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swollen ankels
Im 51. Diagnosed with high blood pressure and high colesteral. Cant remember how high colesteral was but...More
Posted by lsjellybean
Long-term use of Nexium and Osteoporosis in Men. ...
I am currently engaged in a study looking at the relationship between the long-term use of Nexium (a PPI)...More
Posted by stdunstan
kayaking and osteoporosis
My t score is - it safe to kayak?More
Posted by An_254169

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My t score is - it safe to kayak?
  • My t score is - it safe to kayak?
  • My t score is -2.7 in spine and femur...can i kayak
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Trying to turn bone loss around
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a year ago. I made changes in my diet that were alkalizing. Ive taken high...More
Posted by Tinker4u
Dental care denied
I have just been informed that I can not have any dental work done, because of a blood test that came back...More
Posted by gamergram
weight loss from bone loss?
Is it possible to lose weight from losing bone density? I have lost weight but I'm only 1 size smaller. My...More
Posted by bonnie45
Osteoporosis with Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthr...
This is for a 55 year old woman with history of rheumatoid arthritis which was being treated . She was...More
Posted by sumi1234
Osteoporosis @ young age (osteopenia)
I am a 32 yr old who has had a complete hysterectomy and oophorosalpingectomy in April 2012, I had my first...More
Posted by MSutak
Osteoporosis @ young age
Help, I am 32 yrs old and I have had a few medical issues in my "young" age, I had to have my very first...More
Posted by MSutak
Just diagnosed
Help. Someone I'm close to was diagnosed today with severe osteoporosis. She's almost 51, very small-boned, has...More
Posted by csgnyc
thin bones
I have been taking Actenol for years. I got a message from my doctor that my bone density scan was "very bad"...More
Posted by annevemc
Hoping bonebabe is around to weigh in on this. All comments welcome. My compounding pharmacist recommends...More
Posted by mountainmom48
Osteoporosis -- >85
My mother is 86 years old. She has had osteoporosis since 1999. She has lost 7 inches in height (she only...More
Posted by BarbaraOD
I have osteoporosis of the spine with fractures. I get a shot every 6 months, A few weeks before the shot my...More
Posted by sfonseca7
I have osteoporosis of the spine with fractures. I get a shot every 6 months, A few weeks before the shot my...More
Posted by sfonseca7
I have osteoporosis of the spine with fractures. I get a shot every 6 months, A few weeks before the shot my...More
Posted by sfonseca7
leg pain and prolix
I have a rare autoimmune disease and have had chemo for it. As a result I was put on prolio because bone scan...More
Posted by willowby
Is Osteoporosis hereditary
My mother is 76 with osteoporosis so bad that she's bed ridden. I'm a 50 year old male with degeneritve desk...More
Posted by MarkA1962
Fractured 1st metatarsal and a small fracture on t...
2 weeks ago I landed wrong on my foot and not only sprained my ankle but I also have a small fracture on...More
Posted by Thebeliever98
Ab exercise with osteoporosis diagnosis
I'm wondering what my possibilities are to flatten my abs when I have moderate osteoporosis.
Posted by osteobunny
Joints pain
hello, i'm a Asian mother with two children. The thing that i wanna get more information is about my...More
Posted by An_252855
82 Year Old Mother With Severe Osteoporosis & Dr. ...
Hello Everyone, I am very distressed today after my poor mother was complaining of a hurt wrist, which was...More
Posted by Trainwreck
Pelvis Bone Pain
I have been taking Actonel for 2 1/2 years. Recently I have started having bone pain in the top of my...More
Posted by Anon_74999
I have what I think is a metacarpalphalangil blister on my finger, between my nail and first joint. The blister...More
Posted by OomaN
High vitamin d in blood
I have been diagnosed with high vitamin D in my blood chemistry. 140 was the reading. Also a low protein...More
Posted by An_252447
pain releif for my mom
my mom is 74 years old, she has advanced osteo and is in severe pain the doctors have been giving her the...More
Posted by An_252319
Newly diagnosed, 33 years old
My name is Emilie and I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. I'm 33 years old and I'm very shaken up...More
Posted by emiliejboyer
Try a natural approach to strong bones
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips two years ago my MD wanted me to take fosamax but I read on it...More
Posted by revolver700
29 year old Male with Osteopenia
Hi I recently got a bone density test and my T-Score is -2.0 Throughout the last few years I felt as if my...More
Posted by zxcvzz

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" Congenital radio-ulnar synostosis" Google it and realize we are not alone. More
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