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What can I do?
I just don't know what to do anymore, the pain is just getting worse and when I try to get active (by walking)...More
Posted by deni3d
Reply: Oral thrush from cortisone shot?
I had two cortisone shots in shoulder and elbow... and have had the same reaction. Plus, a red sore...More
Posted by 101dalmatians
Reply: My Right Knee is Killing me with Pain
I am also new to this group. Ask your doctor about Meloxicam. My doctor at NY's Hospital for Special Surgery...More
Posted by luvacdc

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Reply: Osteoarthritis in finger joint
Try Devils Claw root . A one ounce bottle will cost you about 7 bucks and you will wish you'd done it...More
Posted by candycaine
Reply: Hip Surgery Bursa Removed
Sukipops your input is so helpful. I just received my results back from my MRI and the test came back positive...More
Posted by wickels
Swelling on inside of right knee - looks ugly and ...
I do have some arthritis in hand joints. But just noticed that my knees look deformed and swollen out, but...More
Posted by deedee4949
Reply: what excercise could I do with OA and tendenitis
Hello! I know the pain of OA because I'm having it, and been undergoing therapy because of it.. This link...More
Posted by cjonathan675
Popping Sternum
Im a 20 Y/O Male quit smoking cigarettes exactly 1 month and 3 days ago i have touched any sort of nicotine...More
Posted by tayntay4eva
Reply: Osteoarthritis Right Shoulder Nightly PAIN
I am 39 years old and I have been having pain in the my right shoulder and neck for at least 10 years. I...More
Posted by undefined
Questions about post-surgical boot wear at home af...
I am 10 weeks post triple arthrodesis surgery. I was in a splint and ace-wrap for 5 weeks after surgery, then...More
Posted by wombatish
supporting someone with OA
Afternoon, I am not sure how to help my partner who has just been diagnosed with OA in his hip. He moved in...More
Posted by An_261489
Reply: OA of big toe, anybody?
Just to add a bit more regarding shoes. I always wore shoes/boots appropriate for riding but now i have...More
Posted by mollysmummy19
Reply: Arm pain
Hello. This is something you really need to discuss with your primary doctor asap. Since x-rays do not tell...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: acl surjery
Hi malakelpoker, This is something that you should discuss in detail with your doctor -- he/she will...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Pain after basal joint arthroplasty
I have been working and using my hand every day after surgery, first physical therapy, only off work for 5...More
Posted by sweetshep2
Reply: Spinal OA
Hi, Jon. I'm having fun doing pre-surgery exercises given by a physical therapist to strengthen my hip...More
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Posted by davedsel2
My Right Knee is Killing Me
Hi, I forgot to mention that I have seen several orthopedic surgeons and all they can offer is PT and...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
REMOVING Bursa sacs
Hello - I am nearly 48 (female) .Generally very active - I suffered an injury from running over 3 years ago. I...More
Posted by alleo67
Reply: OsteoArthritus
Hello. IMHO, you need to see a pain management specialist that is a physiatrist. They go deeper and offer a...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Degenerative disc disease
Hello. I have high levels of chronic pain due to serious spine and hip problems. I try to be as active as...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Advise on next step
Thank you for your advise and will adhere. I read your story and will be praying for you. I too have a...More
Posted by taylor2001
Reply: Just diagnosed
Hello. Is your MD an orthopedic surgeon? IMHO, that would be the best doctor you can see for this, There are...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Carpal Tunnel vs Spinal Stenosis
Nerve damage in the should can cause all the same symptoms of carpal tunnel. However, carpal tunnel still can...More
Posted by brew_fool
Reply: osteoarthritis
Sounds like my wife's gout. Have you had it checked?
Posted by brew_fool
Reply: Hip Replacement Surger Scheduled for 3/16/15
Guess I hit the wrong key posted with out finishing... editing. I doubt you will regret it. For me it is up...More
Posted by brew_fool
Bad shoulder is nearly as bad as a bad back. I would advise that you do all you can to keep the cuff together...More
Posted by An_260789
I had surgery on my shoulder last year to fix a bicep muscle that snapped we are baffled to why this happened...More
Posted by angritt
Shoulder Pain and joint pain
last year my bicep snapped right after Christmas, we still have no idea how and why it happened ... But I have...More
Posted by angritt
Trochanteric bursitis;
I live in Maryland (DC area) and am looking for an orthopedic surgeon who performs hip bursectomy. Could...More
Posted by cello45

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Scott Zashin, MD is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School and maintains a private practice at Presb...More

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I'm 55 and have had osto for about 10 years. I use a cream called Valtaren works really great. I put it on first thing in the morning ... More
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