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extremely sore and red tongue raised papillae on b...
Hi all ..I've been having these symptoms for three weeks now (enlarged taste buds on back of tongue, white...More
Posted by An_254758
extremely sore and red tongue raised papillae on b...
Hi all ..I've been having these symptoms for three weeks now (enlarged taste buds on back of tongue, white...More
Posted by An_254758
Hi, In October of last year I developed a horrible sore throat and flu - the worst I've ever had. After...More
Posted by patrick22
Still in pain
I went for root canal over ten years ago. Sill in pain after having it repeated over a course o 2 years. Ended...More
Posted by barbeeco
Any chance I can avoid a root canal?
I recently had one of my teeth prepared for a crown. It's been over a week since I got the temporary crown,...More
Posted by yayitsck
LARGE blood blister in tooth cavity MONTHS after e...
I had all my teath pulled over the past few months. One tooth they pulled was really close to my sinuses....More
Posted by spazzinadam
Sagging lip
My 89 year old father has a protruding bottom lip. It's been getting progressively worse the last couple...More
Posted by An_254582
Sore right tonsil - skin tag like form
Hi I'm hoping you can help. About 2 weeks I noticed it hurt to swallow and I figured this was an ulcer...More
Posted by lunalovee
Unusual root dissolving in 7 year old girl
I just returned from the dentist and was informed that my 7 year old daughter has some sores on her gums near...More
Posted by tkimmerly
Numbness in chin and lip region
I had a root canal on October 18th, the procedure went quite well, no pain or after effects. Then about...More
Posted by oldcitylake
Sore green coated tongue
I started having a sore, burning on the upper side of my tongue a few days ago. Today it is still painful and...More
Posted by peachy01
Oral cancer? Thrush? Help..
Posted by taylorchase1123
my son
My 8 year old son has huge cold sores on the inside of his lower lip. They are very painful. We have used...More
Posted by momma1975
irritated gums
I have sensitive teeth, I purchased Sensodyne toothpaste and used it for four days, my gums were inflamed...More
Posted by jacqueline74
Bumps On Tongue
For almost a year now I have been experiencing this strange sensation in my mouth grainy taste feels like chalk...More
Posted by tonyv1
Do my teeth look leaning forward?
last week a friend to me my teeth looked like they were leaning forward. i got braces 10 months ago and...More
Posted by An_254430
Clusters of white spots on gums (w/ photo)
I woke up with swollen gums and two clusters of white spots on my gums at my bottom set of molars. Any ideas...More
Posted by An_254424
For 2 weeks my 13 yr old daughter's lower lip turn...
Posted by An_254400

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What could possibly cause a lower lip to black discoloration . 13 y.o African American girl. Not having periods yet. Advice
  • What causes lower lip to turn black?
  • 13 year old African American girl. Lower lips turn black.
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Mouth & lip sores
Hi all. For several months, I have been fighting what various medical people have referred to as Thrush, a...More
Posted by lwoody2
Lip issues
About two weeks ago I noticed my lips were unbelievably dry. I figured it was because of the weather and...More
Posted by delaneyg94
Pimple like bump in my mouth, could it be an ulcer...
Hey Guys and Gals, So for about 1-2weeks i've had this bump in my mouth, what do you think it could be? It...More
Posted by eaonl
having problems with my tooth.
hello community!! Pls want u al come tu my aid by helping me find a lasting solution tu my toothache...More
Posted by An_254361
Frustrated with my set of teeth!
I'm a 23 year old guy in the pink of health. I have but one problem, and that is my teeth. I brush them...More
Posted by shady2001
Tooth resorption
My Dentist told me, that I have a tooth Resorption and I need to remove this tooth. Is any other treatment...More
Posted by idaodessa
Burning Mouth Syndrome
I have had Burning Mouth Syndrome for over 6 years. It has been the most painful thing I have had. In my case...More
Posted by bfluharty
teeth whitening
Has anyone heard of Teeth Whitening Hertfordshire? I heard it was supposed to be really good so I googled...More
Posted by kevinbrian

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what is the best method you have found for teeth whitening?
  • laser
  • teeth molds
  • strips
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small spot on my tounge that bleeds if I suck on i...
Not sure what this is. I have used snuff for about three years. Today I sucke a small piece of candy from my...More
Posted by ap13461
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2 weeks post lower left molar extraction
I had my molar extracted. It was intense and took 45 min. He had to break it in pieces and use a lot of force....More
Posted by nic14120
possibly fordyce spots?
I never noticed that i had these little white bumps lining the edge of my lips since i was 14. However...More
Posted by jessicarclark
Burn Marks
Dr.Brown Is it normal for the healing of the burn marks on the roof of my mouth to look Yellowish brown/red....More
Posted by An_254128

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Rash on lips
I just noticed a bunch of tiny white bumps on my top lip. They are white, not clear, about the size of a pin point, and don't seem like ... More
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