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Osteoporosis and calcium, vitamin D supplements
I have osteoporosis and I recently went to a new internist. In discussing my bone health, this doctor...More
Posted by nodeerhere
Help with Osteoporosis
I have osteoporosis and want to go the natural route for help. I am currently taking Bone Strength, but...More
Posted by chilly67
Posted by An_257053

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What is your experience with the results of taking Boniva? Are there harmful side effects? I have taken it for one year and my bone density shows improvement, so I plan to continue taking it while at the same time researching other options.
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Thyroid Disease
I have been sruggling with thyroid issues for over 30 years. Doctors do not agree on what a good level is and...More
Posted by chabby
CTX blood test and bisphosphonates
Hi everyone! I did some research and found out that I could ask my Doctor about doing some blood work...More
Posted by miraclegirl1977
Radial/ulnar fusion
I am happy to know that I am not the only one with this condition. I am 45 and have learned to adapt over...More
Posted by debbyd001
my doctor just prescribed me ,Evista ,,, just read the side effects .just wanted some feed back on it .has...More
Posted by carolineb177
dexa scan
What does it mean when the Dr. says your spine is off the chart and you must have a spine of steel?
Posted by An_256309
Broken Rib
I've broken the same rib five times it wont heal right I was reaching over some pieces of wood and it popped...More
Posted by An_256239
Preventative Measures, Early Diagnosis and Treatme...
The forum has a lot of very informative, helpful and supportive posts about osteoporsis. If you suffer from...More
Posted by An_256199
People Are Developing Otseoporosis Younger As A Re...
Osteoporosis is not just a life-threatening condition in elderly individuals....More
Osteoporosis recurrence
I developed osteoporosis about 13 years ago. I took Fosamax for about 7 yrs. and with the help of calcium,...More
Posted by sallywhale
Calcium absorption
I had heard that calcium citrate is the best option for calcium supplements. I need to optimize my calcium, and...More
Posted by fox427
Bones strong
we need help on bones someone help
Posted by An_255581
My doctor just told me I have Ostroporosis.
she did ask me if I had any questions but at the time it hadn't sunk in. she didn't say anything about meds,...More
Posted by roblurik
Clavicle Healing
I broke my left clavicle 5 weeks ago. Was told to use a sling and scheduled follow up appointment. The...More
Posted by chilidavis10
Please help
Hi I'm 37 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis 4 years ago. I went for a bone density scan last...More
Posted by chants28
Non-Operative Hip Fracture and Muscle Atrophy
My mother broke her hip in 2007 that was not surgically repaired, and suffers from pain due to muscle...More
Posted by An_255409
Non-Operative Hip Fracture and Muscle Atrophy
My mother broke her hip in 2007 that was not surgically repaired, and suffers from pain due to muscle...More
Posted by An_255409
60th birthday 4 days ago-today Rec'd the definitiv...
My T score went from -1.7 (2.5 years ago) to -2.8. I am scehduled to see my asthma doctor next week. Should I...More
Posted by An_250744
How serious is osteoporosis with a T score of just...
my husband has been told he has a T score of -2.5 What is considered serious osteoporosis. How bad can it...More
Posted by Anon_128925
I have severe osteoporosis. My doctor said Prolia was the only drug to take. It had severe side effects....More
Posted by canandaiguany
Strontium Warning
All persons taking strontium supplements are warned that significant risks have been...More
Prolia and auto immune disease
Have CREST syndrome with GERD and cannot take bisphosphonates. Have had Aridia infusions, Forteo doe 2 years...More
Posted by carolmary
Joint health
I recently discovered I have early arthritis in my foot, and while orthodics seem to be helping, I was...More
Posted by An_255051
New to Atelvia
I'm 55 yrs old, weigh about 72 lbs on a good day. I've been on Fosomax and Boniva for close to 17+ yrs,...More
Posted by miraclegirl1977
Pain going up and down stairs
I have been having pain in my legs going up and down stairs. I bowl on Wednesday and Sunday and have no pain...More
Posted by markis4477

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Bisphosphonate use in premenopausal womenExpert
The potential benefits and risks of bisphosphonate use may be quite different in premenopausal women compared to postmenopausal women. ... More
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