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Relief for Knee OA
Doing squats on a Total Gym (2 or 3 reps of 20) at an incline, taking Nopalea, whirlpool baths and a...More
Posted by MarthaJean
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Inexpensive treatment for osteo-arthritis...
For the last several years I have suffered with mild to severe pain in my left knee, which my family Dr....More
Posted by geraldisbusy
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I had to stop taking Celebrex because it was causing stomache problems. VimolvoI gives the same relief but is...More
Posted by Markshear
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pain relief with cod liver oil and orange juice
I have heard from 2 ladies that taking cod liver oil 1 Tab in orange juice over a long period of time...More
Posted by pearlmarilyn
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Painful Injections Enbrel
I've been on Enbrel now for some time. For me, Enbrel injections were extremely painful. I discovered that...More
Posted by MortalHero
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stopping the popping
Hello, I too pop my sternum. It just feels so good. But, as it feels better and better, the pain and need...More
Posted by healthwalnut
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do the do
both my hips needed to be replaced,, we did not know this for three to four years, we just thought the pain I...More
Posted by VIPaul
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Be prepared for later down the road..................
This would be my biggest tip and if I had been smart, many years ago, I would have done it myself. Although...More
Posted by girlsofspfd
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help and guide
was digonosed O A in right knee,as per dr advice glucosomine and diacerein tab1500mg+etodolac600mg/day one...More
Posted by Anon_233731
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I got Hyalgan injections in my knees for years, which helped put off getting a knee replacement. I got one...More
Posted by SUSANPE1
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evrhpfl, you wrote exactly what I would have liked to right. Unfortunatly, I do not have the knowledge you...More
Posted by sbreen714
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Artritis pain get Horse Liniment Gel, use this it ...
I recently tried horse liniment gel on my hands & knees & it helps me w/my pain. You can buy it at any...More
Posted by Txlady13
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find that swimming at least 4 days a week sure helps my arthiritis, 6 days a week would be better, i have OA...More
Posted by dickskull
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New Support for Arthritis
My business class group created a Facebook page to link and support people with Arthritis and Autoimmune...More
Posted by MRKMOM
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I just had knee replacement surgery on the 28th of February. Had other knee done 10 years ago with no...More
Posted by preemot07
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I'm 55 and have had osto for about 10 years. I use a cream called Valtaren works really great. I put it on...More
Posted by kfkirby
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Total hip replacement for OA
I was uncertain and quite frightened by the thought of having a total hip replacment for my osteoarthritic...More
Posted by nikki_nola
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A physiotherapist I have been seeing for a pulled ...
I hope it does and that you find this information helpful.
Posted by CelticRoutes
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ankle arthritis
have had an arthritic ankle since falling in a local mall. have been to several chiropractors who give modest...More
Posted by rhollow
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Knee Replacement
I had my right knee replaced in Nov. 2007. Best move I ever made. Now the left knee is bone on bone, &...More
Posted by Patti85281
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About the only thing I can still do without an inordinate amount of pain is to ride the stationary...More
Posted by Happilybipolar1
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How to load photos on WebMD
WebMD has created a guide to assist you with loading your photos. Photo upload guide More
Posted by Lainey_WebMD_Staff
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I have OA in both knees and am taking Idprofen perscribed by my doctor. I am extremely over weight and at one...More
Posted by wolfgar52
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Arthritis pain relief for feet
A bottle of Castor oil costs around $3.00 and lasts for months. Simply rub and massage the oil into the...More
Posted by millyme
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Arthritis in foot
I have had severe arthritis in my right foot for over 4 years now. In 2006, I had cortisone shots and they worked...More
Posted by ffjjb
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Hip Replacement
I had my right hip replaced 2-1/2 years ago at 56. I was in so much pain before and after the surgery. After the...More
Posted by 2Deb2
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Total hip replacement for OA
I was uncertain and quite frightened by the thought of having a total hip replacment for my osteoarthritic hips, the right being worse than ... More
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