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Reply: Osteoporosis & Reclast/Prolia or neither?
Thank you so much for the additional information. As you might can tell, I am resistant to taking...More
Posted by mschinn
Reply: Calcium
Consuming too much calcium is actually pretty difficult. You'd have to watch the clock and take calcium on...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: ulna and radius fused together
That's a question I've asked for 68 years. I have the same condition and have just learned to live with it. I...More
Posted by baily_k
Reply: osteoporosis and medication
Dear Bonebabe, Thank you for your very honest and helpful response. I took what you have pointed out...More
Posted by oceanrower
Reply: Treatment options for a 46 year old male
Diagnoses and treatments aren't approved for males under the age of 50. That said, however, doesn't mean you...More
Posted by bonebabe
Could Weak Bones, Sudden Hearing Loss Be Linked?
"Although the reason for the connection isn't clear, osteoporosis and sudden, temporary hearing loss often...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: High Left Clavicle Fracture, Surgery Required? (X-...
It didn't heal on its own and I still haven't gotten surgery. For the most part it's not noticeable, but I...More
Posted by jesserobel
I had my first infusion Feb. 2013. In April of that year I developed my first kidney stone. With every...More
Posted by An_262445
Reply: Prolia vs Reclast
I decided to go with the Reclast and had my first infusion four days ago. Everything went pretty well -...More
Posted by reneerosenberg
Reply: Reclast, Prolia or Boniva???? Help!
Here's the thing about websites like this. The majority of people who respond are those who had true or...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Acid reflux & osteoporosis meds.
Actonel, Boniva, Fosamax and Reclast are all bisphosphonates. Reclast is given in an annual IV injection....More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: prolio
I am in a similar situation as you, though I am 71 vs your 59. I took Fosamax for about 10 years without any...More
Posted by jo1344
Reply: vitamin d
If your blood test shows your Vit D levels are low, your doctor will usually prescribe a booster dose of...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Vitamin D
Have your blood tested for vitamin D3
Posted by gonzal13
Reply: Prolia
Prolia normally is the last resort.
Posted by gonzal13
Reply: detecting
You must have ax ray scan. FDA recommends that men at 70 should be tested. Also only 20 percent of men get the...More
Posted by gonzal13
Reclast IV
An interesting site regarding people who have used Reclast including me. First day my chest hurt. Doctor never...More
Posted by gonzal13
Reply: Medication denied by Cigna
I think they're denying Binosto because it's a new medication and patents are still pending. It's pretty...More
Posted by bonebabe

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Reply: Side effect of STOPPING Fosamax
Hi I read your story I snapped my femur bone 2013 I was on Boniva, alendronate three years prior to my femur...More
Posted by alladin22
Reply: Boniva side effects
The stories about subtrochanteric femur fractures are not quite complete. The information from them is coming...More
Posted by bonebabe
We don't know enough about your scan results or history to weigh in on your dilemma. Your doctor is correct....More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Good sources of dietary calcium (other than milk) ...
All good choices. Also many foods now have calcium added or just naturally. The trick is to look at the food...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Calium intake
Women need 1200 mg of calcium a day. Because the body can only absorb about 600 mg at a time, it can be tricky...More
Posted by bonebabe
Reply: Reclast vs Prolia
I have not had a fracture thank goodness. I am not on any estrogen because my family has too much female...More
Posted by walkgirl
Reply: Reclast vs. Prolia
There are clinical trials using Reclast and I think Prolia, but they are only about 4 months into the tests....More
Posted by gonzal13
long term use of Raloxifene
I have been taking Raloxifene (first as Evista and now as generic) for over 10 years. The only side effect for...More
Posted by newbie63
Reply: Prolia
The good news is that you don't have severe osteoporosis. You have osteoporosis. A -2.5 in an otherwise...More
Posted by bonebabe
Osteoporosis, wrist fracture and surgery
Hi, I am 36 years old and have osteoporosis, which showed in a dexa scan. Last week, I broke my wrist and...More
Posted by An_261134
Reply: Advocare Spark and caffiene
Advocare Spark is an energy drink. I can't see any correlation between it and osteoporosis. Why would you...More
Posted by bonebabe
IBS, UTI and Prolea
I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago. I am very active and have used Hormone replacement compounds...More
Posted by plplpj

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Bisphosphonate use in premenopausal womenExpert
The potential benefits and risks of bisphosphonate use may be quite different in premenopausal women compared to postmenopausal women. ... More
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