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I am a piano and guitar teacher at a school of music and also a church pianist. I developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome in the 1980's. My story is at I have found many successful ways to deal with FMS/CFIDS/insomnia

However, a new problem has come up in the last few years (I am 59) that is threatening my livelihood! I have osteoarthritis ("wear and tear") in my right hand - it is worst in my pinky, where there is no cartilage left, just "bone on bone" per the orthopedist. Other joints are deteriorating as well. I had a cortisone shot ($250) into the worst joint, but it did not help the pain, much to my disappointment. Flector pain patches did not help either. The Joint Formula I had been using for years and also oral NSAIDS (such as Meloxicam) also lost their effectiveness for pain.

I have now begun taping and splinting my right pinky in order to be able to play for church, particularly choir music with fast accompaniments requiring octaves in the right hand. My orthopedist said that I am not a candidate for a joint replacement, because they don't do them on musicians, because they never get their needed mobility back.

I am trying many different things to help the osteo. Will post when I find anything significant.

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