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Have a blessed and eggstatic Easter Sunday! More
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Posted by davedsel2
Dystonia / Writers Cramp / Trigger point
Hi, i recentrly bought an TENS/MIC device for therapy, i have a "writers cramp" and i want to know if you...More
Posted by ramonalbertov
sever pain
Hi, I'm a 40yr old women with 5 heart attack, one bypass. My heart is enlarged and I have lesions on my...More
Posted by tigresshaven
Breakthrough pain with Medtronic Intrathecal Pain ...
Hello, I had a Medtronic pain pump implanted mid last year. Also have the hand held device to get a "shot" for...More
Posted by horton71
FG Xpress powerstips
Scam or Success? My Girlfriend has chronic chest pain due to many surgeries and a recent car accident. she is...More
Posted by raff696
Looking for other ideas to be pain free,,,, what w...
I have been in pain for almost 20 years, started pain management and surgery-surgeries 4 years ago.....More
Posted by notthesameshannon
Looking for other ideas to be pain free,,,, what w...
I have been in pain for almost 20 years, started pain management and surgery-surgeries 4 years ago.....More
Posted by notthesameshannon
Cervical Nerve Ablation to hold off fusion/replace...
I had the cervical ablation 8 days ago for C5-6 (Bulging disk and Degenerative Disk Disease, and...More
Posted by notthesameshannon
Nerve stimulator to stop back pain
Has anyone ever had one of these nerve stimulators implanted for the pain of spinal stenosis? How has it...More
Posted by help4backpain
cervix pain
have chronic pelvic pain but the last visit i had with my pelvic dr she did a exam and pin pointed that now my...More
Posted by nadia34
cervix pain
have been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis in feb 2013 and had surgery then did pelvic physical...More
Posted by nadia34
Possible failed cervical fusion I HURT
I had a bad auto accident in 2003. The following year I had to have c5-6 fused..acdf. Another year passes and...More
Posted by An_256642
I've had a weird feeling in my stomach that's been bothering me for the past 2 days. I get this super empty...More
Posted by An_256621
My husband's hands look like he has raynaud's phenomenon. But blood work says no. Does anyone know what...More
Posted by tessaspringf
How do you deal with sex when just being touched is painful. My legs, back hurt nonstop. When I do get brave...More
Posted by An_256614
left side pain
My 14 year old daughter came home from school sick today with very sharp pains in her left side. They are...More
Posted by An_256611
Support, help, please!!
Hello, this is new to me but I am willing to get additional help in addition to my therapist and...More
Posted by An_256570
Alternatives to RSD
Almost two years ago, I injured my foot and was out for my dance season in a boot. Eventually, I got Ankle...More
Posted by elisec4
Just stopping by to say hi
Hello friends, I've not been on this site for a while- a little more than two weeks. I know that,...More
Posted by ctbeth
Undiagnosed Chronic Pain on Entire Left Side since...
Hello, I am finally seeking expert advice regarding an undiagnosed condition I have been suffering with ever...More
Posted by overflow
Got my email verified, problem with my isp. Hopefully this will send me a notification.
Posted by olcharlie
What a problem
This going to the er is crazy the doctor said he will control my pain and then i need to call the gastro on...More
Posted by david06238
Frozen shoulder AGAIN
I'll give the abbreviated version. I've been putting up with shoulder bursitis for two years now. Went...More
Posted by jlalgarin
verified at last
Finally managed to verify my email here. My isp was retaining it as possible spam, and there was some...More
Posted by olcharlie
chronic pain w/ ms
Ok so I am 33 and was diagnosed with MS in 12/09 for me it was devistating and terrifying as was my first...More
Posted by stacey2019
Hi everyone ,I am also taking nucynta 180 er twice a day. it helped for first 3 months but now my pain is...More
Posted by An_256518
pain relief with skin intact
I see this is an old thread but found it helpful and hope someone's still paying attention to it. I had about...More
Posted by olcharlie
Wind Up Pain
I recently had a doctor (not my pain management Dr.) diagnose me with "wind up" instead of fibromyalgia. I went...More
Posted by baleo

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Severe Chronic Pain Lowers Life Expectancy
Previous research has demonstrated a clearly negative influence of chronic pain on health. Now, a new study portrays a profound link ... More
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