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Joined: 10/13/2012
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Hello there I'm a 48 year old guy in upstate New York area who found out about osteo arthritis. I've been hurting for a long time and went back and forth with my primary doctor for about five years before I got sent onto a higher level of doctors. I thought only old people got that. Now that I'm into this from head to toe,I feel the need to meet others like me to hear their stories and get advice as how to cope with the desease and with very misunderstanding people who are ignorant to this subject. I worked the carwash industry for 32 years where you never sat down,ate a lunch or even had a toilet for the first 15 years.I worked on ladders and on my hands and knees mostly. I became the maintenance gut who painted and did the heavy repairs of all that machinery that you would see while getting your car washed in an automatic was tunnel.I would like to say that I was good at my job! ( If I wasn't then I shouldn't have been there for 32 years) Everything hurts now! I had a right hip replacement this past April which has helped! Now I'm waiting for my knees to get replaced and some news with my lower back as I have that disk degenerative desease there also.I know there are serious problems with my feet,upper back-shoulders and neck but the doctors didn't want a huge list to deal with so for right now I'm stuck with the rest untill I get things moving forword again.I have two grown sons who make me proud. I always had a job at the carwash where I worked since I was 16 years old. Now I live a nightmare of unpaid bills,no heat and the threat of having my electric cut off. I get my food at local food pantries. Most folks hear arthritis and immidiately think "it's only arthritis,everybody has that so it's no big deal". Just pack on the ice and get back to work. Sorry to ramble on here but this is the first time I really got to vent since this all began. When I feel better,I'll come back and write this out better than what I did today. I use to be a fun guy to hang out with and I use to be able to carry on a good conversation untill this year.Sorry there are so many other folks in this group who suffer this bad! I wouldn't wish this onto anybody. I have no life anymore and soon will be living in city mission the way things are going now.

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