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norco 10/325 and other totally off market septembe...
so, someone just told me 3 days that opiate pain meds such as norco,ip110,m367 and all the other makers of...More
Posted by An_263876
Head pain when Burping and sometimes yawning?
Hey all, for some reason whenever I feel an intense build up/explosion of gas inside me coming up my...More
Posted by jayzhee
Post-thoracic Chronic Pain
Hello, I recently (Jan 20) had a re-coarctation and descending aortic aneurysm repair through left side...More
Posted by melodos
shoulder and arm pain
I have had severe pain stemming from my right should blade and it shoots down my bicep to my forearm and...More
Posted by An_263815
I have a bone that sticks out of my left foot on the top and it hurts when I walk and when I sit its been...More
Posted by An_263745

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Chronic shoulder pain
I have been suffering with chronic shoulder pain in both shoulders for the past several years. I have had a...More
Posted by An_263743
Neurocet with Opiods
I am a chronic pain sufferer from disc degenerative disease from T11 through S1. My sister gave me a bottle...More
Posted by gardngal16
Neurocet with Opiods
I am a chronic pain sufferer from disc degenerative disease from T11 through S1. My sister gave me a bottle...More
Posted by gardngal16
Spinal Cord Stimulator bad trial
I just finished my trial of a Medtronic spinal cord stimulator. It was a terrible experience and I would like...More
Posted by flygal123
Pain Dr changes meds to methadone 4 oxy and 2 ,,10mg methadone.,,,,after 2 weeks this medicine hMy Dr recently changed my meds from 6oxy...More
Posted by bunbun007
pain management doctor
I live in the Cincinnati area and need a pain doctor th st will prescribe opiates. I currently pay out of...More
Posted by An_263696
Chronic pain relief, long term
I was severely injured in an auto accident in 2004 and since that time I have been prescribed a number of...More
Posted by maestro73
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Weight loss after a spinal cord stimulator is impl...
Are there any concerns from losing weight after a SCS is implanted? My fiance had one implanted 1.5...More
Posted by southflorida62
Daughter Chronic Sciatica Pain
Please, please help daughter. A shot from ER for her severe migraines ruptured right leg sciatica. this...More
Posted by zcrappiecatcher
spinal stenosis and arthritis in back
I have had back surgery for spinal stenosis. I also have a back full of arthritis. When I take a muscle...More
Posted by An_263570
What a waste
End up in the ER last night because of extreme pain in both legs. From the flats of my feet into hip sockets....More
Posted by brew_fool
I'm Tired of WebMD OTC & Opiate Side Effects Artic...
I am really tired of reading all these WebMD articles & slideshows on how bad OTC pain relievers are...More
Posted by maplewood234
Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial - Side Effect?
I just had the spinal cord stimulator trial - 7 days with the Boston Scientific model. This trial was...More
Posted by jennysarah
Tendinitis is my sons pitching arm
My son is 14 years old he had pain in his right arm while pitching took him to the ortho found out he has...More
Posted by worriedmom12
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
I have been having tingling and numbness in my both hands and now legs. It started when I was towards my late...More
Posted by An_263514
Back pain
What's the best way to get rid of back pain?
Posted by Nobody30634
Bone spur after fusion.
I haven't been around lately but I have a quick question. I've had 8 back surgeries all lumbar, have a...More
Click on my user name and check out my story.
Posted by chronic1008
TENS or ElectroAcupuncture Units or Devices
Does anyone use TENS or ElectoAcupuncture Units or Devices at home? Please let me know your experiences with...More
Posted by An_263500
Second office visit with Pain Specialist
June 01, 2015 had my first appointment with newest pain specialist in our community. Received 2 - blister...More
Posted by tony1961
stroke pain
I suffered a stroke in October of 2012. I have chronic nerve pain on my left side from head to foot. My...More
Posted by merk1961
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Managing Pain
If meds are not working. How do I manage my pain?
Posted by An_263434

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Peter Abaci, MD , is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Abaci received his undergraduate educat...More

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