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Stabbing Head Pain.
I am in Costa Rica not able to access a doctor. I have really bad stabbing head pains in the top of my head....More
Posted by An_259421
Back Pain over 1 week out the blue!!!
No trauma that I'm aware of if anything it seems incorrect posture at work all day in chair, prior CNA work for...More
Posted by new1_4

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Does Anyone Else Have Post Thoracotomy Pain Syndro...
I had a thoracotomy in February 2006. The upper and lower lobes on my right side were removed. I entered the...More
Posted by An_259403
New Federal Law In 10 Days-Hydrocodone Combination
This is s reminder that Hydrocodone Combination Medications like Lortab, Norco, Vicodin, cough meds, ect...More
Posted by blessedladyptl
Pain Management Alternatives
Hello, I am currently suffering from chronic lumbar back pain as a result of 6 lumbar spine surgeries. I was...More
Posted by joedon0486
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Looking for relief after carpal tunnel and trigger...
I truly feel your pain, I too have the same symptoms except that I was given an EMG test and diagnosed with...More
Posted by imnana58
Pain in right foot from a treated club foot condit...
Born with a club foot, had multiple surgeries on foot tendons to straighten the foot. Had no problems for 22...More
Posted by David2662
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pain meds and work
I have been on chronic pain medicines for the past 10+ years due to degenerative disc disease and chronic pain....More
Posted by speed41
Serotonin Syndrome - must I pay for my GP's error ...
I suffer from excruciating backache and pain in my hip joints for the last 20 years. In 2013 my GP...More
Posted by Anon_173152
(Proglumide) Legal product lowers opiate tolerence
has any one herd about this product called Proglumide that lowers opiate tolerence?? I have been using this...More
Posted by An_259293
My fiance has gastroparesis...he is severely severly sick...he is only 37 and want him to have a better...More
Posted by An_259243
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9 knee surgeries
HI- 9 knee surgeries...4 on right knee...5 on left knee including a total knee replacement at age
Posted by An_259243
PM monthly screening.
My PM specialist screens every month for levels related to the Vicodin he is prescribing me? Why?
Posted by shershersher

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strange pain, any info, suggestion and advices are...
In the past three months, I have gone through this horrible pain, it's still happening every minutes right now....More
Posted by bjing
Naproxen sodium
What is the maximum safe daily dosage of naproxen sodium (Aleve)? Ihave tendonitis in my elbow and would...More
Posted by candi631207
Pain Management in South East Michigan?
Hello. This is my first post on this website. I live in southeast lower Michigan and am looking for a Dr to treat...More
Posted by rst85
was wonder my doctor keeps changing my pain medicine without telling me I notice because my pain is more...More
Posted by An_259185
Above post...
The above post is for Tarot.
Posted by annette030
No More NSAIDs
My PCP has taken me off of all NSAIDs a couple of weeks ago. I can understand why. I have stated...More
Posted by braumeisterbob
This is my first time here. I have only one question............ Why is there so much hate here? More
Posted by An_259155
Please advise
Been in pain mgmt for two years. In a new pain mgmt recently had to go to the ER. They gave me steroids and a...More
Posted by tarrot
I don't know what to do about my dear mom
My 83 year old Mom fell out of bed last Friday and fractured her coccyx (Tailbone). She is at Cornell rehab...More
Posted by An_259121
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
I had oral surgery one week ago. I am still in so much pain. The dr said I would be fine to go back to work the...More
Posted by ps_ps

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Why am expected to be in pain a week after my wisdom tooth was removed. The doctor said expect 3 weeks of pain.
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Internal Scar Tissue
I had surgery for plantar faciitis release with a rasping of a heel spur. This was done laparoscopically. The...More
Posted by An_259119
drug screening every 30 days
My doctor told me because of the fda regulations. I am required to do a drug screen every 30days because...More
Posted by questions8919
Sudden onset of nerve pain in index finger only.
I'm totally perplexed by this because I can't find anything on the web that explain it. Just over a week ago, I...More
Posted by mogonk

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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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have taken tramadol several times...i have seen no benefits to this med...extremely weak pain med More
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