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is a blood test the only way to detect osteoporosis?
Posted by An_261765
I am 60 Years old. My doctor told me there is no grantee that if I start taking medication my bone will not...More
Posted by An_261675
Calium intake
To avoid osteoprosis, What is the best calium to take if a person doens't drink milk?
Posted by fitness2411
long term use of Raloxifene
I have been taking Raloxifene (first as Evista and now as generic) for over 10 years. The only side effect for...More
Posted by newbie63
Prolia vs Reclast
Eight months ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the femoral neck, but not the spine. I am 63, 5'4"...More
Posted by reneerosenberg
Reclast vs Prolia
I have just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and am not sure if I should take Reclast or Prolia. My...More
Posted by walkgirl
Osteoporosis, wrist fracture and surgery
Hi, I am 36 years old and have osteoporosis, which showed in a dexa scan. Last week, I broke my wrist and...More
Posted by An_261134
IBS, UTI and Prolea
I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago. I am very active and have used Hormone replacement compounds...More
Posted by plplpj
What really works?
I started taking Fosamax when I turned 42 because I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and because I went...More
Posted by An_261089
Change in medication needed?
I am a 63 year old woman with a T- score of -2.8 in the spine, a 5.3% decrease since August 2012 when it was...More
Posted by ameliafaye
Advocare Spark and caffiene
I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with osteoporosis after taking Advocare Spark. If so, what was...More
Posted by gaildm60
In October 2013 was told I have severe Osteoporosis. I was taking Fosomax for the last year and the...More
Posted by dusty1016
Osteoporosis and pain or trauma
Hi, we all know that osteoporosis means porous bones and decrease in bone density. I would like to know if a...More
Posted by shaun555
I am 56, in excellent health and have osteoporosis. I was on Forteo injections for two years. My T score is a...More
Posted by clerkie
Worried About Starting Prolia
I'm a 58 year old woman who was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the hip and spine 4 years ago. The main bone...More
Posted by woofiesmom
Treatment options for 86 year old woman
My 86 year old mother, who is still able to live on her own, was on a monthly oral (boniva) osteoporosis...More
Posted by tusoccermom
I just watched a great video called the end of osteoporosis. The Doctor was giving a lecture on what...More
Posted by eventhorizon7000
Pre-Menopausal and Osteoporosis - Physician Commen...
Hello there (also hoping that a physician might comment on this): I am 43 yoa, and was just diagnosed with...More
Posted by kobirot
ache in knee joint
whenever I walk up and down stairs my knees hurt even thou I am walking alot?
Posted by An_260179
Who do you recommend for a PCP in Bartlesville?
Posted by vad0r
new hip
What is the very newest replacement hip on the market now?
Posted by An_260089
Newly diagnosed
I have just been diagnosed w/osteoporosis - 22% femur loss, 25% spine loss. Although my family has a history...More
Posted by An_260058
bump on bones?
I have had a soy bean sized hard bump on my rear neck. I am not sure when it has developed. It does not move...More
Posted by jade70
I have a problem with my knees hurting after a long day. My right knee hurts worse when the weather changes. Is...More
Posted by junie58
Prolia vs Reclast
Summer of 2013, I shifted my weight from one foot to the other. Shattered a metatarsal and broke another. I was...More
Posted by beachts
Noisey Knees
My knees pop and make a lot of noise when I bend them. Is this normal?
Posted by An_260006
Any good home remedies for Bursitis?
I have Bursitis that comes and goes in my hips and shoulders. I take from 2000 to 4000 mg of Bayer aspirin a...More
Posted by greencd7

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Bisphosphonate use in premenopausal womenExpert
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