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If you have had an organ transplant then you may want to also become a member of these communities if they are applicable to your condition to share your experience:
Diabetes and Kidney Community
Kidney Disorders Community
WebMD Diabetes Community
WebMD Hepatitis Community
WebMD Heart Disease Community


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Weight gain following a kidney transplant
I received a kidney transplant just over 3 years ago. In the first 6 months, I gain approximately 60 lbs. I...More
Posted by Sistie_J
Paging Ms Cora and everyone
Hi Ms Cora and everyone I've put an exchange announcement at the top of this exchange's page (you...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
blood types
My blood type is o+. My brother who is needing a kidney transplant is A-. Is that going to be a problem for me...More
Posted by peacarot
test message to test copy and paste in IE 8
test message to test copy and paste in IE 8
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
Posted by oldtiff47
Updates Based On YOUR Feedback!
Hello WebMD Members! We are thrilled to share with you some changes that have been made to WebMD...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
What would make it better?
Hi members! I'll start by saying that I know everyone would like the old boards back, but they are...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
Faces of organ donation
Nothing inspires people more about a topic than personal stories. Use this discussion to share news about...More
Posted by An_224179
Chronic Disease and Disability Exchange
Hi Everyone! I just want to let everyone know about our new Chronic Disease and Disability Exchange...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
Welcome 20Survivor05
How are you doing now? I'd love to hear about your experience. While I have transplant experience (kidney tx...More
Posted by mrscora01
Second Anniversary
It is now the second anniversary of my pancreas transplant (7 1/2 years since my new kidney). It has been a...More
Posted by mrscora01
Welcome To Your Exchange!
Hi Everyone! Welcome to your new home in the WebMD Health Exchange! I hope you found your way in...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
Your Community
Dear Members, We announced yesterday that we’re going to be launching our new WebMD Health...More
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
Please Read!
Dear Members, At 12:00 PM Eastern Time tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 25), our WebMD message boards will...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Exchanges This Week!
Dear Members, On Friday, February 26th WebMD is going to bring you the new WebMD Health...More
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
Welcome Alli_Tigs
Since you had posted at the bottom of an older thread, and it was your first post, I thought I'd take a...More
Posted by MrsCora01
New Name For Community!
Dear WebMD Members, We’ve been providing you with tidbits about the new features that are coming,...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
Our December Photo Sweepstakes winners have been announced! Look and see if YOU are one of our...More
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
February Photo Sweepstakes!
It's February and it's time for a new photo sweepstakes where you can win up to $1000.00! For...More
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
New Community Coming!
Dear Members, Within the next month your WebMD Community will be expanding to offer you all some...More
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
Transplant patient with Cold
I have had 3 kidney transplants and about a week ago i had a head cold and thought it finally went away...More
Posted by alidan1984
Recall: Tylenol and More
Because of a sickening smell in some containers, 54 million packages of 27 different...More
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
Kidney Donation
Hi I was woudering if i am shooting for an unreachable dream, and if its crazy to want to do this. I have...More
Posted by lola1221

Spotlight: Member Stories

19 years out: post kidney transplant,Diabetic,triple by pass on heart,every side effect from diabetes are present and getting very hard to deal with. ...More

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Tattoos after Transplant
Hello friends I am 8 months after double transplant..Liver and Kidney. I too would like to get a tattoo. my doctors do not have an answer ... More
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