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Reply: Fighting OA
Hello, Like many in this community, I have OA in various joints throughout my body. At 52 (I am now 58) I...More
Posted by georgia888

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Has anyone found any holistic treatments that work better than others? Is there a promising OA medicine on the horizon? Why won't pain management clinics be allowed to administer faster acting pain meds in severe cases?
  • accupunture
  • celebrex
  • mis managed medications
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Reply: shoulder arthritis
Thank you for the advice and words of encouragement. I have like you suggested been a sponge for...More
Posted by keeping_my_head_up
Reply: Pain after basal joint arthroplasty
I had both hands done last year. My left in September of '13 and my right in December. It is now October...More
Posted by bikerfromhell
Advice requested: Deciding whether to have thumb ...
Given pretty advanced stage of arthritis, with thumb collapsed in hand, bone spurs and zig-zag deformity, I...More
Posted by An_259745
Reply: Ugh. ..i wish my bursa would chill out!
Thanks, I'll wheel it out.
Posted by juliejewel5
Reply: Osteoarthritis foot pain
I will absolutely look into this. Is it a topical cream? A medication? A therapy? Last night was another...More
Posted by _elizabeth
Reply: osteoarthritis
I agree with the other poster - see a good pain management specialist, preferably one that is a physiatrist....More
Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


Posted by davedsel2
NOTICE: To runners & walkers w/hip bursitis
My physical therapist just told me that he has found that runners and walkers who consistently walk/run on the...More
Posted by txdogmom
Reply: Spinal Canal Narrowing in Neck
You had better be seeing a Neurosurgeon right away!
Posted by txdogmom
Reply: Ugh. ..i wish my bursa would chill out!
The bursa is removed entirely and it does grow back, without the bursitis. However, bursitis can develop again...More
Posted by txdogmom
Reply: Hip Surgery Bursa Removed
I can tell you that sitting 12 hours/day will NOT work to recover. It's one of the worst things you can do,...More
Posted by txdogmom
Reply: knee giving out
You are likely to become a person who is subject to falling as my wife is. I would like to suggest that you...More
Posted by artalejack
Reply: Acute onset OA in hands?
Hi I am now 54 and OA began for me around the age of 45 with my finger joints swelling up especially if i put...More
Posted by vin60
Reply: Monovisc Injection for OA in knee?
I had synvisk (sp?) injections twice over a five year span. Worked for about three months then pain...More
Posted by princetriplets3
OA of the acromioclavicular joint
Hi. I am a 21 year old female, and after 3-4 years of chronic shoulder pain I've recently been diagnosed with...More
Posted by hwise93
I have osteoarthritis of the hips. It has been suggested that when I awake in the morning and my hips are...More
Posted by artalejack
Reply: Topical Pain Relief
aspercream woks as does salon paus patches
Posted by artalejack
Reply: Osteoarthritis in lower back
I saw a chiro initially and he was going to fix me naturally. Then I took my MRI to an MD he sent me to a...More
Posted by laidbackmatt
Reply: newly diagnosed
I have OA in my lower back (lumbar). I was diagnosed four years ago. I have seen several neurologists and...More
Posted by laidbackmatt
Reply: oa and ra
Thanks for responding. It's not much fun but I get along. How are you doing?
Posted by pegigi
Marrow Endema
Hello, I have been diagnosed with marrow endema in head neck and proximal shaft of right femur and acetabulum...More
Posted by An_258933
Reply: Pain after subtular ankle fusion
I would like to know how you are currently doing? I had ankle artheodesis ( fusion ) for my over...More
Posted by bored2death
Hello, I'm having a pain in my elbow when I straighten it to 180 degrees. Almost like it doesn't want...More
Posted by selalmeida
Reply: Knee OA
I live with daily OA knee pain now. I had a steroid shot in my knee 2 months ago. That helped the swelling...More
Posted by emsgirl24
Is it just my knee OA?
I broke my kneecap 5 months ago. I've had surgery for a lateral release, meniscus tear, I now have OA. I've...More
Posted by emsgirl24
Reply: Arthritis at age 20?
Hi I am also 20 and be diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my hip 6 months ago. I'm pretty scared about it...More
Posted by amy123m
Looking for dr who does bursectomy in Illinois or Missouri. Thanks.
Posted by An_258844
2 months post trigger finger surgery and PROBLEMS!
2 months ago had TF surgery on LH thumb and middle finger. Incisions are still very painful; thumb is...More
Posted by emilyandhailey
Reply: Joint pain on the right side only..
I should mention my history: I got a "bullseye rash" in May. Thought it was a spider bite that...More
Posted by lymesufferer34
Reply: OA and fibromyalgia
Hello dimend3, I, too, have been diagnosed with both Fibro & OA. I have always described the combo as...More
Posted by georgia888

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