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SacroIliac fusion
I had sacro iliac fusion involving 3 rods across the ilium and sacrum a year ago to stabilize the joint...More
Posted by justtodance
Can I give my 12 year old Lortab
My 12 year old daughter is suffering with mouth pain. Can I give her a Lortab 500mg? She weighs about 170 lbs.
Posted by An_260848
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Botchd Neck Surgery
Dr. Abaci, I underwent surgery on my neck, to be exact C3-C7, with synthetic discs, and of course they fused...More
Posted by Necklady
Pain Medication Frustration!!!
Hello everyone in pain. I haven't been here for ages. Anyways, I am so frustrated with the FDA and the DEA and...More
Computers help us to do stupid things faster.
Posted by bpcookie
so sad
It is very sad what has happened here and what is going on these WebMD boards. Disagree with the OP and you...More
Posted by An_260789
Pain Pump Removal
When a pain pump is removed, is the catheter usually removed as well? My brother had his Morphine pain pump...More
Posted by basaf
Sholder and joint pain
I have consistent pain in my shoulders and frequent pain in most other joints. I believe it is arthritis but...More
Posted by An_260811
lower cheast pain
I'm having pain under my left breast. It comes and goes. It'll be bad for a week and go away for a few weeks...More
Posted by jcoxsey
Chronic kidney stones
Hi, I'm 16 years old and suffering from what I've been told is medullar sponge kidney disease. I have been...More
Posted by maddylynne98
Chronic Nerve Pain Following Ulnar Transposition
Hi there, New here and been looking for a forum for chronic pain sufferers. I had ulnar nerve...More
Posted by lothiriel0421
Pain with few options
I've had back issues for 24 years. I'm now 38 so I've had it so long I don't remember not being in pain. I've...More
Posted by jaylynn6
Pain with few options
I've had back issues for 24 years. I'm now 38 so I've had it so long I don't remember not being in pain. I've...More
Posted by jaylynn6
What type of doctor should I go see . . .
I have been having pains in one of my hips, so much so that I sometimes have to get out of bed before I want....More
Posted by eliz1975
nerve pain after thoracotomy relief?
had a thoracotomy Oct 1st, 2014 and the nerve pain from the surgery is being unbearable. It is an electric...More
Posted by sarabethh
For the second time in 4 months I have bronchitis. My doc called it sink bronchitis. I was given an injection...More
Posted by voxmann41
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Pain/numbness in left leg and foot
Hello - For the past few months, Ive been getting pains in my lower left leg (around the calf area) and...More
Posted by An_260675
Neurostimulator leads
Hi I have a neurostimulator implanted for occipital headaches I've had it for six years this one I had two...More
Posted by An_260664
shingles pain in muscle
my husband has bone cancer, has second degree burns and all of a sudden this rash came upon the leg that is...More
Posted by tillybell
Headache, Jaw Pain, Neck Pain and Lower Back Pain
Merry Christmas, Hi You All, I am sorry that I have not been in touch lately. So much has been going...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
Some Tips for the Holiday Season
Unfortunate about some of the spam that popped here, but I thought I would try to break that up with...More
Posted by Peter Abaci, MD
They have brutally attacked the WebMD Back Pain Community and are now attacking this Pain Management...More
Please click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


Posted by davedsel2
Can you recommend a dr who will actually help my b...
Been going to a pain mng. doctor since May 8th of this year, and they have only done one inj. in July and...More
Posted by brandonbays
Hip Flexor?
I have been having pain running down the front of my thigh and in my groining area and also in my back...More
Posted by nuray57
Pelvic & Abdominal Pain
Hello, I'm 27 year old female. I'm experiencing lower abdominal pain for the past month. The pain started from my...More
Posted by stel1
shoulder partial tear
Posted by jaylamarie
Includes Expert Content
Post surgical pain
I am currently 6 weeks tomorrow (12/16/14). I had a spinal fusion of the S1/L5 of my lower spine. When I...More
Posted by laydtaz1972
Medication Tolerance Advice Needed
Hello everyone, To some up my story that will lead to my question, I have been seeking pain management since...More
Posted by An_257545
Pain management for hip**Need help**
I am 41 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with a shallow hip socket which has caused a tear in the labrum...More
Posted by jennlapierre
Pain with shingles
I had the shingles vaccine and now, three years later I have been diagnosed with a mild case of shingles. At...More
Posted by seawitch2
Muscle strain in the bottom of the feet
When my feet first started to hurt, I was diagnosed by a podiatrist with plantar fasciitis. After getting...More
Posted by nodeerhere

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have pain in the ankles fingers both shoulders both hips wrist what would be causing this pain please help thanks Ben More
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