of some sort. I have been looking into the matter and...More
Posted by jovden93
Burning mouth and tongue pain, extreme redness ins...
Hi, for the past couple days my throat has been rather sore. I wasn't sure if it was from alergeries or...More
Posted by An_257933
Expert Available???
This board indicates that there is an expert for this community, but I do not see an expert response to any...More
Posted by An_257903
White bump on tounge
Hello, I have had this white bump on the tip of my tongue for quite some time now. It kind of relates...More
Posted by oilfield_worker
LANAP Procedure Questions
I had the LANAP procedure 2 weeks ago. I have been very careful not to fiddle with or pick at the new gum...More
Posted by mercygive
I have some tiny bumps on my lips. What could they...
I have a picture of them here . They come and go and don't seem to completely...More
Posted by rockete
Tooth infection that won't go away.
2 dental implants placed on 3/5/14. Amoxycillin 2 days prior to surgery and 5 days after. Due to pain under...More
Posted by cookiejay
I am in crisis with severe oral bacteria and tooth decay. My teeth are breaking, old work [crowns> are falling...More
Posted by rodb1
small bumps on lips look like blisters
I have small bumps on the corners of my upper and lower lips look alittle like blisters
Posted by An_257724
Random lip swelling?!
Hello! A couple of years ago I went out for drinks with a few friends. I ordered a hefeweizen and shortly after...More
Posted by jasian
Lump under my tongue
Hi I'm 21 and I've developed a lump under my tongue I'm currently overseas with the army and really worried...More
Posted by shepherd56
Dental general anesthetic
I have heard that it is dangerous to have a dentist administer general anesthetic in a non-hospital office...More
Posted by An_257560
Feels like there is a hair on my tongue
It feels like there is a hair on my tongue. It started about two weeks ago suddenly. There isn't actually any...More
Posted by An_257548
Pinhole gum procedure as alternative to gum grafti...
I have been informed by my dentist that I need to have gum grafts to at least two of my teeth. Grafting is...More
Posted by elliotpam
dry lips
Hello, last week i noticed that my lips were very dry and itchy. A couple of days later, I noticed a couple...More
Posted by An_257237
Receding Gums
Hello, I am 60 years old and in excellent health but my gums are receding. There is no disease as per my...More
Posted by palancia
Bump on lower lip
Hi -- I have a bump on the left side of my lower lip. I sort of remember thinking I had a canker sore there...More
Posted by An_257234
inflamed tastebud? or something else?
All the research i've done on inflamed tastebuds is that they are painful as well as annoying. My instance is...More
Posted by An_257230
Swollen & purple papillae
I have a swollen papillae on the side of my tongue. It has been there for a week. It hurts and has turned...More
Posted by mystical00

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Rash on lips
I just noticed a bunch of tiny white bumps on my top lip. They are white, not clear, about the size of a pin point, and don't seem like ... More
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