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Reply: Feet Tickle at Night
Hi gustalynn, thanks for the good wishes! May the road rise up to meet you as you travel through life. [...More
Posted by getnhealthy14
Reply: I'm Feeling a bit Discouraged !
I'm sorry to hear about your added pain! I have also been dealing with hip pain for the past couple of...More
Posted by seekingananswer
Reply: Life after 40 seems to hurt a little
You will not know until you try them. Everyone responds differently to meds. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Reply: Hey, Everyone
Thank you. My doctors have been great. I showed them that I didn't fall into the category that you...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Multiple Sources Causing Chronic Pain
I hear you. I have narrowing of the spinal canal cause by a type of genetic arthritis. It is a pain that...More
Posted by brew_fool
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Reply: Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
Givorygirl: As others have said research the therapy and make a judgment if it is right for you or not? If...More
Posted by An_246419
Reply: Pain management with Gastric Bypas
Judyintexas: Go talk to your doctor again to see what else they might recommend. Also consider trying other...More
Posted by An_246419
Reply: Pain in my lower a abdiman and lower back as well ...
ditto: Get to a doctor fast or ER.
Posted by An_246419
Reply: Devices For Pain Relief
I have not tried either of these myself. I looked up willow curve and stopped there. I read a scam and did...More
Posted by annette030
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Reply: Friedrich's ataxia
Thanks, Dr Abaci. I knew what ataxia was, but not what Friedrich's Ataxia was. My heart goes out to...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Difference in opinions by RA drs. that I have seen
Hi annette030, You know, I really do not know the answer to your question. That is a valid question...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
Reply: Weaning off of pain medication
Or, do your own research, and wean yourself. My pain management doctor, whom I really like, does not really...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Doc changing mess, causing extreme pain
Well , first of all HI and /Welcome ! I am sory you hafve to go through all of this !Maybe if this Dr. iws not...More
Posted by 77grace
Reply: Chronic abdominal pain after colon resection 8 mon...
Thank you for sharing. We are seeing a psychiatrist this week to help cope with the emotional stress. ...More
Posted by wbrookscpa1022
Reply: Possible hematoma
Your best course of action is to follow the advice of the PA. If it is not better, get the sonogram done. In...More
Posted by An_255018
Reply: I'm miserable & Nucynta
Nucynta is probably one of the best "legal" pain relief available--at least, it was for me, and I've had...More
Posted by kathybanfield
Reply: Strong non-narcotic pain killers?
I have the same problem--well, sort of! My right hand was partially severed and re-attached back in 1979;...More
Posted by kathybanfield
Reply: How to address fatigue as a medication side effect...
I take all my gabapentin at night to avoid the sedative side effects. My old doc said she had very good luck...More
Posted by annette030
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Reply: Moon Face after Cortisone Injection--how long does...
I had ONE steroid injection to my L3 region a month ago. I ahve gained 30 pounds in less than a month and my...More
Posted by oncnrse
What is a spine cord stimulator?
Does it help with back and neuropathy pain?
Posted by gustalynn
leg pain
Trying to find someone with same symptoms I have had over the last 35 years that are now becoming every day...More
Posted by greysee
Can you be dismissed as a patient if:
Can you be dismissed as a patient from a pain Dr. if you take a narcotic previously prescribed by a former...More
Posted by An_262021
Reply: Hello again, fellow chronic pain sufferers!
Thanks for the update Dennis.
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: failed shoulder decompression surgery
get use to it once damage your shoulder will always hurt been living with it for 30 years
Posted by An_260857
Reply: How & Why to Report a Post
I have been getting a shooting pain on the left side of my head for about 3 days now and also have an...More
Posted by havasudoll
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Reply: ankle pain for 4 months after injury
Hi, did you find out what was causing the pain?
Posted by honcia
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Reply: Need help talking to one of my doctors about my fa...
Gabapentin is the generic name for Neurontin. So, yes, they are the same thing. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Sudden onset inflammatory condition
Symptoms started 4 months ago...can only recall a muscle strain in shoulder - within a few days, pain...More
Posted by An_261945
Reply: Medication not showing in urine
Sources of funding ARE vastly different for Medicare and Medicaid, it is important to understand the...More
Posted by annette030
Hello good day to you all and God bless,Hi have a problem for the pass six months now see's 12 doctor's i...More
Posted by glendon47

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