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Hard white Mass on tongue
I have developed a hard white ball on the side of my tongue. I had a canker sore on the right side of my mouth...More
Posted by qwest
Problem with teeth
I just noticed yesterday that a few of my teeth have started to turn little black. I not sure what going on I'm...More
Posted by dewbug

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What might cause your back teeth to turn black without any pain?
  • I not sure
  • rotten
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Antibiotics and yellow teeth
Hi, was hoping someone could give me some advice. My daughter was born with an extra ureter and an extra...More
Posted by An_256242
White bumps on lips
What is this??? At fist I thought it was HSV-1, but now I do not think so. I had oral sex with a pregnant...More
Posted by An_256108
Pre-Root Canal Antibiotics
Hello, I'm due for a root canal treatment ten days from now, but I'm beginning to experience pain again...More
Posted by thefieldbelow
Tooth Decay HELP
I'm 19 years old, and I have tooth decay on two of my teeth, however one is more noticeable than the...More
Posted by micahhissong
Something in my tongue, what is it? :((((
I have this in my tongue, please check the image: it does not hurt or...More
Posted by nanci_pt
bridge in place?
I just had a bridge put in and it leaves a space between the bridge and gum. Is this correct. My son has a...More
Posted by shanti333
Persistent Swollen Throat Glands (Post-Tonsillecto...
I had my tonsils removed back in late December (2013) and I feel much better overall but there is still a small...More
Posted by ap1537
Broken tooth with exposed nerve
Last night while eating dinner, I felt the worst pain in my life biting into a soft bite of steak. I have...More
Posted by christilee01
My son didn't get enough teeth.
My son started to lose his teeth at the age of 5. He almost lost his all baby teeth but he didn't get front...More
Posted by pps3011
Blister under tongue
Hello. Every now and then I get fluid filled blister under my tongue. They can get kinda painful, but nothing...More
Posted by dudeguy1
Missing Upper Lateral Incisors, is it bad?
I realized that my upper lateral incisors were missing when I went to a dentist when I was 16 years old...More
Posted by sweetapples

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If you were missing your upper lateral incisors, what would you do?
  • Leave them as is... it doesn't really bother me
  • Make the Canines look like Lateral Incisors
  • Make space to put lateral incisor implants
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corner of mouth (edge of lip) cut/wound not healin...
hi, ive had this problem for a week. i think i had a pimple or something at the corner of my mouth (just...More
Posted by onoonoono
Torn upper lip skin
My son tore the skin that connects his upper lip to his teeth. What should I do about it?
Posted by ca079320
Bumps - throat and now taste issues?
I'm a healthy young man without insurance and an ongoing oral problem. I went to the dentist about 2 months...More
Posted by An_255608
Do I seek medical attention or dental attention?
I am uninsured and on a limited income. I have been using a new product called Eucuryl to remove stains...More
Posted by ducksoup72058
Latest Additions in Dentures
The world of dentures is changing every day. Effective and speedy solutions are replacing old technology...More
Posted by happysmiless
I have a white spot on the inside of my mouth in my lip where the end of my tongue lies. It is not painful...More
Posted by An_255594
painfull cavity
I have a really bad cavity on my second premolar and its starting to get a little ball under it on the...More
Posted by trishacasillas
How to reverse the effect of erosion without filli...
I was brushing my teeth few days while I noticed something solid on my tongue- I took it out and was shocked...More
Posted by san199
Yellow coating on tongue
I've had a light yellow coat on my tongue for at least the past week. I noticed a change in the smell of my...More
Posted by missfitts89
gum recession
have gum recession in lower teeth which spread to four teeth.this problem i have faced for last 8...More
Posted by An_255473
pulsating tongue
have noticed for the last two days that a small spot on the side of my tongue has felt numb and now in the...More
Posted by An_255466
Wisdom teeth removal and sinus problems
I have had chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps for years. I am on antibiotics battling sinus infections more...More
Posted by An_255417
Dental Issues during pregnancy
I am 23 weeks Pregnantand had a dental checkup yesterday. The dentist said that he needs to do root canal...More
Posted by sabshan2006
Hearing loss after tooth extraction
Last April I had a tooth extracted - the freezing took a long time to wear off and seemed to affect my brain...More
Posted by An_255400
Molar extraction healing
It's been 10 days since I got my very back molar tooth extracted, no pain or discomfort what so ever. But...More
Posted by An_255342

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sinus trouble in my teeth
need info on sinus that have gotten into my teeth i went to the dentist this week and my dentist told me about this and i have never heard ... More
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