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Nerve Pain
Almost 2 yrs now Ive been dealing with electric shock, burning pain in both forearms, between the elbow and...More
Posted by lorik2014
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Intercostal Neuralgia
I have read that Intercostal nerve blocks can provide relief and sometimes cure the severe pain I suffer from....More
Posted by grogf
what a crock
After 10 years of Walgreen's filling my pain med RX, I brought them a new script from the doctor (same Dr 12...More
Posted by An_261278
Laws regarding MMT and Methadone dosing for pain. ...
I am posting in hopes to get some advice. I have been dealing with chronic pain for the last 5 years. I have...More
Posted by An_261276
Pain on my left side after having stress test yest...
I am 48 yr female history of MIA in 2000, I have been seeing my cardiologist for 1 yr now. He has ordered a...More
Posted by ellly
Pain on my left side after having stress test yest...
I am 48 yr female history of MIA in 2000, I have been seeing my cardiologist for 1 yr now. He has ordered a...More
Posted by ellly
Desperate for relief
I am a long time chronic migraine sufferer. I have been through the gammit of treatments from...More
Posted by purityspring
Posted by An_261243

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Has anybody experience high heat sensation when using St. Jude Medical SCS model 3851. Heat isn't at incision site but instead low back and both buttocks. Similar to heat pad that becomes too hot to endure.
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  • heat continues even after turn off SCS
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OFF TOPIC Blood Pressure Drops
Hey All!! I have a weird health issue develop. My blood pressure drops drastically. This last happened this...More
Posted by brew_fool
intrathecal pain pumps
I'm looking to reach out to anyone we who has experience with an ungrateful pain pump. Do u like it? Has...More
Posted by jaimsmedimind
Why the vanishing posts
I joined a couple of days ago. There were some lively interesting threads and posts. Would someone one be so...More
Posted by oh_yhea
Permanent nerve damage on tongue
My dentist prescribed me dental paste only AFTER my tongue rubbed down to the Raw!! It was caused from my...More
Posted by Anon_152559
Allergy Pain
I let my allergies go on for too long and now I think I'm extra sensitive to the allergy pain. A doctor...More
Posted by nathantech2005

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Would you anonymously share health answers to help solve allergy pain with other people
Is it common for the Solar Plexus to hurt for a fe...
Is it common for the Solar Plexus to hurt for a few days after vomiting? Like is it possible to pull your...More
Posted by mostlykelp
Switch meds to ??? name is Steven. I am 42 yrs old and have 3 bad discs in a row and a bone spur, all in my lower...More
Posted by devildogg
Left posterior flank pain that's moving towards th...
I started having achy left flank pain (by my posterior lower ribs) about a week ago. It hurt more when I...More
Posted by taramosley
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Sciatic Nerve Pain
I was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve at an Urgent Care about a week and a half ago. The doctor gave a...More
Posted by litweenika6457
I just found out I was pregnant on jan 22nd. i went to the er for a abscess and they done blood work and...More
Posted by desiree252015
Burning nerves
I have had several injections for back pain after having a fusion done about 5 years ago. Nothing is helping...More
Posted by meflowers
Long time no see, & surgery over and looking prett...
Hi all, Annette, Dave, more of you I have now forgotten your names?! The last time i posted was quite a...More
Posted by dfromspencer
2015 Discussion regarding Vets being FORCED off of...
ALOT of old discussion on this site pertaining to this topic...anybody out there that wants to share RECENT...More
Posted by hmha4611
HELP! I am a 54 year old woman with Osteoarthritis which has disabled me since 2008. I can't take NSAIDS...More
Posted by An_261078
stabbed my hand
hi I was playing about with a small screwdriver earlier before I slipped and it stabbed me in the hand it...More
Posted by r1e2e3c4e5
Lost in the pain
Hello, Im a 22 year old female. In 2011 I had a full term pregnancy with little complications. In one ultrasound...More
Posted by hbasey
Coping with chronic pain
I'm 20 years old and happily newleywed. Everything in my life is coming together and everything feels right....More
Posted by An_260990
Changing doctors after a horrible experience - ple...
Hi y'all... a little background on me: Had a bad car wreck in 08 followed by a bad fall at the lake in 2012...More
Posted by An_260987
Pain killer mystery
Over the last 20 years Ive had multiple surgeries (back, gallbladder, breast implant replacement). Each time,...More
Posted by alexusf

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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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Every Chronic Pain Patient Needs to READ THIS!!!
There is a group of thirty seven Doctors, Companies. and Researchers that are petitioning the FDA to change the labels on Opiates so that ... More
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