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absessed tooth
how do i know if i haeg an absessed tooth?
Posted by An_253604
Open sinus cavity after extraction
Please help, I have had an extraction 3 wks ago that has opened my sinus cavity and now I have a serious sinus...More
Posted by LeeRose
Wisdom Teeth
I am 22 years old and have 30 teeth. I have 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 8 molars as well as one...More
Posted by Ash_Mat22
Painless white growth on the left side of the tong...
My mother has a small white growth on the left side of the tongue. Also there are these small bumps at the...More
Posted by Anon_133186
Bumps on the side of my tongue and the back, what ...
I don't know what this is , can anybody help me . I have these bumps on the side of my tongue . And the back...More
Posted by Crystal165
What's next for my TMJD?
I have had symptoms of TMJD for as many years as I can remember. I'm 23 now. In the past year, everything...More
Posted by Stellar727
I have to have 4 bottom teeth removed. they are my only molars. So I need implants. Unfortunately we can not...More
Posted by nlgnr
Root canal
I went to the dentist 3 weeks ago becaus of sensitivity to right lower molar and was told I needed a root...More
Posted by An_253396

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Hard lump on my left cheek ,2 months after wisdom ...
I had an op on 3rd on July with extracting all 4 wisdom tooth. After a lot of swelling and pain 2 weeks later...More
Posted by An_253387
Fissured Tongue - Sensitive to spicy food
I developed severe dry mouth from medications that led to fissured tongue (red cracks in top) that is...More
Posted by fbg1951
Tongue too sensitive and speech problems...
I've been facing tongue problems from a past few months . It has become too sensitive to hot and cold. It...More
Posted by An_253329
tooth removed
hello I got my tooth removed a couple of days ago since then I've been having numbness in my lip and jaw...More
Posted by lilredbone21
numbness after tooth has been removed
Hello I my tooth that's before my wisdom tooth taken out and my jaw and lip has been numb for about 4 days...More
Posted by lilredbone21
yellow teeth
Are there any specific reasons that my sons teeth have turned dramatically yellow in less than 4 months?...More
Posted by cherylpurple
A lasting sore throat and bumps on tongue
I had a check up a few months ago and my doctor found bumps at the back of my throat. He asked me if I had a...More
Posted by Nico1ai
A lasting sore throat and bumps on tongue
I had a check up a few months ago and my doctor found bumps at the back of my throat. He asked me if I had a...More
Posted by Nico1ai
Head Pressure After Wisdom Teeth Removal
I just got 3 of my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. So, far my symptoms have been sporadic. I've been dealing...More
Posted by An_253210
Facial Swelling after Wisdom Teeth Extraction
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted about four days ago and all of them were impacted. The procedure...More
Posted by An_253152
Cut behind bottom teeth that won't heal?
Hi there, So about 2.5 weeks ago my 1 year old grabbed inside my mouth with his fingers and scratched...More
Posted by walkbyfaith0314
Do you know what are the benefits associated with ...
Why it is considered to be the biggest services that dentists provide is cosmetic dentistry and does it...More
Posted by plazadental
Torn lingual frenulum
While I was getting x-rays, on the front bottom teeth, the dental hygienist must have pushed down too hard...More
Posted by Lorenita2005
Green to white tongue with bitter taste
Please I need your help. I've been suffering for a while from swollen throat feeling every morning with the...More
Posted by An_253017
canker sores
I have canker sores all in my mouth ive tried numbing it with orajel and othe things ive used saly water,...More
Posted by kaylamoe
popped blood vessel under tongue?
me and my boyfriend were kissing and took my tongue and started sucking on it..then he grabbed it again but...More
Posted by An_252931
Swollen taste buds
I have had swollen taste buds on the tip of my tonge many times before. They always hurt, but I ignore them...More
Posted by An_252925
Wondering if what the dentist said about a 3rd mol...
I'm 24, my upper right 2nd molar is damaged and I have the normal options of extraction or a root canal +...More
Posted by DanielFriesen
pain months after wisdom tooth removal?
I got my bottom right wisdom tooth removed 3 months ago. I woke up a few days ago, and after brushing my...More
Posted by danaperry
D3330 Molar (excluding final restoration) Procedur...
Hi, I recently did a D3330; and it is pretty exposed (been like that for 2 weeks) but the dentist that did...More
Posted by dlively452
Tips on getting kids to brush their teeth?
I'm having trouble getting my 6 yr old to brush his teeth. He protests each time I tell him to do it. And...More
Posted by TangledGurl
I have a split the length of my tongue. Looks like a crevice. It is not sore or painful, nor is it an open...More
Posted by An_252861

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How I was cured.
How I Was Cured. By: MeWritten on April 6th, 2013 I NEVER...had a history of geographical tongue. Then suddenly, I had strange symptoms ... More
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