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Pain Management/ Sleep
I am dealing with a lot of neuropathic pain. I was on Lyrica and it treated it beautifully, but I gained a...More
Posted by An_258291
Too Much Medication?
If someone is taking 6/60mg tablets of Morphine Sulfate ER daily, 16/15mg Oxycodone daily, along with a 100mg...More
Posted by An_258280
Chronic pain prescriptions being filled, or not.
Hello, I am a long term chronic pain patient. I worked ALOT of hours over 27 years managing my own fast...More
Posted by southernbelle99
This is interesting. I am going to have to look into this more
Posted by DarMacD
Pain Med Denials
What has happened is that Walgreens and these other pharmacies have recently gotten into trouble with the DEA...More
Posted by ryansgaga
is there any pain meds that don't process through...
havve hep C, and cant take pain meds that are processed through the liver. are there any that are processed...More
Posted by An_258199
Chronic Pain
I would like to know if anyone can suggest alternative pain management strategies. Background: as a result...More
Posted by robby59aug
fibro , bad back & spnial stimiualtor
has any one had one our ina trial
Posted by ziggyangel

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has any one had one our in a trial
  • what do they ask
  • how does it work
  • does it help you
  • I'm on oxcodone , been on Suboxene
  • have had treatments on my back every 3 months usally don't work
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Tolerance to pain meds? Opana?
I've finally built up a tolerance to my pain meds I think. Either that or my pain has increased, maybe both. Last...More
Posted by finn2
Benefits denied bc I refuse to hippa signed over- ...
My husbands insurance company has been sending me forms and questionnaires asking me to 1) sign over my Hippa...More
Posted by An_258149
pelvic pain
I am experiencing severe and chronic pelvic pain, that I believe is due to scar tissue caused by three...More
Posted by karrierae
RE: What to do with a Friend that Complains about...
Hi Everyone, I have a friend that I mostly e-mail with and she has described to me many times that she...More
Posted by meaningfulc1952
Just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with this? I have a pain in sternum and wondering if this could be...
Posted by murph222
side effects
I've had a series of injections S1 L4 L5. I also had radiofrequency on both sides. I'm a blonde and am...More
Posted by daisydo2
Intermittent sharp pain at site of fibula fracture...
Hi, have never posted here before, but have ongoing problem with pain at site of fracture from 2008. Fell when...More
Posted by bemitch
Pain Medication
I suffer from RA, Back, Neck just to name a few. I can't even find a doctor to prescribe pain...More
Posted by monahagenjaves
Advice on talking with a doctor
I am a young male who has been on suboxone for around 7 months. I have struggled with opiate addiction in the...More
Posted by tom_1725
I don't know what to do anymore!!
OK. Here goes. I'm 27,years old. I'm a master auto technician. I love what I do and satisfied with it......More
Posted by denaliguy
What to do when the meds are not effective??
Been having a major problem the pain has been getting to level 9 or 10 a few times a week. Have both...More
Posted by braumeisterbob
opiates and brain damage
Large does of opiates over an extended period of time do cause brain damage, especially to the white matter of...More
Posted by leon64
Pain Medicine
My fiancé is allergic to pain medication and cant take anything for pain.Most of the time he has to just sit...More
Posted by silkyness
I am currently a new on this site and wanted to say Hello. I have had chronic pain & fibromyalgia from an...More
Posted by An_257993
Broken elbow
I broke my elbow the last Saturday of April in 2 places. Had to have surgery and they put in 2 plates. I...More
Posted by looking2help
Medication not showing in urine
I have been on Oxycodine for 8 years with a break thru medicine. I went to my new Doctor and he did a...More
Posted by jessicarihley
Medication not showing in urine
I have been on Oxycodine for 8 years with a break thru medicine. I went to my new Doctor and he did a...More
Posted by jessicarihley
Hi! This is my first time posting. I just am to the point where I don't know who or where to turn to for my...More
Posted by swissing15
lower back pain.
Ok so I was walking my dog with my girlfriend when he got off his leash. She was able to get him to come back...More
Posted by tseagrave

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  • give her ibuprofen and a massage
  • heating pad/ice
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Peter Abaci, MD , is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Abaci received his undergraduate educat...More

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want to know if anyone has gone threw the pain im having
got a bulgin disc between c5 c6 pain goes form my neck all down my spain threw my back... the lower part of my back is swollen.... have ... More
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