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What is going on with the med. dr.?
need some feed back for this vent. I was late 15 min. my transportation did not show, got in the car drove...More
Posted by avanti88
Newly Diagnosed with OA- I have Fibro, Migraines, ...
Hello, my name is Ebony. I am 29 years old and was just diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. To give you...More

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What age did chronic pain start for you?
  • <18
  • 18-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • > 50
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Butrans Severe COPD
I have severe chronic pain, stenosis, polyneuropathy, DDD/DJD, osteoperosis, tachacardia, low oxygenated...More
Posted by ericaaron
epidural in pain related to spinal stenosis
Adding a corticosteroid to an epidural containing a local anesthetic does not enhance pain reduction in...More
Posted by annette030
migraines,tension headaches,arthritis
I have chronic pain ,migraines,tension headaches and arthritis and osteoporosis i am at my wits end and was...More
Posted by An_258681
Who the hell is this joker?? come on mods do your job and enforce the rules.
Posted by godofpain
lower back, hip , upper thigh pain
My hips lower back and upper thighs ache horribly but notice when I try to walk any inclines weather steep or...More
Posted by An_258674

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How do you control lower back pain, upper thigh pain and hip pain that gets worse when walking up any sort of incline?
  • Advil
  • ice and heat combo
  • just cry from pain
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Getting off morophine sulfate extended releif.
I want to hear from anyone who has tried to get off of morphine sulfate. What methods did you use? I take 120...More
Posted by An_258668
acetaminophen allergy
My boyfriend has been told that he is allergic to acetaminophen( it causes him to vomit blood) so my...More
Posted by shattofaye
For the past 3 weeks I've been in pain. And it moves around. The first week it was my left arm. My pinky and...More
Posted by sabrinar26
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Does anyone have any methods to ease low back pain...
I fractured my coccyx 2 years ago when I was 12 and again when I was 3. Since the last injury I have been...More
Posted by thereselittle
Mystery Chest Pain
I hope someone can help me with this. For several years now i have been experiencing brief chest...More
Posted by em_thurber
Skin damage and discoloration after cortisone inje...
I am a 43 y/o female that spray tans clients regularly. As a result I was experiencing excruciating elbow pain....More
Posted by tcrim08
Alternative to Fentalny
Tip Description
Posted by badback02
Abdominal to toe swelling and edema
Posted by An_258593

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Severe edema and pain from abdomen to toes
  • pain
  • edema
  • swelling
  • recent surgery
  • not able to bend knees
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MMJ patients are denied pain treatment
A month ago I went to a new pain doctor after my last one retired. I was drug tested and found positive for...More
Posted by scotty1976
Left Wrist Pain
This morning I was awaken by a very sharp pain in my left wrist. I have been having some pain associated...More
Posted by laurazuver
Be free of pain
Hi, I have been suffering from debilitating pain for over a decade due to 2 major accidents. I have been...More
Posted by An_258556
Post surgery foot & ankle pain
I am recovering from surgery to repair my knee. I am able to walk without help, but it has been a week...More
Posted by debedwards17
12 years of progressive symptoms with no answers
I have been experiencing numerous symptoms for the last 10 years. Some are minor and some are affecting...More
Posted by xjessie12379x
WebMD's 2014 Health Heroes
Who should win the People's Choice Award this year? Cast your vote here from a list of celebrities who...More
Posted by atti_editor
Anyone diagnosed/heard of Opiod-Induced Hyperalges...
I'll take you back through my Journey I've Had Chronic back pain since I was 14, fell off a porch at 12,...More
Posted by nowthis
Pain management?
Hello all, I am 37 yrs old, and in the end of 2006, I was in an ATV accident which required spinal fusion of...More
Posted by scotty1976
Pain and addiction go hand in hand
Hello everyone. My name is Scott and I deal with the daily battle of perscription pain meds. I have had 7...More
Posted by tscotty4074
Hi, I am being prescribed Morphine ER 15mg x 4 daily, and Norco 10/325 x 2 daily for chronic lower back pain, a...More
Posted by abldo
I need a new drug
For the last 6 years I have been fighting Neuropathy in my feet, I am currently taking Pristiq for the pain....More
Posted by sorefootin
Includes Expert Content
RSD options
Hi there. I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS in my right foot about 4 years ago now. I've gone through several...More
Posted by burningisis

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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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want to know if anyone has gone threw the pain im having
got a bulgin disc between c5 c6 pain goes form my neck all down my spain threw my back... the lower part of my back is swollen.... have ... More
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