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what's wrong with me???
This is my 3rd day sith flu-like symtoms: fever, chills, achey all over, but no nasal problem, or stomach...More
Posted by cherking1
Life after 40 seems to hurt a little
As I peek over the ripe old age of 40 I find my hands and finger are getting arthitic.. My question is what...More
Posted by bigred1421
Multiple Sources Causing Chronic Pain
I know there are many people with life threatening illnesses causing their pain. I will not die from my...More
Posted by mrsmartin123
Pain in my lower a abdiman and lower back as well ...
I have Ben having blood when I go bathroom for about a week and today I started to get pain in my lower...More
Posted by An_262186
Hey, Everyone
I weighed myself in just my swimsuit, I have lost a total of 100 lbs. from my heaviest until now. It has...More
Posted by annette030
I'm Feeling a bit Discouraged !
Hi , 77grace here ! I have been having more pain lately ,because now my right hip is hurting a lot ,I found out...More
Posted by 77grace
Pain management with Gastric Bypas
Is anyone here trying to manage severe chronic pain and have also had a gastric bypass? Please no negative...More
Posted by judyintexas
Devices For Pain Relief
Has anyone tried the WILLOW CURVE or the TENDLITE for pain relief? Results?
Posted by An_262114
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Called my dr to see about a consult for surgery. I can't deal with this continued pain. God bless. Those that...More
Posted by gustalynn
Possible hematoma
Hello! Last Sunday my son accidentally kicked my shin. When he did it it felt like he kicked a pre-existing...More
Posted by nic14120
What is a spine cord stimulator?
Does it help with back and neuropathy pain?
Posted by gustalynn
leg pain
Trying to find someone with same symptoms I have had over the last 35 years that are now becoming every day...More
Posted by greysee
How to address fatigue as a medication side effect...
Hi everyone, I have a C7/C8 neck injury causing nerve pain/central sensitization. I'm taking 30mg...More
Posted by seekingananswer
Doc changing mess, causing extreme pain
I had a Harrington rod placed in 1979 for scoliosis. I developed serious back issues/pain in the...More
Posted by backpaineveryday
Can you be dismissed as a patient if:
Can you be dismissed as a patient from a pain Dr. if you take a narcotic previously prescribed by a former...More
Posted by An_262021
Can you be dismissed as a patient if:
Can you be dismissed as a patient from a pain Dr. if you take a narcotic previously prescribed by a former...More
Posted by An_262021
Chronic bad pain
I've had chronic pain in my neck and arms hands finger with weakness depression. I was sent to a spine...More
Posted by gustalynn
Hello again, fellow chronic pain sufferers!
Hi all, It has been some time since I was here last! I saw my P.C.P. today, she has taken over my pain...More
Posted by dfromspencer
failed shoulder decompression surgery
ohhhh boy, I am sure hoping I don't have to live off this support board. I had shoulder decompression last...More
Posted by elliedusty
Includes Expert Content
Friedrich's ataxia
Hi everybody. My father who lives in the Ukraine was recently diagnosed with very rare genetic disorder...More
Posted by olyatrettin
Sudden onset inflammatory condition
Symptoms started 4 months ago...can only recall a muscle strain in shoulder - within a few days, pain...More
Posted by An_261945
Hello good day to you all and God bless,Hi have a problem for the pass six months now see's 12 doctor's i...More
Posted by glendon47
Difference in opinions by RA drs. that I have seen
About 30 some years ago I was seeing a real good neurologist and he ordered some lab work that showed...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
Chest (wall) pain
Can't figure out if it is serious or not. My chest wall hurts when I twist or sleep on it. But pain is...More
Posted by nazyrah
Chronic abdominal pain after colon resection 8 mon...
My 24 year old daughter graduated Nursing school in May, obtained her license and decided to move...More
Posted by wbrookscpa1022

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how do you live with chronic pain
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