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Reply: RSD options
A mirror box has no side effects at all, no surgery is needed. What is the harm in trying this? Take care,...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Looking for relief after carpal tunnel and trigger...
Unfortunately, nerve pain problems can arise after surgery, and this can sometimes be the case with...More
Posted by Peter Abaci, MD
Reply: chronic headaches after failed cervical fusion
Hi, thanks for all the info I thought I was all alone going through this. My story started about 5 yrs ago...More
Posted by bionic_wife
Reply: New Federal Law In 10 Days-Hydrocodone Combination
It appears that most, if not all pharmacys, are not going to go by federal law regarding if a rx is...More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Stabbing Head Pain.
I am in Costa Rica not able to access a doctor. I have really bad stabbing head pains in the top of my head....More
Posted by An_259421
Reply: Back Pain over 1 week out the blue!!!
Have you seen a doctor? Were you hurt at work? If you were hurt at work, you need to have informed your...More
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Posted by davedsel2

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Includes Expert Content
Reply: pain meds and work
As one continues to use an opioid medication over time, the side effects, such as feeling "drugged" or...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Pain Management Alternatives
I have the very same condition that you have. I've had four lumbar operations, including micro discectomies,...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Your Experience/Thoughts on Spinal Cord Stimulator
I'm so glad I came across this post. I've read almost every one of them to get the good and bad side of the...More
Posted by tbear6410
Reply: Does Anyone Else Have Post Thoracotomy Pain Syndro...
May I ask why you want to suffer? Taking pain medications allows me to live my life. The other is to be...More
Posted by An_259155
Reply: Is there any hope?
I truly feel your pain, I too have the same symptoms except that I was given an EMG test and diagnosed with...More
Posted by imnana58
Can you tell me what pharmacy you get it from if I can get his GI doctor to write that script? if you don't...More
Posted by trachris3
Reply: Please advise
sssfffooo you just do not get it. it does not matter what he gets in the er what drugs ect IT IS THE FACT...More
Posted by An_259341
Reply: Pain in right foot from a treated club foot condit...
Hello. Our eldest son, who is now almost 25 years old, was born with very serious club feet. He had 8...More
Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Pain Management in South East Michigan?
You need to find a CBT therapist that specializes in chronic pain. The 2 have seen are in northern...More
Posted by braumeisterbob
Reply: Serotonin Syndrome - must I pay for my GP's error ...
Thank you davedsel2 for responding! I appreciate your advice. RegardsMore
Posted by Anon_173152
Reply: Surgery for synovial cyst - nerve pain
4 years later I still have back pain, get epidurals at the PM clinic. The cysts put pressure on nerves in...More
Posted by fairhope_al
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Does anyone have any methods to ease low back pain...
TO thereselittle: I am sorry for you being so young and having so much pain. Try not to be too hard on the...More
Posted by An_246419
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Butran Patch Question
I haven't been exposed to the Butrans Patch. However, after 6 plus years on morphine ER and oxycodone IR. My...More
Posted by allengp37
Reply: (Proglumide) Legal product lowers opiate tolerence
This is not approved by the FDA. It works for about 10 days. Do Your Research Before Believing.
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: Muscle pain from scoliosis
I agree with ctbeth, I am now 56 facing spine fusion because I did not properly take care of my scoliosis....More
Posted by tarrot
Reply: 9 knee surgeries
Trying to lose weight and exercise more with a bad knee pain can be a real challenge. I do have a...More
Posted by Peter Abaci, MD
Reply: PM monthly screening.
I don't know of any of these drug tests that screen for only the levels of prescribed meds. They also...More
Posted by blessedladyptl

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Reply: strange pain, any info, suggestion and advices are...
See your own doc, ask about hernias if he hasn't checked for that already. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Includes Expert Content
Reply: TMD
Chandlar I'm new to these posts and seeing yours from two years ago wonder how you are now...I'm going to...More
Posted by jfeather01
Reply: Naproxen sodium
Aleve is over the counter and there is 220 mg of Naproxen in each tablet. Naproxen Sodium 500 mg is...More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: I don't know what to do about my dear mom
Hello,There is nothing in this world like the good old fashioned blowup do-nut cushion for a broken...More
Posted by northernsongbird
Reply: medicine
Unless it is a refill, the rx numbers are different. You need to talk to your dr about this.
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: Internal Scar Tissue
I basically have some kind of nerve pain in foot. Mid-foot trigger point. Hurts different everyday depending on...More
Posted by rounds
Reply: No More NSAIDs
Thanks Dave. I had to stop the baby aspirin my cardiologist put me on. My PCP wants me scoped, both ends...More
Posted by braumeisterbob

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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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want to know if anyone has gone threw the pain im having
got a bulgin disc between c5 c6 pain goes form my neck all down my spain threw my back... the lower part of my back is swollen.... have ... More
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