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Reply: Dr. wants me to have reclast-NOW. I have alot of m...
Do the Reclast. You have waaay too many risks going on. Do you know half of the people who have an...More
Posted by bonebabe
I took oral meds (fosomax) for about 4 years. It became known as my 'Saturday pill' as I had to take it on...More
Posted by Dewey3135
Reply: Bone density loss of 1.2 % in a year
No, diabetes in itself has no known effect on bone density. That said, there has been a link between some...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Osteoporosis at 55 plus excess calcium in urine
Your body can only absorb 500-600 mg of calcium at a time. Anything more than that would be excreted in the...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: ulna and radius fused together
I was born with the same condition in both arms and wasn't noticed until I was 2-3 when I couldn't hold my...More
Posted by erinantoniou
Reply: what to do?
What are your T-scores? Have you fractured before? Do you have a parent who had a hip fracture? The fall you...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: How can osteoporosis happen so quickly?
Age is not the only determining factor in getting a DXA. We often do women your age and younger, if...1) they...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Reclast vs. Prolia
I'm so happy I stumbled upon this community and thank you for your reply. Your next to the last paragraph is...More
Posted by roszella
Reply: osteo
You have osteoporosis. The diagnosis is made by the lowest score. So sorry about your pain; however, it...More
Posted by bonebabe
Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Did you see a doctor for the shooting pains? I hope all...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Osteoporosis keeps getting worst!
Sounds like a good plan. Yes to educating your girls. We have to start them young now in building up bone...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Osteoporosis: Male in his 40's.
Yes, to a lot of your questions. There can be a HUGE difference in T-scores when changing machines. This is...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: new doc - bone loss - want to stay on Evista??
Thanks for trying bonebabe - However, I am a doctors worst nightmare. Besides all my drug allergies I was one of...More
Posted by suggi1

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Reply: Newly Diagnosed
Thanks for the information. After being on Foxamax for two years after a bone scan and diagnosis of...More
Posted by rebekkah99
Reply: 18 years old and afraid of osteoporosis
Thank you for the reply. I have been quite worried, and have been trying to gain back my weight. My blood...More
Posted by 0nesecret
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Prolia
Call the drug manufacturer. A lot of times they have programs to help pay for it. Because it's given in a...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Fitness/Activity with 26% Bone Loss (Spine)
Go to the National Osteoporosis Foundation website ( ) go to the bottom of the page where it says...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Forteo anyone?
thank you for your reply. good idea to call the company.
Posted by gwennea
Reply: Anybody use Forteo?
Thanks for replying, I called Forteo and they told me what to do so yesterday I picked them up from my...More
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: strontium
The strontium you get in the US is not regulated nor is it the strontium that is prescribed as an osteo med....More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: To medicate or not to medicate
Being an accredited center means doing a lot of paperwork and jumping through a lot of standardized hoops. It...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Broken Foot
I was put in the black compression boot for a broken 1st metatarsal that just missed clearing the joint for 6...More
Posted by undefined
I also take strontium in a bone support pill. I receive a women's health newsletter and it states that...More
Posted by rusty33
Reply: to start Prolia or not?
What do you mean over the line into osteoporosis? T-score? have you had a fracture, especially hip or spine,...More
Posted by bonebabe
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Pre-osteopenia
Like their names suggest, osteopenia and osteoporosis are related diseases. Both are varying with the...More
Posted by jazzpollard
Reply: Osteoporisis diagnosis
Check out the National Osteoporosis Foundation website. . They have sections to answer all of...More
Posted by bonebabe
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Moving Safely
Not smart if your bone density in your back is low. Find out what your T-score was in your back. If it's lower...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: no advice from doctors
Go online right now to the National Osteoporosis Foundation ( ) and order their booklet "Boning...More
Posted by bonebabe
Two keys to strong bones: Calcium and Vitamin D
What is bone health? Bone health simply entails ones that are strong, firm and free from osteoporosis, or...More
Posted by jazzpollard
Vitamin D
It is very important that your calcium supplement contain Vitamin D
Posted by retha12345
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For of those interested you might check out
" Congenital radio-ulnar synostosis" Google it and realize we are not alone. More
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