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If you have had an organ transplant then you may want to also become a member of these communities if they are applicable to your condition to share your experience:
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Reply: Advice on alternatives to Prograf and how to find ...
Thank you for response and the tip about Transplant Friends!
Posted by adelecook47
Atrial Fib
I was wondering if any of the pre, post transplant people here were ever diagnosed with Afib and if so, did...More
Posted by Anon_12802
Atrial Fib
I was wondering if any of the pre, post transplant people here were ever diagnosed with Afib and if so, did...More
Posted by Anon_12802
generic vs brand drugs
anyone use generic drugs after transplant? if so, what were the side effects if any? were they as effective as...More
Posted by rlkspk
Tattoos BEFORE transplant
So i have been searching on the internet everywhere for someone that has had a tattoo pre transplant....More
Posted by lauramalps1
Reply: tattoos
I am very appreciative for living and being able to continue life. I have a very special place for the young...More
Posted by 2chshik100
Dental issues after transplant
I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with their teeth after transplant surgery. After being...More
Posted by lainsky
Reply: Liver transplant
Hmmm. I would wait at least until after your first liver anniversary. You will be more stable and less likely...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Taken off of the transplant list
That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Your best bet would be to talk to the doctors or the coordinator to...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: looking to talk!
Hi Emily from Texas. I'm afriad there aren't many of us here - and mostly kidneys and livers. I post here...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Joint pain after kidney transplant
I had a kidney transplant 3 1/2 years ago and within the last year, I also have started to experience joint...More
Posted by ckolpek
Chomping upper and lower teeth -- post kidney tran...
I had a kidney transplant 2.5 years ago. While I am healthy and feeling good, I've been having a particular...More
Posted by marcklein
Reply: Transplants and Mood Disorders
I totally agree with you on everything that you have said I had my TX at at age 44 . I have never felt so...More
Posted by glenlealicola
Reply: Kidney/Pancreas Transplant
Hi, Yes this first year has been very hard. Hoping it gets better. Thank you for the tips on gaining a few more...More
Posted by kpgirl4
Reply: Drinking after Kidney Transplant
It depends on how much you plan on drinking. What are your plans?
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Chance to win a $25.00 gift card to Amazon for par...
Thanks Brett. That was amazingly well thought out. The only thing I would add would have been to allow me to...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Cryptogenic Liver Cirrhosis & Hepatopulmonary synd...
Hi Lauren. Every recovery is different. My kidney tx didn't go so well.and I spent 3 weeks in hospital after...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Tattoos after Transplant
Hi. I had a liver transplant 3/21/13. This year I got 2 tattoos in honor of my donor & everything I went...More
Posted by lainsky
Reply: Recovering from Kidney Transplant
I had a double kidney transplant with both being put in the front also. they didn't remove my od ones either....More
Posted by modartist
Reply: Prednisone after transplant
Hi. I'm a liver transplant recipient 3/21/13. I am now being tapered off prednisone. I'm having blood work more...More
Posted by lainsky
Reply: I'm New
Hello Holly Hope you are feeling good tonite. I am a recipient of a liver and kidney. Was 8 months ago. My...More
Posted by msbirdie917
Tattoos after Transplant
Hello friends I am 8 months after double transplant..Liver and Kidney. I too would like to get a tattoo. my...More
Posted by msbirdie917
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Reply: liver transplant
Hi Iana. I'm sorry, but I don't know too much about livers. Most of us here (and we are few) are more...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: New to forum
Hello, I certainly hope that this thread is still open out there. I have am a post kidney tx for 17 years...More
Posted by wardv
Reply: Am I crazy?
Don't worry what other people are saying & thinking. Follow your heart. Do what you feel is the right thing...More
Posted by lainsky
Reply: Welcome 20Survivor05
Thank you dontkr for your response to my post. Just knowing that what I'm feeling & going through is...More
Posted by lainsky
Reply: better care for transplant patients
I know your post isn't brand new -- wow, I am on a liver transplant list. Other than a nurse and doctor so far...More
Posted by holly69
Reply: Post liver transplant, is a single beer once or tw...
Personally if I had my new liver I would do nothing to cause any possible damage to it at all. I am sure the...More
Posted by holly69
Reply: Why can't I get a liver transplant?
What is your MELD score?
Posted by fleeback
Sign Up to Share the Gift of Life [Pull-Out Card]
This pull-out card encourages people to sign up as organ donors. It includes information about the need for...More
Posted by hrsaemp
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Spotlight: Member Stories

I was recently informed that my brother has been on dialysis for his kidney's, we haven't talked in 15+ yrs. So now i'm trying to find inf...More

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Tattoos after Transplant
Hello friends I am 8 months after double transplant..Liver and Kidney. I too would like to get a tattoo. my doctors do not have an answer ... More
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