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Mouth issue
I had a tooth extracted nearly 1 year ago. It was a difficult and painful extraction requiring several shots of...More
Posted by fox930
Furry cracked tongue
Hey guys, so I have this issue that I am struggling for years now. I went through countless doctors,...More
Posted by mccloud94
Panic attack at the Dentist
So I came to the dentist because I felt pain in my wisdom tooth are. The dentist ruled that it was only a...More
Posted by An_261550
sore on toungue
Hi all, my toungue is sore but not swollen, just a bit red at the tip. I am so worried about oral cancer as I...More
Posted by cathy1809
Brown spots under each tooth on gums. What is this...
I have a pic I took with my cell. Looks like I can't upload it... sigh..
Posted by artemislove
no taste on my tongue
I have been having trouble with my taste buds on my tongue. I don't smoke, no sores on my tongue, there is no...More
Posted by An_261336
Modified cellulose gum causes arthritis.
When I take supplements that contain this substance my arthritis inflames. This is no joke, I believe this...More
Posted by slydog1107
Dental Implants
I have poor fighting lower denture, very little gum & bone. Would a denture dental Implant be an optin for...More
Posted by tazick1
Dry socket
Ok had my wisdom teeth extracted 4 weeks ago yesterday 3 developed dry socket and all healed except one of the...More
Posted by dina5565
Dental work when being anemic
C-section performed and this is post op problem. My granddaughter has Crohn's disease and delivered a new...More
Posted by An_261009

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What are the risks in having dental work done with this ongoing problem after pregnancy??
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I dare someone to tell me what's wrong with me
Hey everybody. So I've had these symptoms in my mouth for just over a year now. I recently was...More
Clear bump under. My tongue
This has been on my tongue or while it dissapear then come back some time bigger then the first so time...More
Posted by An_260910
I'm in a bit of dire straits and need some advice/...
Hello Dentists and those in the know. I would love to off load my problem, as for a month now my quality of...More
Posted by An_260816
Manual vs electric tooth brush
WebMD article said "Some studies suggest that using a powered toothbrush may increase the amount of bacteria in...More
Posted by ylchan

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I have heart condition and use electric tooth brush, and have to take antibiotics for any tooth scaling or extraction. But the dentist recommended electric toothbrush.
Please advice how use of electric toothbrush would increase the amount of bacteria in the month?
  • may damage gums if apply too much pressure
  • whole family use the same tooth brush
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teeth whitening
Hi guys! My teeth was yellow and I wanted to whiten them. I thought of taking the help of a dentist. I...More
Posted by dawnwilcox
A patch along my back teeth on my cheek
I have a patch along my teeth line on the back of my cheek. I went to the doc and was told that is was not...More
Posted by simp45
I think there might be something wrong with my ton...
About a week ago I noticed that it felt as though there was something in my throat, specifically on my...More
Posted by samanthastull
LANAP procedure validation
had LANAP done on teeth numbers 13-14-15 an 18-19. 5 teeth in 2 different quadrants per the consultation i...More
Posted by An_260573
Geographic Tongue or Something More Serious?
I've been suffering on and off from what I've self diagnosed as Geographic Tongue for the better part of...More
Posted by robertlocksley
extractions with low platelets
I have an abscessed tooth needing to be extracted, but have a platelet count of 46,000. Liver specialist says...More
Posted by An_260545
conserned about my tongue.
Hi I am 35y old and lately i started to notice and feel some lumps on the back of my tongue, because i am a...More
Posted by zwara
Tiny bumps on & around lips
Around a week ago i noticed tiny bumps around my lips, very close to the edges, and tiny bumps on my lips. i...More
Posted by An_260405
Pain - how long after tooth extraction?
I had a molar extracted Wednesday morning. Also oral surgeon did prep for eventual implant. It is now Friday...More
Posted by An_260398
Bumps on back of tongue
Hello. I am a bit of a hypochondriac and I am a little worried about some things I have noticed on my tongue....More
Posted by An_260380

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Dentures and implantsExpert
Technically speaking, a denture is any prosthetic use to replace a partial, or a complete dentition. It can be fixed (permanent), such as a ... More
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