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Reply: Pain after basal joint arthroplasty
Thanks for keeping us updated! This is great news More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Mild Tricompartmental Degenerative Change
Hello, Have you told your doctor just how much pain your are experiencing? Has he/she given any...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Knee doc too conservative?
Hi mrsmombie, The previous poster gave you some great information and personal experience. We do have an...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Hey folks! I am looking for a OA tool- does it exi...
This company sells items to help with arthritis More
Posted by Scott Zashin, MD
Reply: Joint pain on the right side only..
Celebrex is a good pain reliever especially for arthritis. I have read some info from this page: ...More
Posted by adelestephensonguy
Reply: Rooster Comb Injections
Synvisc is a synthetic if that doesn't work I strongly recommend ...More
Posted by egerld
Reply: Operations in old age
Hi candida14, Have you spoken with your doctor about your concerns? He/she is best able to sit and talk...More
Posted by An_255155
Hi koolkellygirl, Glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are recovering wonderfully!...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Coconut oil and cartilage
Applying coconut oil on your joints will lessen the amount of inflammation and relieve the pain associated...More
Posted by mariajohnson
Reply: surgery on thumb joint replacement
Hi fitzpatrick1, I am so sorry that your hands are in constant pain. This slideshow has some good...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Strange popping in Sternum??
I'm almost 23 and I have been able to 'pop' my sternum for the last year. Identical symptoms all around...More
Posted by catvernon
Reply: Bilateral TKR 5 montths postop
alwysbisy & firefiter: alwysbisy, oh my gosh! It's only been 5 months since a bilateral TKR and you've...More
Posted by pgt1956
Reply: New to Post
Hi Denise and welcome to the community! This is a great place to come for support, to ask any questions...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: anterior osteoarthritis in upper thorax region
Hello sagebrushdaisy, I hope that some community members weigh in soon with some personal experience...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: TKR / low iron
Hello and welcome to the community! Members here are very supportive and will probably chime in soon with...More
Posted by atti_editor
kathcasc, I had my first TKR on my right knee 19 months ago, and the 2nd on my left knee almost 10 months...More
Posted by pgt1956
Can you recognize the warning signs of joint deter...
It's predicted that half of all Americans will develop joint problems after the age of 50,...More
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Reply: Avascular Necrosis due to Long term Prednisone use...
Hi kdadams12, I am sorry that your son is going through this. Here is some information on avascular...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Pain after basal joint arthroplasty
OK the verdict is in CRPS!!! Here we go down the long slope Never Again!! Oldernu
Posted by oldernu
Reply: dorsal digital synovial cysts
I also had the exact same blister on one finger on my left hand. After excising it I developed a nasty staff...More
Posted by undefined
Supartz injections
I had my first injection 5 days ago and the pain is worse than before the shot. I expected it to fade after a...More
Posted by lynnlea43
Arthritis Agony: Get It Relieved With Healthy Diet...
Exercise followed by a healthy diet has proven to show drastic improvement in the condition of millions...More
Posted by david_gomes
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Non-Drug Joint Relief
With no known osteoarthritis cure and very few therapeutic treatments, it makes sense to...More
Reply: Supartz injections
Dont know if you will see this. I was wondering how long the pain lasted that you mentioned radiating...More
Posted by christykneepain
Reply: OA and age
Hello. I understand that what you have been ging through right now is not really easy. Just never...More
Posted by adelestephensonguy
I had both my knees replaced at the same time 5 months ago I am 43 so when I need to get up of the floor i...More
Posted by alwysbisy
chest popping
know this is a old discussion... but i came across it and i have been having the same problem with the...More
Posted by taytertot1124
Reply: Blue Knuckles
Are you diabetic? Your height, weight, age, and diet can contribute to the fluid inbalance and blood...More
Posted by nnuurrsseebob22
Vitamin K Deficiency Linked to Knee Osteoarthritis
Now, there's even more reason to care for your bones and joints together. New research...More
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Reply: Leg discrepancy after hip surgery
The insertion of a heel lift or other shoe insert that evens out leg lengths is usually the solution...More
Posted by adelestephensonguy

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Scott Zashin, MD is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School and maintains a private practice at Presb...More

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what should i do
sir my name is rajesh, I had an accident and my hip is broken Dr. had fitted rod, but after one year my hip is start paining Dr are telling ... More
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