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For short-term, surface relief
Had two thirds of a root canal done two days ago - now in really, really bad pain... (an 8 out of 10 level...More
Posted by fedup2010
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chronic chapped, burning upper lip
have had a chapped upper lip for about 90 days or more. i have used every over the counter remedy there is....More
Posted by An_224182
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what causes abitter lips & mouth?
my mouth is getting bitter and lips,can any one tell me what can cause this reaction?. Thanks, Mikeowo.
Posted by An_224181
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sinus trouble in my teeth
need info on sinus that have gotten into my teeth i went to the dentist this week and my dentist told me...More
Posted by pretzel58
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Rash on lips
I just noticed a bunch of tiny white bumps on my top lip. They are white, not clear, about the size of a pin...More
Posted by MKFMKV
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jittery teeth
when i close my mouth my teeth jitter and im not even cold. also i have a cough and when i drink water i feel...More
Posted by An_224180
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Want to change font size?
It is easy to make the font bigger press and hold your control key and click on the + key until...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
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Looking for Tips on how to get around?
Be sure to check out the Community News Blog and the WebMD Welcome Exchange More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
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Want to read "discussions" only?
Well that's easy too, on the left hand side you see many links one of them is "discussions", click on...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
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How I was cured.
How I Was Cured. By: MeWritten on April 6th, 2013 I NEVER...had a history of geographical tongue. Then suddenly, I had strange symptoms ... More
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