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Reply: Pain management with Gastric Bypass
Sadly, many of the medications that actually work well have less than desirable side effects, and doctors...More
Posted by kathybanfield
Reply: Update On Me and My Hips
Go, Dave! Congrats on your weight loss, I am so proud of you and your wife. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Reply: Multiple Sources Causing Chronic Pain
I have cervical spine issues that cause pain and neuropathy in my arms, hands, my orthopedist said even my legs,...More
Posted by finn2
Reply: methadone and what it does to a marriage?
Hi brew_fool, I also was on long acting morphine before the long acting oxycontn, I fought constipation daily, no...More
Posted by finn2
Reply: Epidural Steroid Shutting Down Adrenals?
Since it has been so long, I truly hope you have found the answers and care you need. I have found that many of...More
Posted by lahiat
I was in a car accident about 2 yrs ago I had a cervical sprang and strain. I went to physical therapy and to...More
Posted by 30pink30
Transvaginal mesh victim in need of the names of e...
I have had about 20 surgeries since may 2010. I am in the most horrible pain you could imagine. My PCP...More
Posted by neeed_help_asap
Reply: Neuropathy
Hydrocodone is an opiate, Lyrics is an anti-seizure med that is commonly used for pain control. If like you...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Fracture and percocet use!!
That is all they gave me for a hip replacement, Ibuprofen 800. Morphine while I was in the hospital. No...More
Posted by An_262162
Reply: Fentanyl patches not showing on urine test
I'm having this same issue and am really frustrated by it. can drinking a lot of tea and pop cause this to...More
Posted by An_262474
Reply: narcotics in cough syrup
Are you still having these symptoms? If so, it would be a good idea to see your doctor for diagnosis. It's...More
Posted by atti_editor
Could Taking Acetaminophen Dull Your Happiness?
" Acetaminophen, the painkiller best known to Americans as Tylenol, may do more than simply dull pain -- it...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: neck and back and arm
Hello. It is against the Terms Of Use (rules) in all WebMD communities to offer any type of diagnosis or...More
Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


Posted by davedsel2
Reply: hit 50 and fell to bits
Hello. I fully understand. The year I turned 40 my body started falling apart. I will never do that again!...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Can you be dismissed as a patient if:
My PMP has no issues with my PCP prescribing ativan for me. My contract only states opioid medications must...More
Posted by brew_fool
hit 50 and fell to bits
really don't no how i managed when i hit 50 , my body almost gave up on me first was diagnosed with cancer...More
Posted by An_262444
Reply: can you transfer your pain management contract to ...
No, pain contracts Cannot be transferred. I apologize for the typo.
Posted by blessedladyptl
Reply: Attempted codeine overdose
Please post this in the correct forum. Please run to an ER for an emergency psych exam. It is against the...More
Posted by An_262367
Reply: narcotics in cough syrup
Although itching is a common side effect of opiates, call your doctor, he/she may ask you to stop taking it....More
Posted by annette030
Plantar Fasciitis and Manual transmission
I'm just curious if this is a common or known problem: A few years ago I was running and developed severe...More
Posted by mumblyjoe
Spinal Implant
I had a trial and got the most amazing results. Very little pain. Opted to get the surgery and my hell...More
Posted by missmira
Reply: I'm Feeling a bit Discouraged !
Please keep us up to date on what is going on. The most important thing is for you to really like and...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Hey, Everyone
I am taking 2.5 mg. of methadone in the early AM and 3.75 mg. 12 hours later. Still only two doses of BT...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Pain in left leg and foot while standing.
I'm glad there wasn't any sign of a blood clot on your scan. The lower back is probably the most...More
Posted by Peter Abaci, MD
Reply: Medication not showing in urine
It's not like I want to. The money I'd get if I sold my house wouldn't even buy a smaller equivalent. Maybe a...More
Posted by gimpyd
Reply: So confused
Most of us here are not medical professionals. We are also not allowed to diagnose or give any type of...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Happy Dyngus Day! More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: what's wrong with me???
You required a different antibiotic not a stronger one. Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Happy Easter Dave ! More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Everyone needs to read the following article, "Complexities of Opioid-induced Hyperalgesia is Poorly...More
Posted by annette030

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a good doctor
My husband has had 2 back surgeries (L1,L2,L3 ruptured, no discs left. He is 37). The first was a failed laminectomy that caused even more ... More
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