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Proper Use of Nuycenta
I, too, have chronic knee pain (arthrofibrosis) for which my pain doc prescribed Nuycenta 100 mg. to take...More
Posted by An_256646
MRI normal but still knee issues?
Thanksgiving 2013 injured myself playing football. Sudden knee effusion of left knee with pain on inside knee...More
Posted by colaburns
frozen shoulder
need help for treatment of frozen shoulder. More
Posted by An_257760
Please help find me solution
Hi, I want to know about gait problem of my fiancee which she is hiding from me, i met her few times and...More
Posted by An_257756
i need advice please
Whar type of doctor should i see about my broken left bottom floating rib ( floating rib) ? i broke three...More
Posted by clsterling
cervical herniation and bulging discs
I was assaulted and in a coma at Shands Hospital(University of Florida) for weeks.I went into cardiac arrest...More
Posted by jmorganii
Painful skin and muscle issues
I have a weird situation that happens randomly and can be anywhere on my body. Currently it is the back of my...More
Posted by shar4085
Knee Pain
Im not really sure if this post goes here but I didn't know where else to post it. 2 weeks ago I fell down...More
Posted by kandikaaiin
Pisiform pain continued
There has only been occasional slight swelling. Palpation produces severe pain. I have begun to noticed pain...More
Posted by lokilani
back pain osteopororsis
I have been sleeping on a waterbed for years;now with my back issues I wondered if I should change to a...More
Posted by susannewelton
Arm Pain
I have been having an aching/pain in my left arm from the shoulder all the way to my hand, but MOST of the...More
Posted by momofgbpm
BuTrans side effects----- PLEASE HELP!!!
I was prescribed the BuTrans patch last Tuesday (5mcg/hr). I placed the patch at 7:30 that night. But...More
Posted by mom2calebnmacee
Pain Please Help
Hello, I have been experiencing pain in my lower abdomen area. but the pain has been recent in the past 3...More
Posted by An_257705
My 88 year old mother fell and has 2 compression fractures in her spine. Because she has cirrhosis the...More
Posted by frustratedami
Knee Pain (32yrs)
I am 32 years old and having knee pain since childhood specially in summer.but now it increasing day by day...More
Posted by vijaykg
Includes Expert Content
L4, L5, S1 fusion
Hi all... I am a 25 year old. I've been doing a lot of research trying to figure out if lumbar fusion is the best...More
Posted by liroe
chronic back pain
I am 56 and I had a Spinal Decompression/Fusion on L4-L5 S1 in 96, I used bone from my left hip for the...More
Posted by An_257638
Pain Management Representation
Hi, I am new to the group, but I was wondering if there was a group or organization that represents patients...More
Posted by An_257671
Is everything Related?
Starting from the very beginning and I don't know if all of this is linked or if there's multiple things...More
Posted by An_257659
thigh pain
I regularly cycle 200 plus miles a week - pretty hard workouts w/ some good hills. I also run or fast walk...More
Posted by clarksnmry
Allergic to So Many Pain Meds I am Running Out Of ...
I have an assortment of conditions that range from Extremely Painful (Degenerative Disc Disease in my...More
Posted by wrkinprogrss
Can I ever live with this pain ?
In 2004 a workers comp doctor removed all the cartlige out of my knee. I never was any good after that. I had...More
Posted by koda2008
Can Electromagnetic Radiation (from computers) cau...
So I've been working on my computer about 4 days ago because it was making a weird clicking noise and i...More
Posted by serifsaid123
Includes Expert Content
I am being treated for neuropathy in my bottom, back of my thighs and anywhere skin touches. I can hardly sit...More
Posted by An_257614
Have you heard
My pain Mngmnt doc told me starting July 2nd you will only be allowed to get Oxycodone ir from inpatient...More
Posted by An_257611
anyone know how to make a rice bag for pain
when I first was told I have IC the IC insutut sent me a bear with a rice bag in it I still have the bear...More
Posted by darwriggels
Includes Expert Content
SCS Trial - Im on day 5 and need help
Hey everyone, Im 26 years old and when I was 14 I broke my back in gymnastics. Long story short, I have tried...More
Posted by amy129
Chronic pain from years of endometriosis
I have a spinal cord stimulator & am worried for 2 reasons. 10It has been suggested 1st that it is...More
Posted by bonnie58

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