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Reply: Any chance I can avoid a root canal?
The condition you stated is normal while having teeth prepared for a crown ; there are...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: hole in gums after tooth removal
The hole in gum after tooth removal is normal; there is nothing to worry much about it....More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: Still in pain after root canal
It is common during root canal, the pain persist for some days as some of the tissues...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: Solution 4 Mouth Ulcers
Mouth ulcer generally depicts the condition of stress, illness or lack of Vit B...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: Babies tooth deteriorating
It's really cause great concern. Did you get it checked with other dentist too? Baby...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: numbness after tooth has been removed
Numbness in the mouth and lips usually go away after the local anesthetic wears off,...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: Tongue too sensitive and speech problems...
Before replying to your query, I would like to ask that whether you smoke as hyper...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: Fissured Tongue - Sensitive to spicy food
Having fissured in tongue can be cause of concern. It is really sensitivity to spicy...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: Hard lump on my left cheek ,2 months after wisdom ...
Don't be much worried about it though I can understand how annoying it would be. One of...More
Posted by plazadental
Reply: yellow teeth
I think the most common cause for yellow teeth in child can be bad brushing and...More
Posted by plazadental

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